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Kamala Mantra


Dus Mahavidya Maa Kamala

The heavenly divine tenth Mahavidya. She symbolizes purity & great wisdom. Maa Kamala as the name suggests is seated on the auspicious and pure Lotus. No matter how much it is surrounded by the aquatic mud, it still remains as pure as it is born. Maa Kamala is the goddess of celibacy, purity, kindness & prosperity.

Following are the most effective mantra one chants to please Maa Kamala:


Appearance & Attire

Seated on a Lotus similar to Maa Lakshmi, Maa Kamla has a very gentle, humble & pleasing appearance. Beautiful glistening complexion with that acute looks on her face depicts high level intellect as well as strong emotional admiration. Goddess Kamala has Lotus flower in her two hands & the other two hands are in the posture in which she showering & bestowing the prosperous blessings to her devotees. Draped in a beautiful silk woven saree, shes headed with a golden crown which makes her look mare elegant & graceful. Dove like white elephants are around her that holds gold coins in their trunks showering all over.

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Significance of Maa Kamala Mantra

Goddess Kamala Mantra chanting helps nourish and support all the worldly aspirations. Mantra chanting of Goddess Kamala promotes the progress & fulfillment of her devotees.

Through Mantra sadhna of Dus Mahavidya Ma Kamala blesses with immediate results one is facing in financial arena of life. All sort of problems, May it be related to finances, business, professional life, seems to be solved that way.

Maa Kamala Mantra chanting helps understand the Supernatural practices and its techniques. Those who wish to gain supreme wisdom & wealth & wish to elevate in life not only financially but intellectually too gains benefits by chanting the mantra of Maa Kamala regularly.

Astrological Significance

Maa Kamala Mantra chanting helps cross the hurdles & obstacles of life occurifing due to foul planetary position of Venus. Regular Mantra chanting not only helps get rid of troubles during the malefic period of the planet venus but also cuts down the span of time of the mahadasa.


The biggest benefit in Mantra chanting of dus mahavidya Kamala is the gain of prosperity & wealth in all aspects of life. Maa Kamala Mantra chanting protects a person from the following:

● Tough Luck & unfavorable conditions
● Short of material possessions
● Bankruptcies & failure in business
● Critical illness & organ disfunction
● Malefic period of venus
Maa Kamala Mantra also considered as Tantric Lakshmi is pleased when the mantras are chanted gracefully without any covetousness.

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