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Parad (Mercury) Meaning | What is Parad?

Parad Parad refers to solidified Mercury. The process of obtaining Parad from Mercury is very tedious as after several stages of purification it is obtained. Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in the crust of the Earth. The purest form of mercury is available in a liquid metal form in Nature. This mercury is also called ‘quicksilver’ and ‘flowing metalloid’, because of its volatile and fluid nature.

Parad is an auspicious and divine metal that holds tremendous significance in Hinduism. Parad is known to be the sperm of the Supreme Lord Shiva. It is utilized on a wide scale in the Vedic rituals and Ayurveda and is considered as one the purest and divine metals ever produced. To enhance it already beautiful natural shine, Parad is often coated with a silver finish, which can be safely done because Parad doesn’t changes its natural properties in the presence of other metals layered around it.

Since the period of the Indo-Saraswati civilization, which is more than 7,000 years, India has had knowledge of the science of mercury solidification. It has been long held in Indian tradition and Vedic scriptures that the worship of Parad destroys one's sins, even those carried out from past lives. Worshipping Parad with Lord Shiva's tapa (sacrifice and devotion) directs the flow of rasa (essential elements) inwards until there is nothing left to rotate the wheel of samsara (continuous cycle of birth and rebirth). This, eventually leads to liberation from the fetters of karma.

Significance of Parad

The ancient Vedas states that Parad is the cleanest and the most auspicious metal, with religious as well as medical significance. Parad has special significance in Ayurveda too. It is not only used meaningfully in Vedic rituals but idols made of Parad are comparatively much stronger and more radiant than those made of ceramic, wood or metal.

Parad is a metal that rules the North East direction. It transforms all negativity into positivity without affecting itself. Parad enhances the connection with Lord Shiva and gives benefits in meditation and spiritual sadhana. It brings peace and contentment in the dwelling. Siddh Parad when prepared as per ancient knowledge of Parad Bandhan contains miraculous properties of healing and protection.

The properties and benefits of Parad have been immensely glorified in numerous ancient Vedic scriptures. As per these ancient scriptures Parad is considered to be the most auspicious, pure and beneficial amongst all metals. In Hindi and Sanskrit, Parad is known as Rasa and Para. Over centuries ancient sages and Yogis, who were experts in alchemy and metallurgy, uncovered properties, benefits, procedures through Rasa-vigyan (Parad/liquid-Science) and developed various Rasa-Yana (Parad-Procedure).

Ancient sages wrote about the significance, properties and benefits of Parad in many ancient scientific scriptures such as Parad Samhita, Ras Ratnakar, Ras Chandasu, Rasendara Chudamani and many more.

Siddh Parad is also known as Shiva dhatu or Lord Shiva's metal, it is believed to have supernatural mystic and healing powers.

Parad in the Ancient Scriptures

Parad story

The worship of Parad idols, according to the Brahma Purana, brings wealth from the supreme Lord, and worshippers achieve ultimate freedom and learn the essence of pure existence. Iridium, Mercury, and Rhodium are mentioned in the 117 Shlokas concerning Soma in the Rigveda.

One of the popular folklores in Vedic legends is that of the Yogis. Acoording to this folk tale, the Yogis and individuals seeking the truth travel to a strange place which is known as “Siddhashrama'' which is located in the Himalayas. After a certain period of meditation, these Yogis consume mercury in order to get into a deep state of meditation and to reduce the amount of breaths inhaled. However, mercury in its original form cannot be consumed as it is poisonous and can kill. Hence, before consuming the Parad, the Yogis performed some tantra and mantra vidya on it so that it becomes potable. This potable form of mercury is called the “Gauri-Chintamani''. Parad metal is often utilized to make Parad Shivling, Parad Gutika, Parad Ring, and many other sacred items.

As per Rudra Samhita (Shiv Purana) the great Sadhak Ravan (also known as Ravana), was adept in this science and was called a Ras Siddh Yogi. He not only acquired extraordinary powers through this science but also converted his capital Lanka into a city of gold. Even the great demon king Bannasur was able to fulfil his wish by performing the divine worship of such a Parad Shivling. Besides Ravana and Bannasur it is known that other ruling dynasties secretly worshipped Parad Shivlingam.

Also, in Shiv Purana it is stated that Maha Lakshmi will always reside where Parad Idols are worshipped. Likewise, Rasarnav Tantra assures that longevity, good health, prosperity and all desired achievements can be attained through the worship of Parad Shivling. And the offering, worshipping, contemplating, holding and consuming of Parad is capable of redeeming a person of the most sordid sins. The past Karmas of different lives can indeed be obliterated through its help, according to Brahmaveivart Purana.

Most of the references of the goodness of Parad in ancient scriptures are related to the Parad Shivling. It is stated in ancient Vedic scriptures that worshipping a Parad Shivling is a million times more fruitful than worshipping a thousand Shivlings. Just looking at a Parad Shivling is also stated to neutralize the effect of sin of killing a thousand Brahmins and cows. And touching a Parad Shivling without doubt makes one free of all problems and quickens one's spiritual progress. As well as it is asserted that These are the words of none other than Lord Shiva. Indeed, Lord Shiva says to Goddess Parvati that anyone who worships the Linga made out of solid mercury will face no disease or death. (Vaayveeya Samhita).

Preparation of Parad: The Purifying Process of Parad

Parad perparation

Siddh Parad is prepared through secret Vedic rituals and several samskara processes, passed on from generations of Vaidyas and Siddhas. In accordance with the scriptures such as Ayurveda science, only Parad is an element that can remain mixed with other ingredients without actually losing its own identity. Naturally occurring mercury is a poison but after treating it through various processes like Svedan, Mardan, Murcchhan, Utthapan or Patan, it can be cleansed of all toxic properties. Such purified Parad becomes an equivalent of a life-giving elixir.

At Rudra Centre, we follow the Vedic procedure of purification and process the mercury in order to purify it. As per Rasashastra (a Vedic treatise on chemicals), purified Parad has a blue touch internally and dazzling whiteness externally. The Parad undergoes eight samskaras which are churned with Neem leaves, turmeric, lemon, and another 24 different exotic herbs in order to add to its auspiciousness.

In its original state, Parad has certain impurities, namely, Naag (lead), Vang (Tin), Guru (overly heaviness), Bhushail (water impurities), Bhumij (stone, mud, gravel), Girij (minerals), Chapal (instability), Mala (endogenous, exogenous waste), Agni (intolerance to heat), Vish (poison).

According to Parad Samhita (Vedic treatise on mercury), Parad should be put through the eight stages of purification called Eight Samskaras. Then removal of Saptakanchucki is done for Parad to be 100% medicinal and hygienic. Since the process of Shodhana is most important in Rasashastra, a broad variety of purifying techniques for each metal and mineral, including Parad, are detailed. The literal definition of ‘Shodhana' is purification, however in Rasashastra, Shodhana is a Samskara (procedure) that removes impurities from metal.

Purification is designed to remove Mercury pollutants. Parad is naturally produced from the earth's crust; it is combined with specific undesirable physical and chemical contaminants. Therefore, a certain precaution must be taken before using mercury first time. Mercury must be purified before it can be used for any purpose. The resultant mercury, following appropriate purifying procedures, is brilliant and sparkling white in colour. According to conventional wisdom, this refined mercury may be utilized as a component in a variety of compositions.

The resulting Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhja) is molded to make Murthi-Baddha/Agnibadha (sustain the heat) Parad sacred items. This Parad items gives 24 Ras and 5 Tavta which removes diseases in the body.

Nagarjuna: The Father of India's Ancient Science of Metals

Nagarjuna: The Father of India's Ancient Science of Metals

Nagarjuna (born AD 78) had an authority in the fields of iron and mercury. The treatise about iron (Lauha Shastra) existed in ancient times and Dhanvantari and Agnivesh refer to it. Patanjali also refers to Lauha Shastra, yet it is undisputable that the Lauha Shastra of Nagarjuna is outstanding.

Nagarjuna also was the first to use mercury and Kharpar as medicine, making them insoluble. He found 5 types of mercury: The ones red and grey (slake) were good; those yellow, white or multi colored (peacock colour) had bad qualities and they needed at least 18 treatments before they could be utilized. Regarding mercury (quicksilver) an enormous amount of literature (post-Nagarjuna) is available. The Siddha school (neither Buddhist or Vedic) held that Parad is Lord Shiva, Mica is Goddess Parvati, and gandhak is the raja of Parvati, and many fanciful theories were formulated. Mercury becomes solid and a Shivalinga can be made out of it. They worshipped a Parad Shivalinga, called it Raseshwar, and started Raseshwarvad.

Tibetan sources also give indication about Nagarjuna's medical work. He was considered a Siddha, also a Sorcerer, and an influential alchemist. His close closeness to South India is worth noting. He had his laboratory on Shree Parvat, i.e., Srisailam (where the famous Shiva Temple -Jyotirling- Mallikarjunais is located) in the state of Andhra Pradesh.He experimented on metals in Srisailam, especially on mercury (parad). Parad's another name is darad, and the region was known as Dardistan. The chemist differentiated between metals and submetals, as well as solvents and solubles. He discovered that mercury could dissolve all metals, and Nagarjuna was given the name Rasraj as a result.

Few Ayurvedic alchemists have made a mercury lingam even in modern times. Other traditions like Pashupati, Shaiva, Pratbhingya, and Vedic schools were attracted to the science of mercury. They believe that the knowledge of Mantra and Tantra must be kept a secret. Vagbhatta mentions 27 Rasa Siddha Rasacharyas, one of them being Nagarjuna. Bharvi, the famous poet, names him as one of four excellent academics, the others being Aryadeva, Ashwaghosh, and Kumar Labdh. In addition, he is one of the 84 Vajrayan Siddhas.

Nagarjuna bestowed the Arabic term alchemist, the Latin word chemist, and modern chemistry. All of these alchemists were looking for the elixir of life (and still are), as well as a formula capable of converting iron or primary metals into gold. It was their goal to find a medication that can act as an antidote to all toxins (theric). Many of these fruitless efforts may be considered to have influenced modern science.

Preparation of Parad at Rudra Centre


At Rudra Centre, we produce mercury according to the procedures outlined by Acharya Nagarjuna in the Parad Samhita. Mercury is subjected to 12 samskaras in this procedure, which include the use of turmeric, lemon, salt, neem, and many other herbs and plants, before being hardened and neutralized with sulphur and mica and bonded by the singing of Shiva mantras. After the procedure is completed, the sulphur and mica are thoroughly washed away, revealing the silver soft mercury mass, which is then set to create Lingam, Siddh, Gutika, and Parad ring beads. This procedure not only makes the mercury safe, but also helpful.

The resulting product, after following the samskaras, is 100 percent pure mercury with no other metals present. This type of mercury is as solid as any metal. Mercury loses all of its poisonous characteristics and has no effect on other metals such as gold or silver. As a result, we chose silver for coating the Siddh Gutika. We also cover the Parad Gutika and Shiva lingam in silver to provide them a gleaming appearance. If the lingam tarnishes overtime, one may easily clean it using lemon or any powder for deoxidizing or liquid (used for cleaning silver utensils). Such processed mercury has several beneficial properties.

Parad at Rudra Centre is primarily prepared by Pandit Deenanathji from Jaipur. To cope with the increasing demand for Parad items, we have started preparing Parad on our own premises also. We make the Mercury Shivling according to the Rasashastra which is a Vedic procedure that has been mentioned in the Holy texts.

All our Parad is procured from Pandit Deenanathji from Jaipur who is from the only family in the country to know the Vedic art of solidifying Parad.

Punditji Shri Deenanathji

Since an early age (born in 1938 in Rajasthan) he was highly inclined to learn the secrets of Ayurveda. To fulfil his keen desire to learn the science of Ayurveda and especially the Parad (Mercury), he went to the ashram of Saint Shree Nirmalandji Chaitanya Brahmachai in the year 1971 to study more about mercury science.

Later he did his own research and development on mercury at many holy places all across India. 40 years ago, he opened an Ayurvedic medical research centre in Dosa district near Jaipur. Now he is in Jaipur since the last 20 years running a medical centre which provides facilities for treatment of many diseases.

Elemental analysis of Parad from Rudra Centre

The elemental analysis certificate for the Siddh Parad items prepared in Rudra Centre by Pt Dinanathji, shows 80 percent Parad (Hg or Mercury). As per analysis done on Parad product samples collected from different sources, this is the highest percentage of Parad found in a solidified Parad composition.

Chakra Association

Parad works on the Sahasrara(Crown) Chakra which is in the form of a thousand petal lotus on the top of the head. It enhances the association with Lord Shiva and benefits in meditation and spiritual routines. It purifies the Citta which is a part of the mind-system storing all memories and thoughts. It cures diseases of the brain and nervous system. It brings peace, contentment, concentration, dhyana, and support in Samadhi. Siddh Parad when prepared as per ancient knowledge of Parad Bandhan contains miraculous properties of healing and protection. It bestows longevity, glory, fame and honour. Parad also brings harmony, progress and spiritual upliftment, enhance health and its presence purifies the atmosphere too.

Benefits of Parad

The Vaayveeya Samhita states:
Worshiping Parad Shivaling will provide you longevity, good health, wealth, and all other desired outcomes.

In this verse it has been told that copper has 32, iron 64, silver 80, gold 100, diamond and mica 1000 and mercury 100 million qualities.

Saamskarit Parad (cleansed, purified, consecrated mercury) is beneficial for health in several ways. The great Guru and Yogi Govinda Padacharya, the Guru of Adi Shankaracharya, has compared such purified mercury with ‘Soul’.

According to him:

  • Parad is the only source of totality.
  • Parad is the sole medicine for acquiring a completely healthy physique and extremely long life.
  • It protects against enemies and removes all fears.
  • It gives Citta Shuddhi and thus is best for Sadhana.

Mercury has significant usage in Ayurveda and is called a flowing metalloid (fluid metal). It is used to treat respiratory conditions. It can also be used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease when solidified into beads (parad gutika). The bead or rosary of Parad beads should be worn around the neck or waist for optimal effectiveness. In addition, as indicated in the scriptures, Parad is utilized to increase physical strength.

Other advantages of Parad include the elimination of Vastu flaws, protection against black magic, improves sexual strength, self-confidence, and bestows harmony in relationships.

Parad benefits range from Astrological to Scientific. Everything on this Earth has an energy and has a frequency at which it vibrates. The Parad metal beholds the powerful energies of Lord Shiva and when it comes in contact with a human body it offers a range of benefits and liberates from many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Worshipping one Parad Shivling is considered to have the spiritual gifts equivalent to worshipping numerous Shivling made of different stones.

Parad energizes the North East (Ishaan) corner of the house and allows only positive energies to enter the house. Installing a deity idol made of Parad in the house keeps the members of the house and the house protected from the evil eyes.

Parad Bead (Siddh Gutika)

When Parad is molded in the shape of a bead it is known as Parad Gutika. It is done by completing 8 Samskaras. There is a specific procedure for making these beads. The Parad beads when energized imparts a range of benefits.

Parad beads when strung in a rosary (mala) and worn can offer relief from ailments of the heart, diabetes, and blood pressure. It also provides protection from negative energies and evil spirits. Installing a deity idol made of Parad in the house keeps the members of the house and the house protected from the evil eyes.

People who have constipation, gas, headache, and other digestive issues can place the Parad bead on their navel for a period of 15-20 minutes daily in order to get relief. If you have pain in any part of your body, immerse a Parad ball in pure Ghee for 24 hours. After the completion of 24 hours remove the Parad ball from the ghee and rub it on the portion of the body gently in circular motions in order to get relief from the pain.

In order to live a healthy disease-free life, dip Parad Gutika only four times in a glass of 200 ml of raw milk and then consume it at night before going to bed. Inculcating this habit in your daily routine for a brief period of 41 days or three months can help in keeping all the diseases at bay and keeps one physically fit.

As per Parad Samhita, a cup made of Mercury (called Parad Amrit Cup) can be used to treat several diseases. When raw milk is placed in it and consumed, it makes the human body powerful, agile, and radiant.

According to Yogi Govinda Padacharya, the one who trained Adi Shankaracharya, Parad offers protection from enemies and removes all fears. Parad is used in the preparation of Gold and promotes meditation.

Benefits of wearing Parad Gutika:

  • Awakens the Kundalini
  • Boosts Will Power
  • Cures Diseases
  • Offers Success in Court Cases
  • Boosts Memory
  • Offers relief from Night Dreams & Fistula
  • Offers relief from Heart diseases
  • Wards off Evil Spirits
  • Offers relief from body pain
  • Cures Eye diseases
  • Removes Fatigue and offers relief from Long Foot
  • Helps to understand whether a certain matter is pure or diluted
  • Helps to identify the element in the body

Hanging Parad Gutika is made from a large Siddh Parad bead. It is ideal for home/office to keep away negative energies and to purify the surrounding area up to 5 meters.

Parad Mani Ring

Parad Mani (bead) which is complete with 8 Samskaras and set in a ring made of pure silver metal is one of the most auspicious and powerful jewelry combinations in comparison to the gemstone studded ring.

The Parad Mani Ring pacifies the malefic effects of all the nine planets. This ring is supposed to be worn in the right hand on the index finger if you are a right-handed individual. Many people wear this powerful ring in order to achieve their Sankalp. Sankalp is an oath or a firm intention that you seek to be fulfilled. Once the Sankalp has been fulfilled the individual leaves this ring in a flowing water stream.

According to Parad Samhita, the owner of this ring does not need to wear any other jewels for healing since the ring serves as a replacement for all gemstones existing in nature, and controls all the planets. It may be worn in any finger. This ring is prepared by Vaidya Shree Pundit Deenanath of Jaipur.

Benefits of wearing a Siddh Parad Mani Ring:

1.- Shiva Sadhana: For those practicing Shiva Sadhana, wearing the Parad ring brings success in their Sadhana.

2.- Frees from poverty: Parad ring, if worn on Holi and after chanting "Om Mahalaxmiyei Namah", frees the wearer of all poverty. He gets new avenues for earning wealth and his wealth keeps on increasing.

3.- Controls all planets: According to Parad Samhita, the wearer of this ring does not need to wear any gemstones as this ring controls all the planets.

4.- Accomplishment of goals: On Monday, if this ring is offered in a temple after chanting "Om Namah Shivay" 11 times, then the devotee gets success in his undertakings.

5.- Success in exams & Increase in memory power: Person who wears this ring and goes for an examination or interview, surely gets success. Regularly wearing it gradually enhances memory power.

Additionally, a Parad ring also assists in all kind of financial hardships, liberating the person from financial crises, opening doors for new opportunities and ensuring success in all goals that has been set.

Parad Malas, Deity lockets, Bracelets and Pyramids

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Parad beads are combined with gemstones and Rudraksha to prepare beautiful jewelry. Mani Bracelet is worn on the right hand for peace, prosperity, health and spiritual growth.
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Parad Plate, is a useful Vastu tool. It has the power to neutralize geopathic stress lines going through the house. It is a square block of pure Parad which is buried in the NE corner of the home for optimal Vastu correction.
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Pyramids made of pure Parad emanates powerful cosmic vibrations that purify the atmosphere and enrich the aura of the place. When installed in North East, it eliminates Vastu Dosha.

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Parad Shivling

Parad Shivling or Rasalingam is the symbolic representation of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. The Rasalinga signifies the Holy union of Prakriti and Purusha which are the divine masculine and feminine energies.

Parad or Mercury Shivling also known as Rasashastra is one of the most sacred and powerful Shiva lingams known to be created by humankind. Mercury is known as Pada-rasam by the Tamilians (people belonging to the Tamil ethnicity) and the Shiv lingam which is made of Pada-rasam is addressed as Rasalingam in the Southern part of India.

Mercury Shivling (Rasa Vidhya) is an auspicious creation which has the power to uplift the overall life of an individual. Worshipping a Rasalingam once, is believed to be equivalent to worshipping hundreds of Shiv Lingams which are made of gemstones. The sacred Ayurveda mentions that Parad is the only auspicious metal, which does not lose its distinctiveness, even after it is mixed with other elements.

When the auspicious Parad is designed to form a Shivalingam, it becomes a power-packed Holy article which comprises of Supreme energies of Lord Shiva and the innate energies of Parad metal. When one offers prayers and worships the Rasalinga it blesses the devotee by providing a range of Therapeutic healings and benefits.

When a Mercury Shivling is installed in the house and worshiped regularly, it helps to attract positive vibrations in the house, helps to maintain harmonious relationship between family members, elevates one spiritually and brings several benefits.

The text Ras Maartand says about this Shivling:

Ling Koti Sahastrasya Yatfalam Samya garchanaat.
Tatfal Kotigunnit Raslin gaarchanaad Bhavet,
Brahma hatyaa Sahas traanni Gohatyaa Shataani Cha.
Tatshan naadwilayam Yaanti Raslingasya Darshanaat,
Sparshnaapraapyate Muktiriti Satyam Shivoditam.

Which in English means the following:

Worshiping a Parad Shivaling is a million times more beneficial than worshiping a thousand Shivalings. Just looking at a Parad Shivaling neutralizes the effect of sin of killing a thousand Brahmins and cows. Touching a Parad Shivaling, without a doubt, relieves one of all troubles and accelerates one's spiritual development. These are the words of Lord Shiva himself.

The text Rasaarnnav Tantra states:

Even if a person just worships a Parad Shivaling once in his life, he will acquire Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (pleasures) and Moksha (spiritual progress).

By daily worshipping the Parad Shivaling a person even while enjoying all the worldly comforts gets freed of the mire of the world, and when the right time comes attains to total realization.

The spiritual benefit and merit that one receives by performing 100 Ashvamedha Yagnas, by gifting 10 million cows, by giving tons of gold in charity and by performing pilgrimage of all the four divine seats, is easily received just by the mere glimpse of a Parad Shivaling.

Preparation of Parad Shivling (Ras Lingam)

Ayurvedic techniques as described in ancient texts are used to prepare Parad Shivling. The Shivling contains no other metal than Mercury. Crushing and grinding may reduce it to powder and can also be turned into Pure Mercury form by heating to a very high temperature as per the Parad Samhita. The extract from this Shivling gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes all diseases in the body. To have a Shivalingam made from Parad/Mercury, one must be blessed through good karmic deeds of past lives.

Preparation of Ras Lingam at Rudra Centre

Parad shivling is made with 73% Parad and rest is herbs to solidify it. If more percentage (%) is used the Parad will be in liquid form and will not solidify. Details about the herbs used is not specified as solidifying Parad is a secret science and not everyone knows or is told about it.

Daily Ritual & Abhishekam of Ras Lingam

Chant "Om Namah Shivay" and Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra while performing Abhishekam(sacred bathing)with clean water on the Parad Lingam. Follow this with milk and then with rose water and finally bath with clean water again. Wipe with a soft cloth and install in a place of worship with a heart full of love, gratitude and devotion. Afterwards apply Vibhuti, sandal paste and saffron. Offer incense (dhoop) of Googal, Bilva leaves and flowers. For items not available, substitute with flowers or unbroken rice.

Chanting of Rudram pleases Lord Shiva which is either recited or prayed during Abhishekam (Divine bathing). Sanskrit mantras are like sacred codes and created in a manner which makes them infused with heavenly vibrations, and they undoubtedly heal the surroundings and atmosphere around them.

The above process is indeed the correct vidhi for worshipping the Ras Lingam and if done with a pure heart, consciousness, and with genuine aspiration, the Lord gladly and abundantly blesses the devotee.

Placing the Shivalingam (and Ras Lingam)

North-East (NE) is the most acceptable orientation for the base of Shivling in any temple as indicated by the Agama Shastra. Thus, the base of the Shivling is noticed either facing East or North (or North-East) direction in any temple.

While the devotee worshipping the Shivalingam should be facing the East base of the Shiva Lingam, should be oriented towards North direction. When the devotee faces the North while worshipping, the base of the Shivling is oriented towards East direction.

Base here is referred to the outlet point from where the Abhishek liquid (water or panchamrit) flows out of the Lingam.

Benefits of Worshipping Parad Shivling

According to the Brahma Purana, anyone who worships the Parad Shiv Ling irrespective of gender, caste, religion, or creed enjoys worldly pleasures, is successful in every walk of life, and attains Moksha (salvation).

In order to lead a happy, peaceful and prosperous life it is advisable to perform Abhishekam (sacred bathing) of the Rasalingam or Parad lingam, which blesses with the following:

  • It blesses the worshipper with longevity
  • Helps to achieve fame and glory
  • Brings harmony in personal and professional life
  • Helps an individual to grow spiritually
  • Boosts confidence
  • The person is protected from negativity and evil forces
  • Wards off negativity and fills the dwelling with positive energies
  • Blesses with good health
  • Purifies the atmosphere
  • Keeps diseases at bay
  • Motivates one to meditate
  • Offers clarity of thoughts
  • Offers clear vision

The virtues earned by seeing the Twelve Jyotirlingas is received only by looking at one Parad Shivlingam. However, it is said that only those with good deeds, Karmas, in past life are fortunate enough to even see the Parad Shivlingam. By worshipping a Parad Shivlingam the devotee gets the fruits which are attained only by worshipping Shivalingams which are located in the Three Lokas (the three cosmic worlds).

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FAQs on Parad

What is the difference between silver-coated Parad and plain Parad?
Plain Parad touches your skin and gives more effectiveness but it dulls quickly. Silver-layered Parad works through the silver coating producing the same effect but it looks better in terms of appearance.

Can a Parad Shivling be placed at home? If yes, do we need to perform Abhishekam regularly on the Parad Lingam?
Yes. Parad Shivling can be kept at home. Performing Abhishekam daily is not obligatory. The presence of this divine Shivling in your home itself invites positive cosmic energies.

How do I use the Parad on my body?
You may wear it as a ring or as a bead on your neck or on your wrist. It cleans and purifies, giving you good health and spiritual upliftment.

Can I dip your Parad Gutika in milk overnight and have the milk in the morning?
Although our Parad products are alchemical and made with Ayurvedic procedures, we do not recommend consumption. The Parad Gutika will give you ample benefits by wearing as stated (as a pendant on the right hand or close to the throat or as a ring on the right index finger).

What are the benefits of the Parad Pyramid and where should I place it?
A Parad Pyramid corrects Vastu dosh of home/office; it also brings in prosperity, good luck and cleanses the aura of the place. This should be placed in the North East of your home/office.

Do you provide authenticity of Parad?
Yes, we do provide a Certificate of Authenticity with all our Parad Products.

Why Parad from Rudra Centre?
We deal with 100% alchemical Parad that is complete with 8 samskaras (8 stages of Purifications) done as per Parad Samhita. The Parad we offer is Saptakanchuki (100% medicated and hygienic); Siddha (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) and Agnibadha (heat sustaining).

We manufacture Parad Gutika that gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes diseases in the body.

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    - Nitya Sri
  • Prompt professional service

    Hello Neeta and all at Rudra centre, I just wanted to let you know I have just received my parcel with a lovely large Parad Gutika and nice free gift of Rudraksha mala. I am so amazed at the speed which you got my order to me and the professional and wonderful packaging that the bead was in. This beautiful box that holds my parad is suitable even to put on the altar. I�m very impressed. I did get an 11 mukhi Rudraksha from you about four years ago and it is still beautiful and powerful. I will definitely be purchasing from you again! You have made a loyal customer and I am once again amazed close

    - Felly
  • Choose Rudra Centre for any spiritual related purchases

    First of all I would like to thank Miss Neeta for giving in-depth consultation on the purchase of a Shiva Lingam from Rudracentre. I was having few questions in my mind pertaining the type of Lingam that suits myself. It is when Miss Neeta elucidated the points and choices I have for the purchase, I finally made my mind to purchase a Shiva Lingam. She then handed over the necessary arrangments for the purchase to a very down-to-earth and competent staff named Mr. Vikram. I would like to thank him very much for all the help and arrangements he made for my purchase here. All these pleasant exper close

    - S. Kumar
  • All lingas arrived in a very well packaged box

    Thanks Neeta. All lingas arrived in a very well-packaged box. The emerald linga is most breathtaking. The parad linga\'s yoni was perfect for a ruby linga that I had procured a couple of years back from a minerologist in Karnataka. I was always looking for a yoni for him and this one fit as though it had been constructed for him, perfectly. Cordially, Will close

    - Will
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