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Goddess Lakshmi

108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, money and prosperity; also she is a wife of Lord Vishnu which makes her more revered than most of other Goddesses. Hindu devotees have highest respect for goddess Lakshmi and worship her diligently on many occasions such as Lakshmi Puja on Diwali. There are 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi mentioned in many scriptures throughout the Hindu mythology. Each name has a specific reason and meaning behind it. So it all more valued by devotees. Many Hindu devotees name their daughters on behalf of Goddess Lakshmi showing their love and respect towards the Goddess.

Below are the 108 names of Lakshmi:

1. Bhuvaneshwari
2. Trikalajnanasampanna
3. Brahmavishnushivatmika
4. Mahakali
5. Navadurga
6. Sarvopadrava Varini
7. Devi
8. Daridryadhwamsini
9. Narayanasamashrita
10. Prasannakshi
11. Vishnupatni
12. Vishnuvakshassthalasthita
13. Mangala Devi
14. Jaya
15. Samudratanaya
16. Hiranyaprakara
17. Shubha
18. Vasuprada
19. Varalakshmi
20. Nripaveshmagatananda
21. Shubhaprada
22. Strainasoumya
23. Siddhi
24. Dhanadhanyaki
25. Hemamalini
26. Harini
27. Udaranga

28. Vasundhara
29. Yashaswini
30. Vararoha
31. Bilvanilaya
32. Bhaskari
33. Shri
34. Shuklamalyambara
35. Shanta
36. Pritipushkarini
37. Daridryanashini
38. Tushti
39. Vishwajanani
40. Vimala
41. Satya
42. Shivakari
43. Shiva
44. Pushti
45. Ahladajanani
46. Indusheetala
47. Indira
48. Chandrarupa
49. Chaturbhuja
50. Chandrasahodari
51. Chandra
52. Chandravadana
53. Prabha
54. Prasadabhimukhi

55. Suprasanna
56. Punyagandha
57. Padmagandhini
58. Padmini
59. Devi
60. Padmamaladhara
61. Rama
62. Padmanabhapriya
63. Padmamukhi
64. Padmodbhava
65. Padmasundari
66. Padmakshya
67. Padmahasta
68. Padmapriya
69. Lokamatri
70. Karuna
71. Dharmanilaya
72. Lokashokavinashini
73. Dipta
74. Amrita
75. Ashokayai
76. Harivallabhi
77. Anagha
78. Buddhi
79. Anugrahaprada
80. Kshirodhasambhava
81. Kamakshi

82. Kanta
83. Kamala
84. Vasudharini
85. Vasudha
86. Dipa
87. Ditya
88. Adityai
89. Vibha
90. NityaPushta
91. Lakshmi
92. Hiranmayi
93. Dhanya
94. Sudha
95. Swadha
96. Swaha
97. Shuchi
98. Padma
99. Padmalaya
100. Vachi
101. Paramatmika
102. Surabhi
103. Vibhuti
104. Shraddha
105. Sarvabhutahitaprada
106. Vidya
107. Vikriti
108. Prakriti

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