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Copper Bracelets- Healing Benefits, Meaning, Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties and How do Copper Bracelets work?

Copper or Tamba (in Hindi) is one of the most beneficial metals with healing properties and since it is one of the first known elements by man, it has been used in various ways over centuries. We have all seen the rise in the usage of copper products in recent times. People have now realized how copper works wonders to improve physical health. Copper is said to have metaphysical properties and heals many ailments in the body.

Rudra Centre is pleased to present a fresh new range of Copper Bracelets for men and women. These Tamba Bracelets are designed very uniquely to match the tastes and preferences of every single one of you. You can find cuff bracelets, unisex bands, chain patterned bracelets, bangles and much more in our newest collection made in pure copper. We take pride in offering these Copper Kadas that will benefit your overall health and result in a better life.

Our Copper Bracelets are embedded with magnets to treat muscle or joint aches and it is totally safe. It has a better effect when worn every day and it can also be worn when sleeping. The more it stays close to your body, the more effective it is. During the current pandemic, it will be beneficial to stay safe from the bacteria as copper destroys pathogens and harmful germs. Also, there can be a possibility of having a dark stain on your wrist but that is absolutely normal as it means the copper is absorbed by your skin. From sleek copper wristbands, masculine designs to beautiful bracelets with a feminine touch, we have every type of copper bracelet that you can imagine.

Popular and Effective Copper Bracelets products

Copper Bracelets

A new and fresh range of Copper Bracelets made with the highest quality of copper. The designs are strikingly beautiful and elegant as well. This collection has copper bracelets for men and women priced reasonably to offer the healing benefits of copper to everyone. There’s everything right from chic and sleek copper wristbands to precisely carved designs and copper cuff bracelets made with perfection to last a long time and transfer the goodness of copper to your skin.

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Tamba (Copper) Kada

This adjustable Copper Bracelet or Tamba Kada is designed beautifully and the twisted pattern gives it a masculine touch. Made in pure copper, wearing this bracelet may help improve immunity and it is great to be worn during this pandemic. Copper has the properties to destroy pathogens and this stylish copper bracelet will also enhance the absorption of micro minerals in your skin. It has a magnet on the inner side to give you the best healing benefits.

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Tamba (Copper) Kada

Copper Kada with intricate patterns designed by the experts to offer you an elegant bracelet that will look good and give great benefits. This is an adjustable copper bracelet suitable for both men and women. Since copper is said to be effective for joint pain and joint stiffness, this Tamba Kada can be worn every day to experience excellent results. The magnet embedded on the inner side makes it more effective resulting in improved health and immunity.

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Tamba (Copper) Kada

One of the most uniquely designed Copper (Tamba) Kada with Buddha figure embossed on it. Buddha being symbolic of enlightenment, this bracelet represents morality and wisdom. This way you can carry the good energies of Buddha with you. The spiral pattern around it gives it a beautiful touch and makes it perfect to be worn every day. Copper has healing benefits and the most important is destroying pathogens. Wearing it during this pandemic is highly recommended in order to stay safe from germs and harmful bacteria.

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Effective for Arthritis- With its anti-inflammatory properties, copper has been quite effective for those who are suffering from Arthritis and the results vary from person to person. It strengthens bones and gives good relief as well.

Relief from Rheumatism- Copper is said to soothe joint pain and it has been beneficial for the ones suffering from Rheumatism. The micro minerals are absorbed by the skin resulting in relief from pain.

Helps in Carpal Tunnel- If you are facing deficiency of copper then copper does help to ease the Carpal Tunnel pain to a certain extent. Although the effects will differ depending on the condition of the person. Wearing copper on your body is beneficial as the necessary minerals are transmitted through the skin.

Good for Vitiligo- Since copper helps in producing melanin, it is helpful in treating Vitiligo (an ailment that causes loss of skin colour). A lot of people have experienced that it works in vitiligo and gives good results over a period of time.

Furthermore, copper also heals ankle pain, Tennis elbow and Vertigo and is used by a lot of people to get relief from joint and muscle pain. Other major benefits include boosting the immune system, maintaining blood pressure and enhanced skin health. Chronic conditions like osteoarthritis are also cured by using copper.


Copper is one such metal that not only has the capacity to cure physical ailments but also possesses spiritual properties. It has the potential to draw positive energies and hence, the Yantras are also carved on copper plates. It attracts wealth and prosperity in abundance and having copper on your body is suggested to derive maximum benefits. Here are some of the great spiritual properties of Copper:

Decision-making: It makes the wearer optimistic and encourages them to make the right decisions and initiative. Basically, it helps develop a sense of independence and a positive approach.

Combat Lethargy: Copper helps fight passiveness and laziness and removes the feeling of dissatisfaction from relationships. It enhances love and helps you embrace your true self.

Dispel negative energy: It transforms the negative vibes into positive ones and enhances the overall aura around the wearer.

Inner-Vision: It stimulates the inner-vision of the wearer which leads to a better understanding of the situations and any difficult phases in life.

Self-esteem: It is said to boost self-esteem eventually resulting in better confidence and communication skills.

Free from Mental burden: Copper is believed to have energies that influence amplified thoughts and free the wearer from any mental burden or stress.

Stabilizes Intuition: It stabilizes the intuitions of the wearer and helps become a vitalized being.

Emotional Healing: It is observed that copper helps in emotional healing by cleansing and purifying the wearer as it revitalizes the flow of energy.


Strengthens the bond: Having copper on your body or in the household strengthens the bond in the family and attracts good vibes.

Clarity of thoughts: It enables the wearer to know the obstacles blocking the path for development and gives clarity in the thought process.

Stimulates hormones: Copper stimulates hormones which improve memory and it is one of the main functions of the brain.

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The Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra gets activated by wearing copper at the appropriate position as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy. The complete body consciousness resides in the Muladhara Chakra and it is the seat of Earth element. The healing energies of copper balance the Root Chakra that results in a healthier life. It opens and activates the Root Chakra and oxygenates the blood. Problems related to prostate, varicose veins, obesity and arthritis occur if the Root Chakra is blocked and copper helps to manage these disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: How to wear a Copper Bracelet?
Ans: It is advisable to wear them in the right-hand wrist or upper arm.

Ques: How to clean Copper Bracelet?
Ans: The Copper Band or Bracelet can be cleaned by dipping it in a mixed solution of warm water, salt and lemon juice.

Ques: What are Copper Bracelets good for?
Ans: Copper Kadas are good for healing skin-related problems and strengthening bones.

NOTE: Using Copper Bracelets usually doesn’t have any side effects as such but consulting our Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) experts is recommended to experience the best outcome.

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