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Guru Gyan

Lakshmi Chalisa

Lakshmi is the Goddess of material as well as spiritual wealth and abundance. She is also the active energy of Lord Vishnu – the preserver. She is also referred to as Maha Lakshmi, which means Great Lakshmi. She is believed to nourish the earth and fill our homes with prosperity.

When you look at the picture of Goddess Lakshmi, she is surrounded by two elephants that are showering water on the Goddess. This is symbolic of the fact that constant devotion of the worshipper leads to spiritual and material abundance. Lakshmi has four hands that signify the four human goals – Artha, Dharma, Kama, and Moksha. The huge lotus that the Goddess gracefully sits on is the seat of divine truth. The other small lotuses that surround her represent fertility, purity, beauty and spirituality. The red garment she wears synonymous to active energy and her gold adornments are for prosperity. Lastly, the cascading gold coins means wealth that she blesses her devotees with.

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How to invoke Maa Lakshmi

The Lakshmi Chalisa can be recited for five, eleven, twenty one, fifty one and hundred and eight times in order to purify your heart and home. It is immensely powerful and the benefits of Lakshmi chalisa includes opening up of new opportunities that can bring wealth.

Lakshmi Chalisa in Hindi:

Matu Lakshmi Kari Kripa, Karo Hriday Mai Vaas
Manokamna Siddha Kari, Purvahu Meri Aaas
Yah Hi Meri Ardas, Hath Jor Viniti Karoon
Sabh vidhi Karo Suvas, Jai Janani Jagdambika


Sindhu – suta Main Sumirun Tohi
Gyan Budhi Vidya do mohi

Sindhu – suta Main Sumirun Tohi
Gyan Budhi Vidya do mohi

Tum saman nahin koi upkaari
Sab Vidhi purvahh aas hamari

Jai Jai Jai Janani Jagdamba
Sabki tum he ho avlamba

Tum ho sab ghat ghat ki vasi
Vinti yahi hamari khasi
Jag janani jai sindhu kumari
Deenan ki tum ho hitkari

Binvo nit tum maharani
Kripa karo jag-janani bhawani

Kehi vidhi astuti karoon tihari
Sudhi leejay apradh bisari

Kripa drishti chitvo mum ori
Jag janani vinti sun mori

Gyan budhi sab sukh kee data
Sankat haro hamari mata

Ksheer sindhu jab Vishnu mathayo
Chaudah ratna sindhu may payo

Chaudah rattan me tum sukh rasi
Seva kiyo prabhu ban dasi

Jo jo janam prabhu jahan leenha
Roop badal tahan seva keena

Svayam Vishnu jab nar tanu dhara
Leenyo avadhpuri avatara

Tab tum prakat janakpur manhee
Seva kiyo hriday pulkahi

Apnayo tohi antaryami
Vishwa vidhit tribhuvan ke swami

Tum sam prabal shakti nahin aani
Kahnlau mahima kaho bakhani

Man kram vachan karay sevakayee
Man ichhit vanchit phal payee

Taji chal kapat aur chaturayee
Pujahee Vividh bhaanti man lai

Aur hal mai kahoum bjhuyayee
Jo yeh path karay mun layee

Ta ko koee kasht na hoyee
Mun icchit vanchhit phal payee

Trahi trahi jai dhukh nivarini
Taapbhav bandhan haranee

Jo yah padhey aur padhavay
Dhyan laga kar suney sunavay

Tako koi rog na satavey
Puttarad dhan sampatti pavey

Puttarheen aru sampatiheena
Andha vadhr koree ati deena

Vippra bolayay key path kara
Shanka dil mein kabhi na lavai

Path karavay din chalisa
Tapar kripa karein gaurisha

Sukh sampati bahut see pavay
Kami nahi kaho kea aaway

Barah maas karai jo puja
Taihi sam dhanya aur nahi duja

Pratidin path karaai man mahi
Un sum koi jag main kahun nahi

Bahu vidhii kya main karoon barayee
Lay pariksha dhyan lagayee

Kari vishvas karaye vrat ma
Hoya siddh upjai ur prema

Jai jai jai lakshmi bhawani
Sab main vyapit ho gunkhani

Tumharo tej prabal jag mahi
Tum sam kohoo dayal kohu nahee

Bhool chook kari kshama hamari
Darshan deejay dasha nihari

Bin darshan vyakul adhikari
Tumhi achchat dukh sahtay bhari

Nahin mohihn gyan buddhi hai man mein
Sab janat ho apney man main

Roop chaturbhuj karkey dharan
Kasht moor ab karhu nivaran

Kehi prakar main karoo barayee
Gyan buddhi mohi nahi adhikaji


Trahi trahi dukh hari, haro baygi sab tras
Jayati jayati jay Lakshmi, karo Shatru ka nash
Ramdas dhari dhyan nit, vinay karat kar joor
Matu Lakshmi das pai, karhu daya ki kora

Jai Ma Lakshmi

Benefits of Lakshmi Chalisa:

  • When one chants the Lakshmi Chalisa regularly, he/she is bestowed with good health and beauty.
  • It is also a great way to invoke Maa Lakshmi so that she blesses you with wealth and prosperity.
  • It is also a great way to invoke Maa Lakshmi so that she blesses you with wealth and prosperity.
  • It also helps you achieve new heights in your career like a promotion or cracking a big deal. You can carry the chalisa along wherever you travel and chant it in your free time.
  • The surreal vibrations generated while reciting the matras infuses positive energies in your surroundings.
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