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What are Cowries? | What is The Meaning of Cowries

What are Cowries? | What is The Meaning of Cowries

Cowry/ Cowrie shells are naturally born and are seashells of a group of sea snails. The shells mostly get washed on to the shore. The Indian Ocean has a rich resource of Cowrie shells. Pages of history prove that in ancient times Kaudi shells were used as currency/shell money, in countries like Africa, South Asia and even in India, which is said to be the most successful form of currency. It has been considered a symbol of wealth but is rare to find. Consider yourself lucky if you find a Kauri shell lying on the shore.

The Legends associated with Cowry shells

The Legends associated with Cowry shells

The Kauri shell story, as per Hindu mythology says that during the Samudra Manthan (churning of the cosmic Ocean for 'amrit' or elixir of immortality), many things had been churned out as by- products, some of which were good and some bad. It is said that when Goddess Laxmi appeared from the Ocean during the churning, the Cowry shells accompanied Her. Goddess Laxmi is the deity of wealth, prosperity and abundance and the association of Kaudi with the Goddess's first appearance, makes the Cowrie holy and auspicious and a favourite of Goddess Laxmi.
Lord Shiva is fond of Cowry shells, as it is believed that the Cowrie shell looks like His braided hair, as per ancient texts.
An African legend has it that the Kauri shells symbolize a powerful Goddess of protection. So, the Kaudi is abundantly used in their attire and accessories.

What are the benefits of Cowry shells

  • Cowrie shells possess feminine energies and are connected to fertility, birth, sexuality, menstruation and birth. It brings good luck, wealth, prosperity, fame and the power of destiny.
  • Cowry shells are used in some religious or auspicious ceremonies too, like in Laxmi puja Kaudi shells are kept to please Goddess Laxmi and be blessed by Her and Lord Vishnu.

What are the different types of Cowry shells?

There are different sizes and colours of Kaudi shells. It's got a smooth round shiny top and the mouth at the bottom, which is a thin slit . Colours of Cowrie shells like the Yellow Cowry, Tiger Cowry which are spotted and look like the tiger skin etc.

Yellow Cowrie/Kaudi Benefits

Yellow cowry benefits

The Yellow Cowry/ Peeli Cowry Shells when kept in the house, firstly bring in prosperity and wealth, it brings new sources of earning, helps to control unnecessary expenditures, investment. If saving money is a struggle, then keep 21 pieces of Yellow Cowry in the north-west part of your room. It is advisable to keep 11 Yellow Kaudi in one’s place of wealth like treasuer box of purchase to be bestowed with the blessings of Lord Kuber, Goddess Lakshmi , Lord Vishnu and protects from financial debacle. As per astrology Yellow Kaudi is used to usher benefits of planet Jupiter and it's effective in reducing the malefic aspects of Rahu and Ketu.

Yellow cowry mala

Yellow Cowry Sumarni Mala ( 27+1) beads strung together in thread with knots between the beads is used for chanting Mahalaxmi mantras and can be used as an adornment for Her.

Tiger Cowry (Cypraea Tigris) Benefits

Tiger cowry benefits

Tiger Cowry Shells bear resemblance to the Tiger skin. These are ruled by the Divinely powerful Maa Kali. The Tiger Cowrie shells when kept in home or office wards off evil eye, black magic and all things evil. It can be kept in the puja alter. Tiger Cowry Shell Malas of 36 beads strung in thread, are apt to be worn during meditation, it provides strength and courage and protects from any physical harm, its powerful tool for those involved in sympathetic magic and sorcery. These malas can be offered to Goddess Durga and can be kept in lockers, money safe or cash box.

White Cowrie Shells Benefit

White cowry shell benefits

White Cowry Shells are perhaps the most commonly found and seen. These are used to worship Lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Baglamukhi as well. On Akshaya Treetiya, an auspicious day for money and wealth energy, the White Cowry should be kept in the alter wrapped in White cloth for maximum benefit. Cowry shell Mala of 36+1 beads, is used as a Japa mala (rosary) for chanting mantras of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Its divine powers blesses with fertility.

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What are the Vastu Benefits of Cowry shells

the Vastu Benefits of Cowry shells

Seashells are said to improve life by attracting good vibes, the credit of which goes to the fact that they originate from the sea/ocean. Similarly, the sacred Kauri shells benefits too include their use as Vastu products to bring positive energies, prosperity, wealth, fame and success.

An assortment of 21 numbers of each of Tiger Cowrie shells, Yellow Cowrie shells, White Cowrie shells when placed in the placed in altar, cash box, work desk, entrance, living room in the East portion of dwelling or when placed in altar during Laxmi Puja brings good fortune and luck. These Lucky Cowrie shells can be kept on a shell or glass bowl to add to the decor of the living room and have the positive effect too.Kaudi shells have significance in Feng Shui as a harbinger of good luck, to promote long distance relationships and travel. It is considered a natural tool for protection, a stress reliever and for attraction of wealth too. Keeping a collection of Kaudi shells in a small basket is considered lucky in Feng Shui and can be placed near the entrance door to bring in the energies of a prosperous and stable career.

Other uses of the Kaudi Shells

Other uses of the Kaudi Shells

Cowrie shell jewellery and accessories, like necklaces, earrings etc., have been popularly worn since ages all over the globe, not to mention, innovative trendy jewellery and accessories of Cowry shells are worn even now. Considering the benefits of these shells, in olden days, the Kauri shells used to be included in the attire of the bride.
In different parts of the world the Kaudi is used for different things, like Cowry divination has been used for predictions by casting a set of Cowrie shells, this practice existed in India too. In some places Kauri is used to protect children from the evil and negative energies.
When selecting Cowrie/Cowry shells it's important to check that they are not broken and don't have cracks, else it does not serve its purpose.

The Kaudi shells are natural tools given by nature, and just like the water where it origins from, it bring a flow of favourable and positive energies.

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