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The White marble idols of Hindu deities we often see at temples or selling in shops are Makrana Marble Idols. The name Makrana is derived from the name of the place called Markana in state of Rajasthan in India, the only place where the marble is mined. Marble is also called Sangemarmar. It is considered one of the best material to carve God and Goddesses idols from. Beautiful, majestic Markana Marble sculptures or figurines adorn homes, hotels, offices, halls/auditoriums and other places, everyone who have taste for traditional beautiful artefacts prefer to have them. Markana Marble is easy to carve on, therefore giving detailed features on idols and statues is done effortlessly by traditional artisans. Shivalinga, Krishna, Radha-Krishna, Shri Ganesha, Goddess Durga/Parvati, Vishnu- Lakshmi, Saraswati Brahma and other Gods and Goddesses made of Markana marble look life-like and Divinely beautiful in temples and homes of people.

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What are Makrana Marble Idols?

Markana Marble is also used for flooring in homes and temples, for making Puja altars and for construction of temples and monuments. The two most prominent monuments in India, the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra and Victoria Memorial in Kolkata are made of pure White Markana Marble and are mesmerizing proofs of graceful beauty what this stone can be carved into.

The chemical composition of Markana Marble is predominantly Calcium Carbonate, almost 99%. The little amount of impurities, when present, gives the other varities of Markana Marble. It is water resistant in nature, strong and is a durable stone, maintaining its shine for years. No treatment with chemicals is required to make the Markana shine, it is bestowed with this quality naturally. Indian Markana Marble is renowned outside India too and is exported to other countries, like, to the Gulf countries, South Asian countries and other countries.

Types of Markana Marble

Other then the White Markana Marble there are a few varieties of Markana Marble, which are caused by the impurities present in the stone.

1) Grey Markana Marble or Dungri Marble - In this variety the marble has Grey colour lines and patterns.
2) Pink Markana Marble - Has light Pink colour patterns on the White stone.
3) Albeta - It is considered the best quality of Markana Marble with Black and Grey lines or veins on White Marble. Along with being water resistant, it is also heat resistant.
4) Brown Markana - This is a type with Brown veins on White background.
5) Kumari Markana - On White background there are Brown and Grey patterns.

The Marble idol market also sells machine made/artificial Marble idols. When buying Marble idols or Markana Marble idols, ensure that you buy genuine, natural Marble idols from a reputed, trust worthy shop or dealer. Natural Marble idols have their own vibration and attributes which are important for Deity idols.

How to buy Marble Idols Online?

Rudra Centre has beautiful, high quality Marble Idols of Gods, Goddesses in different sizes, apt for your home or office. The idols are meticulously carved with distinct, detailed faces and painted with long lasting vibrant paint, Silver/Gold foil, to highlight features like Eyes, Lips, jewellery, Crown, Instruments, Weapons, attire etc. Choose from our Marble idol collection of Radha-Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, Hanuman and a huge collection of Markana Marble and other Marble idols for you to choose from online. Place your order of Marble idols online with us, we deliver at your doorstep, safely packed within a few days of you placing the order. Markana Marble idols with us are available at the best price.

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Can Marble Idols Kept at Home

Can Marble Idols Kept at HomeMarble idols can easily be kept at homes. For idols of Gods and Goddesses for home, Marble or Markana Marble is an apt material. Marble Deity idols can add a touch of Divine beauty and grace in your home. There are some rules which are followed about keeping Marble God idols in the house.

1) The Puja alter should ideally not have more than one idol of teh same God or Goddess.
2) Two Marble idols should not face each other.

It is said that the material of the idol is the harbinger of various good things for the home and its inmates. Marble idols are said to bring prosperity, good fortune, focus etc. Before installing Marble idols at home, one may do the ritual of Pran Prathishta also, which effectively means instilling the life force, energy of the Deity in the idol.

Marble Idols Prices

Marble idol price mainly depends on the kind of Marble it is made of. Markana Marble idol price depends on the type and quality of Markana Marble the idol is made of. Generally, White Markana Marble is used for making God idols, which is the best type of Marble to use for making God idols, though there are other varieties of Markana Marble. Markana Marbles are found only at Markana, Rajasthan, so it is not available anywhere else in the World. This makes it an exclusive Marble, strong, durable, with long lasting shine.

The size of the Marble Murtis is another major factor in deciding the natural Markana Marble idol price, which is also applicable for any other Marble Idol price. The intricacy of craftsmanship and adornment of the idol also adds to the pricing of the Marble Idols price. Indian Markana Marble does not require any chemical treatment to enhance its shine. Among the Indian Marbles, Markana Marble idols sell for a premium when compared to the other Marble idol price.

Rudra Centre offers the best prices for best quality, natural Marble idols and Markana Marble idols.

Best Selling Marble Idols

Hindus worship idols as a manifestation of a Gods or Goddesses. Worshipping Marble idols is an age old practice. Markana Marble idols of smaller sizes are popularly installed at home or workspace, while bigger size Marble idols are worshipped in temples. The idols are painted beautifully with long lasting paints. Available in various sizes, some bestselling Marble Idols are:-

1) Lord Ganesha Marble Idols - Found in almost all Hindu homes and workplaces.
2) Shivalinga (Black Marble and White Markana Marble)
3) Ganesha- Laxmi set/Ganesha-Laxmi-Saraswati set in White Markana Marble
4) Lord Krishna/ Radha-Krishna Marble idols
5) Maa Durga Marble idols
6) Goddess Lakshmi Marble Idol
7) Goddess Saraswati
8) Vishnu-Lakshmi idols
9) Hanuman idols and Panchmukhi Hanuman idols
10) Shiv Parivar - Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya
11) Goddess Kali idols(Black Marble)
12) Ram Parivar amrble Idols - comprising of Lord Rama, Laxmana, Sita Devi and Lord Hanuman
13) Nandi Marble idols (Black Marble and White Markana Marble) - For keeping in front of Shivalinga.
14) Lord Venkateshwara (Black Marble and White Marble)
15) Lord Dattareya Marble idols
16) Navagraha Set Marble idols - Idols of the nine Planets. They are available in White Markana Marble which are painted in the colour of the Planet and some Planet idols are made in Black Marble as their colour depiction is Black.

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