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‘Rudra’ means Bhagawan Shiva and ‘Aksha’ means tears. It is said that Bhagawan Shiva shed tears of ecstasy during meditation. According to another version, after several years of meditation, when he opened his eyes he witnessed the suffering of humanity. Tears of compassion welled up in his eyes. When these tears fell to the ground, Rudraksha trees sprouted from them.

Sati immolated

As per yet another version, when Sati immolated herself, after her father Daksha humiliated Bhagawan Shiva, he shed tears of unimaginable grief. The grief-stricken Bhagawan, circumambulated around the world along with Sati’s body. Bhagawan Vishnu chopped the Sati Devi’s body into 52 parts. Wherever these parts fell they turned into Shakti peethas and wherever Bhagawan Shiva’s tears fell, Rudraksha trees emerged.

Tripura Sur

According to the Shiva Purana, a demon named "Tripurasur" attained tremendous power. Therefore, he intimidated the Gods. The demon abused his power by torturing the innocents brutally. The Gods were helpless, so they turned to Bhagawan Shiva to destroy evil. Shiva used the destructive and powerful Aghor to kill the demon.

As Bhagawan Shiva realized the devastating effects the weapon would have, he became emotional, and tears fell from his eyes to the ground. The teardrops conceived a Rudraksha tree. On his head, arms, and hands, Bhagawan Shiva is depicted with a rosary of Rudraksha beads. By simply touching and wearing Rudraksha, one receives the benefits of donating one thousand cows. It is believed that if a person dies while wearing Rudraksha, he or she will attain moksha.

Rudraksha are a gift to mankind from Bhagawan Shiva, they were attained after severe penance and contain divine knowledge and energies which will elevate humankind materially, mentally, emotional, and spiritually. It is believed that the Rudraksha seed contains the secrets of the universe's entire evolution.


General, Health & Spiritual

The powerful Rudraksha beads heal on a material, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Rudraksha beads work on various chakras of the body, and when strung, they begin to balance the chakras in a very short period of time. Ancient spiritual texts like the Shiva Purana and the Devi Bhagavatam are replete with the numerous therapeutic properties and the spiritual significance of Rudraksha. The various colors, shapes, sizes and the number of cuts or faces, called mukhis, determine the value of the bead which help to determine its significance in treating different ailments. It regulates blood pressure, skin problems, backache, headache, psychiatric diseases and provides relief from tension, phobia and insomnia. It also attracts success in business, education and relationships.

With the development of modern science, many scientists have conducted research for evidence to validate the ancient beliefs about the Rudraksha. Individuals from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can use the divine Rudraksha to attain maximum spiritual, physical, mental and material benefits. Rudraksha beads range from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Each bead has the ability to align the mind and the energy around us to specific results in health, happiness, spiritual upliftment, prosperity, creativity, intuition, material fulfillment, family harmony, self-empowerment, and living fearlessly.

Bhagawan Shiva is always portrayed wearing a rosary of Rudraksha beads on his head, arms and hands. This explains Rudraksha's religious, spiritual, physical, mental, and material significance. This further brought it to lead the path to spiritual enlightenment and liberation. Thereafter came the use of holy Rudraksha beads by Shiva devotees. Hindu scriptures like Shiva Maha Purana, Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, Padma Purana, Linga Purana, Ashtamalik Upanishad, Nirnayasindhoo, Mantramaharnava, Mahakaal Samhita, Rudraksha Jabalo Upanishad, Vrihajjabal Upanishad, Shivaswarodaya and Sarvollas tantra glorify how Bhagawan Shiva crossed the line of caste and creed and blessed all the four varnas, Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisya and Sudra, to use holy Rudraksha beads for their well-being. It is also believed that if a person encounters and meets death while wearing Rudraksha, she or he will surely attain Moksha, meaning liberation from all sins.

Properties of Rudraksha

A Rudraksha bead consists of chlorine, aluminum, cobalt, copper, nickel, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, silicon, silver and gold. It accounts for the presence of electromagnetic properties of the bead. As a result, it alleviates stress and blood pressure. Psychosomatic stress interrupts and breaks the flow of electricity which creates uncomfortable feelings, emotions and ailments. The bead causes a precise ampere of current flow in co-ordination with the heartbeat. It gets streamlined to create specific impulses which are sent to the brain. This in turn creates positive bio-chemicals in the brain which instill a positive mood. When you are too stressed, it causes the heart to beat faster and hormonal activities to shoot up. When you wear a Rudraksha bead, it absorbs the excess of bio energy and brings an end to any irregularities in the body and its energy centers or chakras.


The merits of Rudraksha were evidenced in the late 1960s by a group of scientists lead by Dr. Subas Rai, Ph.D., from the Institute of Technology University in Banaras, India. His research claimed that Rudraksha has powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties.

Dr. Subas Rai confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads have electromagnetic properties. When they are placed over the heart, it stabilizes the heartbeat and works on the principle of dynamic polarity. It induces a magnetic field around the body and the heart region for better blood circulation. Rudraksha transmits electrical and inductive impulses with opposing polarity and intensity. Rudraksha contains carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen in a combined form. It tends to have a positive effect on anxiety, stress, depression, palpitations and lack of concentration.

It also cools down the body temperature and calms the mind. When Rudraksha is dipped in water, it changes its electrical property. Drinking Rudraksha soaked water early in the morning helps to develop resistance towards various diseases. Rudraksha has been found to balance any excess charge deposited on the human body.

A study by Dr. Jayantha Kumar Sharma, professor and Head Of Department, S.J.G.C.H.S., Ayurvedic Medical College, Karnataka and his associates, discovered that ethanol extract of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus induces a significant reduction in normal blood pressure when administrated intravenously. As per a study conducted by the Department of Pharmacognosy at Tarawati Institute of Biomedical and Allied Sciences, Uttarakhand shows that Rudraksha is successfully used in Ayurveda and has a positive effect on the heart and nerves. It also has an anti-aging effect and electromagnetic and inductive properties. The human body consist of a bio-electric circuit and each body part connects with an continuous flow of blood from the heart to various parts of the body. When you are calm, the circuit works seamlessly but as stress spikes, the circuit is disturbed. It weakens the body mentally, emotionally and physically and invites ailments. Rudraksha penetrates and stabilizes the nervous system. It helps to send positive signals to the brain to act in its natural manner. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


RUDRAKSHA RATNA SCIENCE THERAPY (RRST) is a unique science and therapy with roots in the Puranas and the Upanishads. It is a unique methodology of a specific combination of Rudraksha and Vedic Ratna Gemstones which clears the blockages, deep-seated fears, and limiting beliefs and balances specific chakras. It taps into the 100% Rudraksha and Gemstone (Ratna) properties hence transmuting negative energy into positive energy to help you align with the natural frequency of each chakra. Scientifically, Rudraksha beads have 21 varieties which vibrate at the frequency of specific chakras. When they are in contact with the human body, they activate and balance the chakras through resonance. Gemstones are healing minerals with distinctive chemical compositions; they absorb the Sun's rays, emit frequencies that are radiated over the human body, and balance particular chakras. In RRST, these combinations of Rudraksha and Gems are worn at specific positions on the body, with a specific orientation and a unique stringing methodology so one can tap into the full potential of these divine tools.

Since 1997, Sakhashree Neeta has done extensive research on Rudraksha, Gemstones, sacred tools, chakras, astrology and Vastu. Through this research, she has pioneered RRST, a highly effective and patented healing therapy, along with a team of doctors, scientists, researchers, and scholars, and tapped into the full potential of Rudraksha beads and Gemstones to balance the chakras and achieve healing and empowerment in all areas of life. It is also her mission to spread awareness about Chakras to achieve holistic health, success, self-empowerment, and spiritual awakening. Through counselling sessions and workshops, she helps her clients to realign their thoughts and beliefs and suggests RRST remedies to achieve positive outcomes in their personal and professional lives.

Through RRST consultation, we will dive deep into your problems related to health, career and relationships. We will identify the root cause of your problems and outline them to the relevant Chakras and planets; we also offer practical solution to overcome these issues and recommend appropriate Rudraksha and Gems combination as per RRST. Following this therapy, Sakhashree Neeta has healed people suffering from migraines, body pains, knee pains, allergies, sinusitis, vertigo, blood pressure, acidity, diabetes and empowered those who wish to get promoted in their careers, expansion of business, finding a suitable life partner, experience harmonious relationships, enhance meditation and spiritual progress. Over the years, she has accumulated more than 100,000 testimonials from actors, politicians, doctors, CEOs and people from all walks of life. Your Chakra Report and Birth Chart Analysis, Rudraksha and Gems Recommendation, Affirmations and Meditation techniques will be sent to you via email, and if you opt for video call consultation, you will receive the recording of the entire session. Following the consultation, you will feel more empowered and will be able to manifest your health, career, and relationship goals.

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