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How do I choose my Shaligram
How do I choose my Shaligram

ShaligramWorship Shree Shaligram for six values of life:
Righteous living, Wealth, Protection, good health, pleasures and Spiritual

Shaligrams may be worshipped by men and women, and all people of all religions alike. God is the all-pervading existence and there are no distinctions by Him. Only love, faith and gratitude are needed for blessings.

Shaligrams are an iconic representation of Lord Vishnu and one who worships them is blessed with peace, protection, abundance and manifestation of desires. Just as Lord Vishnu had many Avatars and forms and one who worships any one of them gets blessings from Lord Vishnu Himself, just so Shaligrams were categorized in many ways as devotees searched for marks and identifications to find which form of Vishnu they represent. But worship of any of them, would bestow the same blessings as that of any other. Ancient authentic references do not make distinctions among salagrama stones; any Salagrama-stone is taken as a visible representation of Vishnu. The salagrama-lore that seeks to identify the different stones and ascertain their worship-worthiness is obviously a part of the later puranic culture. Also in all the Puranas, the identifications are mentioned, but nowhere the benefits or the blessings of the different forms are mentioned distinctly, meaning very clearly that blessings that follow any form is equivalent the other.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram - Meaning: "Truth is God and God is beautiful". So select a Shaligram which you find beautiful and attracted to. We have chosen the jewels from Gandaki for you, which we have been collecting for past 7 years. Normally the Silas found there are round ones and many are uneven shaped ones with breakages around the surface as the Silas rolls in the river. But we have carefully selected the ones that have beautiful impressions, even unbroken edges and beautiful dark colours. We thank the local people who painstakingly collected these silas by diving deep into the river for days on all these years. Few times they were rewarded for the silas as they matched our choice and many times they had to go back empty handed. But we took good care of them and saw that they were well taken care of monetarily.

These Silas all vibrate with pure existential energy. So select the one you best vibe with and bring Him home. Also the amount you donate will be used for a worthy cause. We have plans to set up a meditation centre free for people where satsangs, mantras, religious discourses, meditation and healing, would be done to elevate the consciousness of the people.

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