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Sr. No. Different Hanuman Names Meaning Mantra
1 Rudraveerya Samudbhava Born of Shiva || Om Rudraveerya Samudbhava Namah ||
2 Dashabahave Ten-Armed || Om Dashabahave Namah ||
3 Daityakulantaka Destroyer of Demons || Om Daityakulantaka Namah ||
4 Kabalikruta Martanda-Mandalaya Swallower of the Sun || Om Kabalikruta Martanda-Mandalaya Namah ||
5 Dashagreevakulantaka Slayer of the Ten-Headed Ravana Dynasty || Om Dashagreevakulantaka Namah ||
6 Sarvamayavibhanjana Destroyer of All Illusions || Om Sarvamayavibhanjana Namah ||
7 Danta Calm || Om Danta Namah ||
8 Surarchita Worshipped by Celestials || Om Surarchita Namah ||
9 Paravidhyaparihara Destroyer of Enemies Wisdom || Om Paravidhyaparihara Namah ||
10 Dheera Valiant || Om Dheera Namah ||
11 Rakshovidhwansakaraka Slayer of Demons || Om Rakshovidhwansakaraka Namah ||
12 Parijata Drumoolastha Resider Under the Parijata Tree || Om Parijata Drumoolastha Namah ||
13 Vajradranushta   || Om Vajradranushta Namah ||
14 Tatvagyanaprada Granter of Wisdom || Om Tatvagyanaprada Namah ||
15 Sitashoka Nivaraka Destroyer of Sita's Sorrow || Om Sitashoka Nivaraka Namah ||
16 Bhakthavatsala Protector of Devotees || Om Bhakthavatsala Namah ||
17 Mahatmane Supreme Being  
18 Lankineebhanjana Slayer of Lankini || Om Lankineebhanjana Namah ||
19 Ramasugreeva Sandhatre Mediator between Rama and Sugreeva || Om Ramasugreeva Sandhatre Namah ||
20 Ramabhakta Devoted to Rama || Om Ramabhakta Namah ||
Sr. No. Different Hanuman Names Meaning Mantra
21 Parayantra Prabhedaka Destroyer of Enemies Missions || Om Parayantra Prabhedaka Namah ||
22 Sugreeva Sachiva Minister of Sugreeva || Om Sugreeva Sachiva Namah |||| Om Sugreeva Sachiva Namah ||
23 Sanjeevananagahatre Bearer of Sanjeevi Mount || Om Sanjeevananagahatre Namah ||
24 Pratapavate Known for Valour || Om Pratapavate Namah ||
25 Daityakarya Vighataka Destroyer of All Demons' Activities || Om Daityakarya Vighataka Namah ||
26 Maharavanamardana Slayer of the Famous Ravana || Om Maharavanamardana Namah ||
27 Sarvagraha Vinashi Killer of Evil Effects of Planets || Om Sarvagraha Vinashi Namah ||
28 Mahadyuta Most Radiant || Om Mahadyuta Namah ||
29 Kapeeshwara Lord of Monkeys || Om Kapeeshwara Namah ||
30 Vajranakha Strong-Nailed || Om Vajranakha Namah ||
31 Shanta Very Composed || Om Shanta Namah ||
32 Harimarkatamarkata Lord of Monkeys || Om Harimarkatamarkata Namah ||
33 Gandharvavidya Tatvangna Exponent in the Art of Celestials || Om Gandharvavidya Tatvangna Namah ||
34 Ramachudamaniprada Deliverer of Rama's Ring || Om Ramachudamaniprada Namah ||
35 Hanumanta One With Puffy Cheeks || Om Hanumanta Namah ||
36 Vajrakaya Sturdy Like Metal || Om Vajrakaya Namah ||
37 Ratnakundala Deeptimate Wearing Gem-Studded Earrings || Om Ratnakundala Deeptimate Namah ||
38 Marutatmaja Most Beloved Like Gems || Om Marutatmaja Namah ||
39 Mahabala Parakrama Of Great Strength || Om Mahabala Parakrama Namah ||
40 Manojavaya Speed Like Wind || Om Manojavaya Namah ||

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Sr. No. Different Hanuman Names Meaning Mantra
41 Mahavira Most Valiant || Om Mahavira Namah ||
42 Navavyakruta Pandita Skillful Scholar || Om Navavyakruta Pandita Namah ||
43 Shrimate Revered || Om Shrimate Namah ||
44 Ramakathalolaya Crazy of listening Rama's Story || Om Ramakathalolaya Namah ||
45 Yogi Saint || Om Yogi Namah ||
46 Chanchaladwala sannaddha-lambamaana shikhojwala Glittering Tail Suspended Above The Head || Om Chanchaladwala sannaddha-lambamaana shikhojwala Namah ||
47 Kesarisuta Son of Kesari || Om Kesarisuta Namah ||
48 Anjaneya Son of Anjana || Om Anjaneya Namah ||
49 Shoora Bold || Om Shoora Namah ||
50 Chiranjeevini Eternal Being || Om Chiranjeevini Namah ||
51 Sharapanjarabhedaka Destroyer of the Nest made of Arrows || Om Sharapanjarabhedaka Namah ||
52 Sagarotharaka Leapt Across the Ocean || Om Sagarotharaka Namah ||
53 Sarvayantratmaka Dweller in All Yantras || Om Sarvayantratmaka Namah ||
54 Paramantra Nirakartre Acceptor of Rama's Mantra Only || Om Paramantra Nirakartre Namah ||
55 Akshahantre Slayer of Aksha || Om Akshahantre Namah ||
56 Jambavatpreeti Vardhana Winning Jambavan's Love || Om Jambavatpreeti Vardhana Namah ||
57 Simhikaprana Bhanjana Slayer of Simhika || Om Simhikaprana Bhanjana Namah ||
58 Prasannatmane Cheerful || Om Prasannatmane Namah ||
59 Balasiddhikara   || Om Balasiddhikara Namah ||
60 Balarka Sadrashanana Like the Rising Sun || Om Balarka Sadrashanana Namah ||
61 Sarvarogahara Reliever of All Ailments || Om Sarvarogahara Namah ||
62 Gandhamadana Shailastha Dweller of Gandhamadana || Om Gandhamadana Shailastha Namah ||
63 Kamaroopine Changing Form at Will || Om Kamaroopine Namah ||
64 Indrajit Prahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivaraka Remover of Effect of Indrajita's Brahmastra || Om Indrajit Prahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivaraka Namah ||
65 Sphatikabha Crystal-Clear || Om Sphatikabha Namah ||
66 Mahatejasa Most Radiant || Om Mahatejasa Namah ||
67 Dridhavrata Strong-Willed Meditator || Om Mahakaya Namah ||
68 Mahakaya Gigantic || Om Mahakaya Namah ||
69 Parthadhwajagrasamvasine Having Foremost Place on Arjuna's Flag || Om Parthadhwajagrasamvasine Namah ||
70 Vagadheesha Lord of Spokesmen || Om Vagadheesha Namah ||
71 Kumarabrahmachari Youthful Bachelor || Om Kumarabrahmachari Namah ||
72 Chaturbahave Four-Armed || Om Chaturbahave Namah ||
73 Sarvavidya Sampattipradayaka Granter of Knowledge and Wisdom || Om Sarvavidya Sampattipradayaka Namah ||
74 Pingalaksha Pink-Eyed || Om Pingalaksha Namah ||
75 Kanchanabha Golden-Hued Body || Om Kanchanabha Namah ||
76 Lakshmanapranadatre Reviver of Lakshmana's Life || Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah ||
Sr. No. Different Hanuman Names Meaning Mantra
77 Sarvabandha Vimoktre Detacher of All Relationship || Om Sarvabandha Vimoktre Namah ||
78 Vijitendriya Controller of the Senses || Om Vijitendriya Namah ||
79 Ramaduta Ambassador of Lord Rama || Om Ramaduta Namah ||
80 Bhavishyath Chaturanana Aware of Future Happenings || Om Bhavishyath Chaturanana Namah ||
81 Shrunkhalabandhamochaka Reliever from a Chain of Distresses || Om Shrunkhalabandhamochaka Namah ||
82 Anjanagarbhasambhoota Born of Anjani || Om Anjanagarbhasambhoota Namah ||
83 Bheemasenasahayakruthe Helper of Bheema || Om Bheemasenasahayakruthe Namah ||
84 Pragnya Scholar || Om Pragnya Namah ||
85 Sarvalolkacharine Wanderer of All Places || Om Sarvalolkacharine Namah ||
86 Karagrahavimoktre One Who Frees from Imprisonment || Om Karagrahavimoktre Namah ||
87 Prabhave Popular Lord || Om Prabhave Namah ||
88 Kapisenanayaka Chief of the Monkey Army || Om Kapisenanayaka Namah ||
89 Shuchaye Chaste || Om Shuchaye Namah ||
90 Lankapuravidahaka The One Who Burnt Lanka || Om Lankapuravidahaka Namah ||
91 Sitanveshana Pandita Skillful in Finding Sita's Whereabouts || Om Sitanveshana Pandita Namah ||
92 Sarvadukhahara Reliever of All Agonies || Om Sarvadukhahara Namah ||
93 Vagmine Spolesman || Om Vagmine Namah ||
94 Ashokavanakachhetre Destroyer of Ashoka Orchard || Om Ashokavanakachhetre Namah ||
95 Deenabandhuraya Protector of the Downtrodden || Om Deenabandhuraya Namah ||
96 Sitadevi Mudrapradayaka Deliverer of the Ring of Sita || Om Sitadevi Mudrapradayaka Namah ||
97 Vanara Monkey || Om Vanara Namah ||
98 Sarvatantra Swaroopine Shape of All Hymns || Om Sarvatantra Swaroopine Namah ||
99 Vardhimainakapujita Worshipped by Mynaka Hill || Om Vardhimainakapujita Namah ||
100 Sitaramapadaseva Always Engrossed in Rama's Service || Om Sitaramapadaseva Namah ||
101 Vibheeshanapriyakara Beloved of Vibheeshana || Om Vibheeshanapriyakara Namah ||
102 Sarvamantra Swaroopavate Possessor of All Hymns || Om Sarvamantra Swaroopavate Namah ||
103 Lokapujya Worshipped by the Universe || Om Lokapujya Namah ||
104 Shatakanttamadapahate Destroyer Of shatakantta's Arrogance || Om Shatakanttamadapahate Namah ||
105 Parashaurya Vinashana Destroyer of Enemy's Valour || Om Parashaurya Vinashana Namah ||
106 Kalanemi Pramathana Slayer of Kalanemi || Om Kalanemi Pramathana Namah ||
107 Mahatapasi Great Meditator || Om Mahatapasi Namah ||
108 Panchavaktra Five-Faced || Om Panchavaktra Namah ||

Client Testimonials

Nina Nahata
Neetaji has transformed my life. She showed me how to handle the greatest sorrows, disappointments and move on in life. When my 28 year-old son died, I was completely broken. I tried many therapies. I completed Chakrayogi Level I and level II workshops with her, then I wore Rudraksha. There was such a transformation with Rudraksha. I regained my confidence, began teaching, resumed with my business again. My outlook on life changed completely. Earlier, I would miss my son and constantly ask: why me? I have never done anything wrong, never hurt anyone in life. I got all the answers after completing Chakrayogi Level II workshop with Neetaji. I will continue with my workshops, never let go of Neetaji's hand. I'm very thankful to God and to Neetaji. Another great thing about the workshops is Shailandraji's music, with which he opens up the Chakras. I had a vision of Lord Narayan while listening to his music. It was an unforgettable experience.

Piyush Shah
I am here for the Chakrayogi workshop. I learnt a lot from Neeta Ma'am. There were many unanswered questions, lot of things I couldn’t understand earlier. She helped me understand things and situations. She helped me understand a lot about spirituality. She corrected a lot of my definitions. More importantly, she helped me focus, identify my purpose in life. It's a beautiful feeling, attending the seminars conducted by her. I thank her for what she's done.

Daphne Gracias
It was a very enlightening workshop. A lot of our wrong beliefs got shattered by her enlightening words. Best part is, she explains the problem from all the angles, not just one. And we are able to see how the wrong definitions are formed and how wearer supposed to relieve them. The workshop was really beneficial. It makes you come in the Now. I was never a person who lived in the Now, was constantly swinging in all directions. But in this workshop, I was able to be in the Now. It was a beautiful workshop, Thank you Neetaji!

Shefali Shah
I want to thank Neetaji, for enabling me to know myself. For the last 15 years, I had many questions in my mind where have I come from? What is the purpose of my birth? Why was I born? Neetaji helped me know my real self. I feel like I have been reborn again, just now. I want to thank her from my heart. As humans, we have many unanswered questions in our hearts. If you want answers to these questions of life, you must meet Neetaji.

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