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High Temper and Ajna Chakra
High Temper and Ajna Chakra

High Temper and Ajna Chakra

All of us experience high temper at some point in our life. If not controlled, the high temper problems can affect our health and relationships in the long run. Most of us are not sure how to deal with this problem especially when high temper strikes us in face. The most common symptoms of high temper which could lead to severe consequences are:

  1. Throwing or destroying objects
  2. Feeling aggressive or actually attacking the challenger
  3. Anxiety
  4. Difficulty while breathing
  5. Heart Palpitations
  6. Tightening or aching of chest
  7. Trembling or feeling unsteady

We can start by examining the reasons behind our high temper. Apart from the external factors that generate high temper in us, we also need to concentrate on the internal causes that lead to an imbalance of emotions resulting in high temper.

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Reasons and Handling of High temper

High temper is one of the easiest ways to force your thoughts and beliefs on others just to prove that you have a control over the situation. High temper for a brief period looks like it boosts your self-esteem which is actually not true. What could be the root cause of high temper? Behavioural science mentions a series of root causes ranging from fear of seeing to a mere expression of revolt. Treatment involves identifying the problem and involving the heated and annoyed member in finding the solution. As we execute these solutions we should also watch signs of blocked Ajna Chakra as the root cause of high temper.

Treatment of High Temper: Opening the Ajna Chakra

Ajna is situated at the centre of forehead. This works on seeing situations in the right perspective and things as they are without taking a rigid or perfectionist attitude towards anything. This is the area of third eye where we develop intuition and the capability of analysing situations in the right manner. This area gets blocked because of an attitude of high temper, non-acceptance and rigid beliefs about life. Also, the fear of failure, fear of seeing and fear of being overwhelmed with what would be found blocks this Chakra and the individual is unable to see a situation from all perspectives and thus isn't able to make the right decisions. This could further manifest into lethargy and low self-esteem. High temper is one of the major results of this manifestation.

Rudraksha Beads as a Solution to High temper

A balanced Ajna Chakra brings about remarkable changes in an individual and turns one into a charismatic personality. Wearing Rudraksha on one's body substitutes compulsive beliefs with divine knowledge resulting in positive influences. The beads of Rudraksha are known to be the blessing from Lord Shiva himself to protect mankind from worldly miseries. Then correct knowledge of Rudraksha is equally important before wearing them on your body for the right effect to be shown. Rudra Centre works on this knowledge to make powerful and influential Rudraksha combinations. It is known as the Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy. You can always seek free counselling at Rudra Centre and take your first step towards liberty from obstinacy and high temper related concerns.

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha and Blue Sapphire gemstone are worn to tackle anger issues.

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