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Can people of Other Religions wear Rudraksha?
Can Christians/muslims/jews/buddhist/atheists Wear Rudraksha Beads or Mala ?

Rudraksha is a seed or fruit of Evergreen Rudraksha Tree (scientific name : Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) which is found in the foothill of Himalayas, Javanese Islands, Australia, China, Guam etc. Being a natural product, which grows on trees, these beads have been used since ancient times for the therapeutic benefits they offer. Legends says that the Rudraksha Tree were created from the Tears of Lord Shiva however authentic Vedic Scriptures, or the Shiva Mahapurana do not mention any restriction on the religion or ethnicity of the people who can/cannot wear them and on the contrary suggest that Rudrakshas are made for everyone.

Shiva Mahapurana Chapter 25, Vidyesvara Samhita :

सर्वाश्रमाणां वर्णानां स्त्री शूद्राणां शिवाज्ञया।
धार्याः सदैव रुद्राक्षा यतीनां प्रणवेन हि॥ ४७॥

Translation: People of all the Varnas, Ashramas and the women should wear Rudraksha as it is Lord Shiva’s command.
The ascetics also must wear the Rudraksha while reciting the Omkara Mantra.

Can people of other religions wear rudraksha bead or mala ? If we look back at the Indian history, the concept of religion did not exist. People living in India, followed the ‘Sanatan Dharma’ which translates to Eternal Righteousness (Eternal Dharma) people with many philosophies coexisted and debated their ideas which used to most times evolve the social order.

The Sanatan Dharma supported diverse cultures that co-existed. Its philosophy was based on the principles of Spiritualist Humanism which was ever evolving in Nature as per the Truth or Dharma of that time. This progressive philosophy taught ethical conduct for personal fulfilment aimed at the greater good of humanity.

If we go through our ancient literature which includes the Vedas, Purananas, Upanishads there is no mention about any religion and the term “Hindu” or “Hinduism” did not exist during those times. During India’s Freedom Struggle in the 19th Century, Hindu religion or Santana Dharma was established as a political identity for individuals who used to follow these Humanist Principles with diverse philosophies across India’s geography.

Rudraksha beads are a gift of nature to Humankind. Just like how rice, grains, lentils will provide nutrition to any Human regardless of their religion in the same manner Rudraksha beads will offer its benefits to anyone who wears and adorns them well. Modern scientific research indicates that Rudraksha beads possess certain electromagnetic frequency which helps deal with stresses and blood pressure like ailments. Sakhashree’s research has found that Rudrakshas work like capacitors (store bio frequency) which disburse energy to balance the Chakras of the Human Body through resonance. Sakhashree Neeta’s research has been devised after 20 years of study of Rudraksha and Gemstones and how they work on the Chakras of the Human Body and has healed over 100,000 + clients globally belonging to various religious ethnicities and walks of life.

Allopathic Medicines, Ayurveda, Yoga or any Recognised Alternate Therapy along with right guidance will benefit an individual regardless of them being Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or Atheist or being born/raised with these beliefs, similarly, wearing specific Rudrakshas or Rudraksha combinations as per RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) will help an individual alleviate their physical, emotional, financial problems and realize their full potential.

Rudraksha hold immense curative properties and as per Sakhashree Research can help one heal from migraines, bone/muscle pains, acidity, diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, depression etc.

There is no religious angle or restriction to wearing Rudraksha beads and they are meant for everyone regardless of their personal belief in God(s)

However, to experience the full potential of Rudraksha one needs to deal with their cognitive dissonance which may arise due to them being raised in a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or Atheist/Agnostic family or being a orthodox/ardent believer of these philosophies

If you are born in a particular religion and are flexible in your beliefs or are agnostic, understand that Rudraksha is just a medium to balance your chakras and attain some specific goals. When you wear them on your body their energies attune to your body energies (Chakras) and start working on the respective issues.

Similarly, people who are ardent followers of their respective religions, as stated above Rudrakshas are one of the most potent mediums to reconstruct, restore and offer overall cure. You must resolve the cognitive dissonance that you have built in your head about the association of this bead with a specific religion. You may find it difficult to shift your perspective, but with deep introspection of the facts laid out in this article and our website you should be able to resolve this cognitive dissonance.

In any form of therapy (Allopathic or Alternative) faith plays a huge role. Doctors always account for the Placebo Effect in their drug trials because the Human mind is so powerful that it can regenerate cells and cure itself from deathly ailments just by positive thoughts and faith. Rudraksha helps one realize these energies/possibilities and heal themselves from their physical, emotional, and financial duress.

Disbelief also restricts the positive energies from being absorbed by the body and it slows down the process of healing. If you are experiencing this issue, we suggest that you read about the various properties of each Rudraksha bead which are available in 26 varieties in the link below.

Read More on Rudraksha Properties

You can get in touch with our experts who can guide you in this process.
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Unless you trust in Rudrakshas, you would always be in denial even if the desired changes occur and you manifest what you want.

Also, you do not need to chant any kind of mantra or perform any kind of worship while wearing or after wearing the Rudraksha you can follow your own customs/rituals it will neither reduce the energy of the Rudraksha nor give any negative results. To experience the full benefits of Rudraksha you just need to wear 24*7 as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.

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