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What is Horse Shoe (Ghode ki Naal)? Why is it considered lucky?

A horseshoe is an object which is made out of metal and is designed in the shape of ‘U’ or a crescent moon. This metal horseshoe is usually nailed on the hooves of the horse in order to protect their feet from any kind of injury and from avoiding the hooves from splitting.

Since ancient times, metal is considered as a talisman to ward off evil and to safeguard from negative energies. A horseshoe is made out of metal and thus, it is believed to attract good luck and positivity. The horseshoe offers protection against Vaastu dosha or defects. It pacifies the Shani Dosha by attracting positivity, abundance, good luck and peace. Hanging a horseshoe over the door in the right direction effectively protects the house from ghosts, evil spirits, negative energies and diseases.


Horseshoe over door/ Horseshoe home protection

In India, you will come across many houses or offices and small-time businesses that have a horseshoe hanging outside on the top of the door. It is said that it attracts prosperity, helps the business to flourish by attracting positive vibes. It is believed that a horseshoe hung outside the house or office keeps the place safe and protected from any kind of bad vibes. It also destroys hindrances that blocks growth and success, wards off diseases and removes bad luck from the dwelling.

Where did the lucky horseshoe originate or come from?

There are many legends associated with the horseshoe being lucky. One of the very first legends is about Saint Dustan AD 959 who was the Archbishop of Canterbury. Before becoming the Archbishop he was a blacksmith. According to the legend, once Dustan was working in his shop when suddenly the Devil walked into his store and asked Dustan to shoe his horse. Dustan recognized that the man was none other than the devil himself but he pretended as if he did not notice it. He agreed on shoeing the Devil’s horse but instead of the horse, he nailed the horseshoe on the devil’s foot. The devil was in great pain and pleaded Dustan to remove the horseshoe from his foot. It quickly agreed to remove the horseshoe but only on one condition. The devil even before listening to Dustan’s condition agreed to grant it as he couldn’t bear the pain of the nail in his foot. Dustan took a promise from the devil asking him not to enter the house which has a horseshoe nailed on the door. The devil agreed on a promise not to enter the house which has a horseshoe nailed on its door.

According to another story during the Stone Age across the British Isles and Northern Europe, people believed in ‘fairy folk’. It is said that around 400 BC, when the Celtic tribes began to invade the lands, the fairies took shelter in the woods as it was convenient to hide there. It is said that the fairies would camouflage themselves and would kidnap babies in the forest. People also spoke about the magical tiny human-like elves and goblins. The goblins were associated with misfortunes as they cast spells on cows preventing them from giving milk and the goblins also cast their spells on hen which made the hen infertile and she could lay eggs. The goblins feared iron and metal weapons. Thus, the horseshoe is said to be hung outside the main door of every household.

In India, iron is considered as extremely auspicious and is believed to be one of the most powerful metals that keep evil eyes, Vaastu defects, diseases, ghosts, spirits and negative energies at bay

Which horseshoe is lucky?

It is said a horseshoe that is worn by the horse and is used and detached from his hooves naturally is lucky. The horseshoe of the front right leg of the horse is considered to be extremely lucky and effective.

How to hang a lucky horseshoe? Is a horseshoe lucky up or down?

The way of hanging the horseshoe (Kale ghode ki naal lagane ki vidhi) plays an important role in many cultures. In some cultures, the horseshoe is hung with its ends pointing upwards. In this position, the horseshoe resembles a cup or a container or a bowl that is believed to store good luck. The ‘U’ shape is considered to be a sign of good fortune and prosperity in many cultures. While in few cultures hanging the horseshoe upside down is said to shower good luck, prosperity and riches over the people who dwell in the house.

Horseshoe Shani Shingnapur/ Kale Ghode ki naal ka mahatva

The horseshoe is made of iron and iron is known to ward off evil. Also the fact that the horseshoe has seven holes makes the horseshoe auspicious and powerful. In some cultures, the number seven is considered very lucky. For example, a rainbow has seven colours, there are seven continents, in the diatonic scale there are seven itches, and there are seven days in a week. The number seven is considered whole and highly auspicious according to the Holy Bible. Mass, temperature, luminous intensity, length, time, current and amount of quantity are seven base quantities.

How to wear black horseshoe ring?

In many cultures across the country, people hang a horseshoe on the main entrance of the house, above the door frame. According to Indian Astrology, a horseshoe nail ring or a black horseshoe ring also known as Kale ghode ki naal ki ring original or the Lucky horseshoe ring is considered to be extremely powerful and is believed to serve as a talisman that protects the wearer from adverse effects of Sade Sati and Shani Mahadasha. The black horseshoe ring is said to be worn in the thumb of the right hand for a right-handed person and an original horseshoe nail ring is said to be made from the piece of an iron that is acquired from a used horseshoe. The lucky horseshoe ring is one of the ornaments which is used by many even today. It has benefitted many individuals during the Shani Dasha.

Planet Saturn is known to enter an individual’s life many times in the form of Sade Sati or Dhaiya. During this phase a person faces a lot of hurdles, difficulties and problems in his/her life. During this phase wearing an original horseshoe ring is said to curb the ill effects of planet Saturn and is said to bring success in the desired field.

Benefits of the Black Horse Shoe

  • It is considered to be an auspicious and divine amulet that removes bad luck and disease from the house.
  • It works as a protective layer of the house, which protects the house from gems, diseases and bad luck.
  • It is universally the best symbol of good fortune.
  • Practitioners of esoteric subjects believe that it offers protection against the malefic effects of planet Saturn.
  • It offers protection from black magic, evil eye, tantric influence, hatred, envy, insomnia, robbery and planetary malign.

A Black Horseshoe is said to be the best for bringing success in various jobs. During desperation and illness, if one puts it on the outer door of the house, he or she gets rid of mental agonies. It makes life free of treachery and suspicion. Fix it on any Saturday.

Note: Horse-shoe is considered to give positive results when hung in South-West Direction to remove vaastu defects. (According to Chakra Vastu)

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