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Parad Shivalinga UjjainLargest Mercury Shivalingam in the World was created in Ujjain, India
Siddha Ashram and Acharya Mahamandaleshwara Swami Nardanand Paramahansa Maharaj have completed construction of a 1500 kilogram Parad (Mercury) Shivalinga, which is the largest of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). The Shivalinga and its temple are located at Siddha Ashram, Ujjain, India. The opportunity to have darshan, the touch and worship of this Parad Shivalinga is accredited to one's holy and good deeds done in the previous and present life.
In Hindu scriptures parad (mercury) is regarded as the best of all metals. The following is the purport of a sloka from Rasyog Chintamani:

"Sphatik is better than paashan, padmaraaj than sphatik, Kashmir jewel, pushparaaj, i.e., lahasunia than Kashmir jewel, panna than lahasunia, neelam than panna, godanti or gomed, mauktik than vidrum, silver than diamond, gold than silver, diamond than gold and parad (mercury) is yet better than diamond."

Thus parad is the best of all the metals and jewels and a lingam of Lord Shiva made of the best of all the metals should without doubt defy any parallel.

Significance of a Parad Shivalinga in Tantra:
All the metals and sub-metals found in the world are sending out their waves. Parad (mercury) is a metal too and sends out its waves likewise. As parad is the most unstable among all metals, similarly man's mind is the most wavering too. Both are closely related. If parad is stabilized by destroying its unsteadiness, its waves will solidify. This process causes effect on the mind. If one meditates beside a parad Shivalinga, the mind naturally gets concentrated. Therefore, a compact form of parad is of great significance because it is extremely helpful in concentrating the mind.

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  • I become more spiritual

    After wearing this parada + Rudraksha mani I become more spiritual. I think and I feel I am protected and guided by spiritual powers. Dr. Srivatsa close

    - Dr. Srivatsa
  • I dont experience any crunch

    Since my stars are lucky to keep them lucky this rudraksha parad bracelet helps a lot specially the financial aspect wherein I don't experience any crunch. As regards to health it helps in keeping all stress under control which in turn keeps my sugar level normal. I also find that I am much agreeable with my life partner and children in particular. Sitaram K. Bhat close

    - Sitaram K. Bhat
  • Thank you

    Dear Ms Neeta, Namaste! Thank you so much for gifts of Parad Shree Yantra, tape of Simran param puja acharya cassette tape, rudraksha mala, coral Ganesha, Laxmi/Ganesha locket yantras. The Heera Laxmi Shankhs are truley most wonderful companions to copper dome shree yantra. Together with sphatik malas and crystal saligrams they work as powerful auspicious prayer amplifier to MahaDevi. Cordially yours, Will close

    - Will
  • Parad for sadhana and siddhi purposes

    My Guru holds parad in higher esteem than rudraksha for sadhana and siddhi purposes, he has had very great experience with those. The parad magnifies subtle energies given off during meditation very quickly.... Many of the western people do not know of it's hidden secrets, at the moment the fashion is behind rudraksha (which are great in their own right), it's just that parad works in a slightly more subtle way. Regards name withheld close

    - name withheld
  • After wearing the Parad Gutika all of the nightmares went away

    Hi Everyone, I will tell you a story about my son and his wearing of the Siddh parad gutika. My son had terrible nightmares in which he would wake up and run throughout the house, it would happen almost every other night. I would often find it disturbed my sleep as well as his. About two years ago he thought something was after him so he locked his bedroom door. Took the air conditioner out of the second story window and jumped down to the ground. He then proceeded about four blocks away and found his way into a neighbors home and into their bedroom. My wife and I got a call from them about 2: close

    - K. E.
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