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Birthstone for February - Amethyst

Birthstones are specific gems that are associated with a particular month. The properties and characteristics of these gems are known to often be beneficial for people born in that month. The February birthstone is the stunning amethyst and is known for its protective and royal properties.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which translates to ‘not drunk’. In ancient times, the colour of this stone was associated with wine, and it was believed that this stone can help prevent one from becoming drunk or intoxicated on wine. In addition to its protective powers, this form of quartz was also used to help dispel negativity and bring victory to the wearer.

The Amethyst birth stone has varied characteristics and properties that are ideally suited to enhance the energies of people born in the month of February. You can wear it as jewellery and surround yourself in its energy for support in protection, healing, love, and clarity.

History and Mythology Associated With Amethyst

The February birthstone, amethyst, has been recognized for its unique characteristics since ancient times. In fact, it was among the most precious and costly stones, comparable to diamonds, owing to its properties.

This birthstone can be traced back to the prehistoric and Neolithic humans in history. It is also believed that Cleopatra wore an amethyst signet ring. Historians believe the Feb birthstone Amethyst was also worn by Saint Valentine which had Cupid engraved on it. For this reason, amethyst is also associated with feelings of love and passion, making it perfect for this month.

The stone was also used to protect against bad dreams and aid mental clarity in the earlier days.

Colours Associated With February Birthstone

Amethysts are generally associated with deep purple but can come in several colours. These may range from a soft lilac to a deep purple with red undertones. The colour purple is known to help bring clarity and calmness to the wearer. Due to its properties and colour energies, this stone is also associated with the crown chakra. Along with physical and mental benefits, the amethyst birthstone also offers spiritual benefits.

The rich appeal of this colour and its comparative rarity also made it a coveted stone among royal families. This stone can often be found on crowns and jewellery of the rich and the royal.

Where is February Birthstone Amethyst Found?

Brazil and Uruguay are the largest commercial sources for this birthstone. However, it can also be found in various other parts of the world including France, Russia, India, Canada, and Africa.

Characteristics of the February Birthstone

The amethyst birth stone is largely believed to protect its wearer from intoxication. This does not represent only physical intoxication from wine, but also emotional intoxication. As it is also associated with the crown chakra, it helps ground and calm the wearer and reduce their intoxication to material items and the world.

Amethyst is also associated with dispelling negative energy, creating a sense of calm amidst restlessness, and promoting creativity.

However, before wearing a birthstone, it is recommended to consider other factors of your life as some stones may work better in combination with other elements for enhancing your energy.

Chemical Composition of February Birthstone Amethyst

Amethyst is formed of the mineral quartz and often found near volcanic areas. These stones can be large in size and are a transparent form of silicon dioxide. The chemical components iron oxide and manganese have been known to give amethysts the purple colour. Amethyst has a Mohs hardness score of 7 making it slightly strong stone but still vulnerable to scratches.

These stones are extremely sensitive to heat and known to change colour when exposed to temperatures over 400 degrees Celsius. They may turn to red, green, or shades of brown in the heat. The Feb birthstone may also naturally fade over time to a lighter hue of its original colour.

Using Amethyst to Enhance Your Energy

Birthstones are commonly used by people to enhance their energy and enrich their lives. Not only does this stone bring in positive results but can also help clear negativity and obstacles. For people born in February, the amethyst birthstone can work wonders in bringing calm, clarity, and stillness to the wearer while at the same time promoting self-confidence.

There are numerous ways to bring in the protective and calming energies of this stone into your daily life. The vivid purple hue colour makes amethyst a royal stone for various types of jewellery. For maximum benefit, use the stone in a form that keeps it close to the area of your body that most concerns you.

You can also use amethysts as part of your décor and surround yourself and your home in the pleasant energies of this birthstone.

Benefits of February Birthstone Amethyst

The benefits of the amethyst gemstone are plentiful making it a popular choice for a lot of people. It is popularly known for its protective and grounding properties as well as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Some of the benefits of this Feb birthstone include:

  • This gemstone is widely known for its ability to enhance mental clarity. It helps remove restlessness and aids clarity in thought and judgement.
  • It promotes success due to better decisions and a calm mind for clearer focus.
  • Helps remove negative energies of stress and anxiety and replace them with positive thoughts of self-confidence and love.
  • The purple colour of amethysts helps activate the crown chakra and enhances one’s spiritual connection.
  • It has also been known to help aid better sleep and counter the effects of insomnia.
  • In ancient times, it was believed that amethysts can help protect the person against psychic attacks and negative energies.
  • In the physical body, this gemstone is associated with boosting blood circulation, relieving stress, and aiding in healing wounds.

February Birthstone Amethyst Care and Cleaning

Amethysts are quartz formations that are often transparent in nature. This stone is vulnerable to heat and should thus be kept in a cool environment. Avoid using any form of heat to clean for your amethysts stone.

Instead, use a soft toothbrush with mild soapy water and lightly scrub the stone. Set it aside in a clean and cool environment to air dry. Do not expose amethysts to steam or extra hot conditions as it can cause them to fade or change colour.

You can also soak your amethysts gemstone in clean salted water overnight. Rinse it in the morning and allow it to air dry.

How To Re-Energize And Recharge Your February Birthstone Amethyst?

At Rudra Centre, we energize every item before shipping it to our customers so that they can start using their gemstone and experiencing the benefits immediately. After prolonged usage one may wish to recharge or reenergize their stone to remove all the negativity, enabling it to work to its full potential.

To reenergize or recharge the February Birthstone Amethyst soak it in clean salted water overnight and rinse it in the morning. Next, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Have a bath and wear clean clothes
  • Be in a meditative mode and avoid all distractions
  • Light sage or incense and offer its smoke to yourself, the surrounding, and to your February Birthstone Amethyst jewellery/geode/crystal
  • Hold the amethyst in your hand between both your palms
  • Channelize your body energy into your palms. Try to create a focal point on both sides of your palms and imagine positive energy flowing into the amethyst
  • Imagine the intention for which you have adorned amethyst to be manifesting

While doing the above process you can chant the Mantra ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ as this is also the Beej mantra for the crown chakra.

You can get your Amethyst Jewellery from Rudra Centre which only deals in Vedic Astrology approved non-treated and non-heated amethyst gemstones which can guarantee the best results to the wearer.

Most people think that using a birthstone is decided simply based on their month of birth. However, it is not necessary to wear only your birthstone. In fact, you can wear any gemstone regardless of your date of birth/month of birth, horoscope, and zodiac sign.

What is important is that you wear the right stone for you as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) which has been devised after 20 years of research and has its base in the chakras of the human body. Chakra Therapy via RRST is the fastest healing therapy and is more comprehensive and superior to other healing modalities. To book a consultation with our expert, please Click Here

For more details about the free consultation or to discuss concerns relating to health, career, and relationships, please reach out to us via the following:

Email: contact@rudracentre.com
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