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About Chakra Yog

Chakra Yog is a global endeavour to proliferate the knowledge of Chakra Science to a worldwide audience. It was pioneered by Spiritual Guide and Realised Master, Sakhashree Neeta in 2014. Chakra Yog workshops are now conducted in various cities to promote Chakra Science and Chakra balancing, which is essential for physical and mental wellbeing.

Rooted in ancient Vedic wisdom, Chakra Yog Foundation helps individuals to understand how Life functions through lessons of the Chakras and this helps them to tide over failures, mental fears and limiting beliefs, diseases, financial instability and failed relationships. Through Chakra healing and balancing techniques, thousands of people have been able to overcome karmic challenges to live a healthy, successful and empowered life.

Chakra Yog, a Rudraksha Ratna enterprise that was founded in 1997, is a worldwide federation of consultants who practice Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST), a unique methodology for balancing Chakras with Rudraksha beads and Gemstones. This strong distribution network has taken this therapy to every corner of the world, making RRST a familiar name for a global clientele.

How chakras affect you

Chakras are the subtle energy centres within the human body. They emit cosmic frequencies that create perfect harmony between the mind, body and soul. Located along the spine on the points of the endocrine glands, these unseen centres are valves that regulate the flow of universal energy through our energy system. Chakras govern every aspect of your lives, your expressions, feelings and senses, even the sixth sense.
When working optimally, the Chakras create balanced physical, mental and emotional health. However, as you go through life experiences and challenges, whenever your thoughts, attitudes and reactions tend towards fear or negativity, your Chakras get blocked. With a blockage in the Chakras, the free flow of cosmic energy in the body is inhibited. At this point you begin to develop emotional disorders and physical ailments related to the Chakra.

For the Chakras to open up again, you need to release these negative emotions and let go of your flawed beliefs and rigid, dogmatic spiritual perceptions. By working with your Chakras, you clear away the stagnant negative energy that does not serve your highest purpose. Doing this will broaden your perspective, aid in your evolution as a human being and help you make the changes necessary changes for better health, harmonious relationships, and personal and financial wellbeing.

Healthy and balanced chakras are the key to holistic health, wellbeing and abundance in all spheres of life, whether physical, emotional or psychological. Many systems have been devised to help people open these energy centers throughout the ages. With Chakra Sadhana, you can rise above your circumstances and meet the challenges of life. Chakra Yog Foundation imparts in-depth knowledge and powerful meditation techniques to guide you on the path to holistic health, prosperity and spiritual enlightenment.

The 7 primary Chakras

The 7 primary Chakras located all the way from the base of the spine to the top of the head are the primal centers of energy and divinity in humans. Here is a brief look at Chakras and the dimension of life they represent:

» Muladhara – Seat of Stability & Support » Swadhisthana - Seat of Identity & Creativity » Manipura – Seat of Personal Power » Anahata – Center of Unconditional Love » Vishuddha – Center of Wisdom & Verbal Expression » Ajna – Seat of Intuition & Perception » Sahasrara – Center of Enlightenment or Shiva Consciousness

Chakra Yog Hall

Experience the sacred geometry of Chakra Yog, a unique venue designed as per Chakras and elements of the Vastu Purush. Chakra Yog is a powerful space that harnesses the energies and influences of the Five Elements, Planets, Chakras, Geometries and Directions The entire universe comprises the five elements (Panchabhoota) - Ether (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi). These elements and their energies reside within and outside humans and human dwellings. Experience the stability of the Muladhara corner. Feel the flowing creativity of the Swathisthana corner. See the fiery magnetism of the Manipur element. Open yourself up to Divine Love in the Anahata corner. Tune into the ethereal music of the Vishuddha centre. Raise your Consciousness to the expansiveness of Ajna chakra and the thousand-petalled Sahasrara ceiling to experience Enlightenment. This sacred space is ideal for dwelling into the lessons of the Seven Chakras to gain deep insights and spiritual awakening. After your session, enjoy a satvic Indian lunch at the banquet hall next door to Chakra Yog. Chakra Yog was founded by Sakhashree Neetaji to spread Chakra Science and Chakra Healing through Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST), a technique patented by her. For a life-changing experience in healing, awakening and empowerment, visit Rudra Centre and Chakra Yog in Mumbai.

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cy hall
Chakrayog hall
Chakrayog hall

Chakra Yog Workshops

The Chakra Yog Foundation works on the principle that the solution to every life problem lies within the domain of Chakra science. By tapping into the lessons of the Chakras, an individual can lead a meaningful and abundant life. Consultants conduct Chakra Sadhana workshops worldwide and follow Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) for Chakra healing and balancing.

Chakra Sadhana workshops are designed to enhance self-awareness, wellbeing, work life-balance and spiritual evolution through the lessons of the 8 chakras. These interactive workshops that have powerful releasing meditations based on the Neti Neti principal of Shree Adi Sankaracarya, will alter your perceptions on life, work and the world at large. This is a unique opportunity to discover your True Self and your Life Purpose.

These workshops are designed by Sakhashree Neetaji using the principals of Yog and her deep knowledge of Chakra Science. In addition, we frequently invite motivational speakers from other fields: Rishi Hans from USA, Gopinathan from Canada, motivational coach Willbur Glenn Colaco from Australia, Om Swami, Ganesh Om and others to share their wisdom.

Chakra Yog workshops are now conducted in various countries to spread awareness of Chakras. These workshops help people with groundbreaking insights into the reality of realizing that “You are More”. Online videos of these workshops have helped thousands of people to overcome challenges and live a healthy, successful and empowered life.

Program Benefits

☛ Clear blockages in your Chakras, leading to Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual well-being
☛ Understand Life Lessons and your Life Purpose
☛ Healing happens during class rather than later
☛ Clear Mental Blocks and Focus your Mind
☛ Inner Transformation and the flowering of Consciousness
☛ Master the Energy within

Workshop topics

☛ Chakra Sadhana
☛ Training the Mind, Body and Senses
☛ Mythology
☛ Karma
☛ Dharma
☛ Mantra
☛ Effective Meditation techniques
☛ Finding True Love & Fulfilment
☛ Discovering Abundance
☛ Vastu

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  • Rudraksha

    The one mukhi rudraksha is exceptionally good for very focused meditation and it makes your meditation less effortful and easy. The mind finds it easy to go near the Spiritual Heart. Have bought 1,2,3....till 19 mukhi (except 18) from you Mrs Vijaya Barathi and Mrs Neeta. Planning for 18, 20 and 21 and make an indrakshi mala. Also add on blue, yellow sapphire, ruby, pearl, coral, amethyst and other 3 to 4 gems and make a perfect combo of rudraksha ratna and study my spiritual and material progress for next few years. thanks and your products are awesome. close

    - Prakash Raja
  • Thank you for everything

    Thank you for everything...this was my first guided meditation which made me understand that universe is inside me and I need to change myself. Neeta Ma'am immense gratitude to you... you came across when I needed the most. close

    - Catherine Kapadia
  • Rudraksha one of nature’s precious gift to human beings.

    1.5 months back purchased 3,9,13,14,17 mukhi nepal beads and 15 mukhi java bead & one spatik meditation cap from rudra centre, mumbai...in only 15 days most of my body issues got resolved like urticaria(skin problem which was there from 2years), fatigue, weakness,digestion problems..etc etc rudraksha supports all my chakras to function efficiently So that in family&work life i can handle the tasks without being stressed. Thanks Rudra Centre for availing us authentic rudrakshas at affordable price. Mahendra kadam helped me in selecting best beads and answered many queries he is a very reliable close

    - Dinesh sethiya
  • I love reading and most of my books and audio Cds about spirituality, religion or motivation are bought online through Rudra Centre

    Namaskar, I am Bharti Pendnekar, I work towards welfare of girl child and I stay at Santacruz. I love reading and most of my books and audio Cds about spirituality, religion or motivation are bought online through Rudra Centre. I have also attended many pujas in their Chakra Yog Hall. Wonderful place, wonderful products and services. thank you close

    - Bharti Pendnekar
  • Amazing results and excellent service

    Dear Neetaji & Mahendraji, Thanks a lot for your guidance and recommendations.I purchased Supreme kavacha power bracelet in the month of June2020 and I have seen significant changes in my life both personally, professionally and spiritually. Personally, there has been keen increase in self awareness... and feel myself in control for most of the time Professionally, there is significant rise in my ability in decision making and have got promoted as well Spiritually, making significant progress in meditation, able to sit for long time with concentration. Folks....this testimonial is based out of close

    - Prasanna Kulkarni
  • I feel very lucky wearing the RRST wisdom pendant

    I feel very lucky wearing the RRST wisdom pendant it helps me have a clear speech and understand the real intent of a person towards me. I am also wearing RRST designed bracelets to balance my Muladhara Chakra and Swadhisthana Chakra. close

    - Sybille Friedrich
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