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About Raksha Maha Yantra

About Raksha Maha Yantra

A Yantra is an instrument or tool of mystical Cosmic Geometry which is tuned to the energy of the respective Deity. Attuning to the yantra /worshipping yantras helps the sadhak/worshipper to access the energy and qualities of the Deity, which results in attracting the desired blessings relatively faster. The Raksha Maha Yantra is a combination of six(6) Deity principles within one yantra itself namely Mahamrityunjaya Shiva yantra, Bagalamukhi Devi yantra, AdiShakti Durga yantra, Maha Sudarshan Chakra yantra, Hanuman yantra, and Ramraksha yantra - an all-in-one supremely powerful yantra. This supremely powerful yantra provides complete all-round protection and other blessings to the sadhak/worshipper, his/her family, and the place it is installed in. This powerful Sarva Raksha Maha Yantra can also be carried in one's purse, wallet, or pocket. To ensure the Raksha Kavach Yantra serves as an invincible protective shield at all times.

In the current times, the Raksha Kavach Yantra is etched or engraved on copper plates. A yantra that is not etched clearly and with precision does not give the desired results. When you buy Raksha Kavach Yantra, ensure to notice that the yantra is engraved with clarity and precision. This Sarva Raksha yantra also has to be energized through Vedic rituals before installing to get the optimum benefits.

Where to Buy Raksha Maha Yantra?

Rudra Centre offers a collection of Raksha Maha Yantras of different sizes engraved with clarity and precision on thick Copper sheets with an aesthetic appeal too. The popular Raksha Kavach Maha Yantras are also available with or without Gold plating of 24 K Gold. The option of Copper Raksha Maha Yantra with antique finish looks appealing too. The Yantras can be bought with or without the Wooden stand - both options are available with us. Choose from the various options of Raksha Maha Yantra meant for your home or workplace. All yantras including Raksha Kavach Yantra can be conveniently booked online with us. We offer the best Raksha Kavach Yantra price in the market. Our Raksha Maha Yantras are properly energized with Vedic rituals and are ready to use. Once you place your order for Raksha Kavach Yantra online with us we deliver your order within a reasonable turnaround time to your doorstep.

How Raksha Maha Yantra Works

This Raksha Kavach Yantra works on many levels; this-all-in-one 6 Deity Yantras - the carrier of cosmic energies of the 6 Gods and Goddesses protects from diseases, misfortunes, untimely death, removes fears, and all-around fortune. Each geometric pattern of the triangle, circles, lines, symbols, digits, etc. is working to bring the sadhak/worshipper in alignment to attract all the blessings of this Raksha Maha Yantra. In the same way, all yantras work perfectly. So the essential part that needs to be done further: Worship the Raksha Maha Yantra with sincerity and focus, so that you can get aligned to the energies of the deities of this Raksha Maha Yantra. Meditating on this Sarva Raksha Enthiram is highly fortunate and meritorious. Chant the mantra of the Raksha Kavach yantra during the process builds the experience and gives profound effects and intended results.

Placement of the Raksha Maha Yantra

The Raksha Kavach Yantra can be placed in the puja altar, hung on the wall, near the entrance of your home, office, business place, shop, etc. The best place to install the Yantra is the East, facing the West. It is believed that the yantra gets activated by the rising Sun and the positive vibrations of the East corner of the dwelling. It transforms this energy and spreads it in the space it is kept in. For the purpose of meditation, it is advised to keep the Raksha Maha Yantra at eye level, so that one can easily focus on the yantra.

Why Buy Energized Yantra

Energizing a yantra before using it is paramount. Energizing the yantra means activating the 'life force' into the Yantra; energizing invokes and activates the energies of the deities of the yantra. The energizing process is done through strict and specific Vedic rituals. Buying your set of yantras or Raksha Maha Yantra is only good if you have bought an energized mantra. An energized yantra is ready for use; simply keep it in the appropriate place where you want to install it and it will start working its subtle magic. Yantras that are not energized do not serve their purpose. Best advice: Check the energizing process of yantras practiced.

Raksha Maha Yantra Mantra

Chanting the mantra of the Raksha Maha Yantra regularly continues the vibrations of this yantra.
Mantra: Mrityunjaya Mahadev Traahimaam Sharanagatam Janam-Mrityu Jara Vyadhi Piditam Karmbandhane!!

Why Raksha Maha Yantra Is very helpful: Benefits of Raksha Maha Yantra

  • In a world where fears, insecurities, diseases, negative energies and enemies are omnipresent and many-a-times even overpowering, the Raksha Maha Yantra is one of the most suitable yantra to install at home or workspace.
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra can also be carried in a purse or pocket to ensure the 'Kavach'/ the shield of protection is with you wherever you go. As the energies of powerful Deities are charged - protection and success as a result of using this yantra is felt and well recommended for everyone yearning for a better life on all levels.
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram protects from all physical dangers and harms
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram removes fears and phobias of all kind, including fear of diseases and death is removed from the person who worships the Raksha Maha Yantra
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram protects one from enemies, negativities, evil spirit, black magic, hexes, vexes, ghosts, and other lower energies
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram also protects one from accidents and mishaps
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram helps one to combat the challenges, remove miseries, strife, and pain
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram also blesses the devotee with courage, mental and physical strength
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram emits continuous positive and protective vibrations in the space it is installed
  • This Raksha Maha Yantra or Sarva Raksha Enthiram when meditated upon with purely focused intention will fulfill desires relatively quickly

Why Raksha Maha Yantra Buy from Us? Why Buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra, and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads, gemstones, and other items. We are the ultimate destination to buy all items including Raksha Maha Yantra.

Our process is flawless and we religiously follow the energization technique for yantras and other items.

We believe and have practiced delivering efficient service. Our customers can expect an easy and smooth process from booking to delivery once you take your decision to buy from us the Raksha Kavach Yantra and other items.