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Fertility issues and Impotence
Fertility issues and Impotence

Fertility Issues and Impotence

Causes of Impotence and Fertility Problems

Impotence is a medical complication related to recurrent erection difficulties. Problems like diabetes or high blood pressure further enhance the risk of infertility. It is said that men who are stressed or are presently into depression or facing relationship issues may be at a high risk of experiencing unusually low sexual desire and this may result in gradual impotence. Although the sexual desires vary in men and women as they age, we also need to understand the Chakras that control and influence fertility issues.

Swadhisthana Chakra for Harmony

There are several theories about how the male infertility and female infertility really surfaces as a problem. People seek professional help for infertility treatment. As a matter of fact, the Swadhisthana Chakra controls the muscular system of our body and kidneys. Any imbalance in this Chakra may cause miscarriage and other fertility problems. To know about the symptoms of impotence and the causes of miscarriage, we first need to know what could be the reason behind this imbalance. This happens when an individual indulges in self-doubt and feels devoid of love and care and thinks he is wrong somewhere and hence responsible for not being loved. Swathisthana Chakra is rooted in childhood mental conditioning. Lack of loving atmosphere and harmony and poor upbringing ultimately results in disharmony in adult relationships. Basically all partnerships are affected by this chakra. Self-doubt, fear of the unknown and the fear that something will happen to me block this chakra and once the chakra is blocked it results in emotional instability which results in fertility problems, not being able to execute power and control and ending up feeling not appreciated.

Women suffer miscarriage because of the fear of the unknown. These emotional issues manifest physically. Once this Chakra is balanced, the individual is free from self-doubt and eventually all the physical symptoms of impotence and fertility problems disappear automatically.

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Fertility Problems and Rudraksha Science

It is important for us to know about the correlation between Rudraksha and the Swadhisthana Chakra that predominantly interacts with fertility issues. The Rudraksha beads have been known to have brilliant effect on our body and mind when worn subsequent to accurate knowledge. Rudraksha originates from a combination of "Rudra" meaning Lord Shiva and "aksha" meaning tear drop. Rudraksha beads are obtainable from 1 to 21 faces. Rudraksha beads should be carefully chosen for a definite problem. Rudra Centre specializes in this marvellous knowledge to make powerful and influential Rudraksha combinations. It's known as the Rudraksha Science Therapy. You can always seek free counseling at Rudra Centre and take your first step towards liberty from dissatisfaction resulting from fertility issues.

Garbh-Sanskar combo Rudraksha and pearl are used to get relief from fertility issues.

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