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Hindu Festivals Pujas and Homas

There are several rituals and religious practices followed by Hindus such as Aarti, Bhajan, Darshan, Mantra, Yagna, Homam, Puja, Satsang, Stotra etc. Puja or Pooja is a religious ritual of worship that is performed every morning and evening during sunrise and sunset.

Hindu puja done during festivals is considered to be most auspicious and effective as it is the perfect time to appease the Gods and Goddesses and ask for their forgiveness and blessing for oneself and the entire family. The puja can be performed on anyone the performer considers God, be it an idol of a deity, a cow or even a tree. In the same way the puja can be done by a wise priest on behalf of an individual. Conducting online Hindu festival pooja by Hindu priests is also beneficial for an individual and his/her whole family.

Significance of Hindu festivals Puja

There are numerous Hindu festivals in a year but some of the most widely celebrated ones are Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Krishna Janmashtami, Shivratri, Dussera, Onam, Pongal, and many more. These festivals are associated with religious beliefs, mythology and symbolical legendary hence making them an integral part of the Hindu way of life.

Hindu Festivals Puja Items

If you are planning to conduct an online Hindu festival puja or homa and other puja service you can buy puja items from Rudra Centre. Some of the puja items required for most pujas are Turmeric, Kumkum, flowers, agarbattis, Chandan, betel leaves, brass plates, Camphor etc. After consultation with our priests, we have segregated specific puja items based on the puja to be performed.