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Life Problems and Solutions by Neetaji

Q. Why is it that I always seem to attract the wrong people?
.. Lancy

Ans. Dear Lancy,
World is a mirror and you attract towards yourself your deepest fears as well as your deepest desires with fears taking precedence over what you love. You have developed a fear of not being able to defend yourself against negativity and hence are attracting people such people who seek to develop this quality within you. You need to either develop this quality of defending your sacred space and controlling your environment in your favor through self introspection or imbibe it through actual lessons. Secondly you need to open yourself to trust. There is actually no wrong person.. A person seeming right, can do wrong at some of time and a people who seems wrong, could change in your presence. Thirdly surrender to the Universe to take care.

Q. I am facing lot of issues in my career for a decade now. I haven’t received the much deserved promotion since years and have received little or no increment or appreciation from my seniors even after working hard and achieving a lot for my company. My efforts for a job change are also hitting a stonewall?

Ans. You need to work on your self confidence and communication and interpersonal skills. There is a disconnect between what you think about yourself and what you know about yourself and how you express yourself finally. Wear Rudraksha 11 mukhi to give you the much needed confidence boost.

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    Q. I am a single mother facing lots of issues with my only son. He is 30 years old, smokes and drinks often and is lazy and rude. He doesn't have a stable job and is dependent on me for his needs. He constantly asks for money and if I refuse he gets angry. How should I best handle the situation and stop him for ruining both our lives?

    Ans. You need to look at your son as a partner in this journey and stop being overally responsible for him. He depends on you for support today and lacks will to face life challenges all by himself. Release guilt of not being a good mother, and set him free to take charge of his own life. With this you set yourself free to do what you feel is right. With few hits and misses, he will learn to stand on his own.

    Q. My name is Vikas and I am 28 years old. I am very shy and introvert by nature. It’s very difficult for me to talk or to mingle with others. I believe it is so because I am my parent’s only child. How can I best overcome this shortcoming?

    Ans. Release limiting beliefs about self and identify your fears of being judged by others. What you think about yourself is what others believe about you. So raise your self respect. Wear a 12 mukhi Rudraksha to overcome shyness.

    Q. I have been struggling lot in my life lately not divorce but separate from my husband really don't know which way I should I choose to move on should I wait or move on.

    Ans. Dear Dipi,
    Struggles happen when you walk on the path ahead as struggles help you acquire wisdom to remove the blocks. This is time for you to look ahead and decide what you want to do with your life and make it purposeful. It is not what happens to you, but how you take it.

    Q. Me and my girl friend having problem in getting parents approval for our marriage. we have been trying since lsat 10 months. kindly suggest us some solution. my DOB is 28-06-1984 and my gf DOB is 18-06-1990

    Ans. You need to first see the concerns of the parents and resolve them by discussion. If you both are independent and you can take care of her, you can always give your decision to your parents and they have to abide by that. It is dependency and fear of separation that stops you from following your heart. So resolve that. I suggest you wear a Surya power pendant to resolve obstacles.

    Q. I'm currently interning and I need a promotion asap. I have very little income coming in and I want to know what you would suggest to better my situation.

    Ans. For promotion, you need not have any dependancy on outside factors. Concentrate on bringing perfection to your work. What you give to the world, becomes your power over the world. I suggest you to wear 12 mukhi to develop self confidence.

    Q. Dear Neetaji, I have difficulty in recalling people names & noticed on many occasions that I can not recall events that happened many years back. Best Regards, TK

    Ans. When too many unwanted thoughts of the past/ future worries cloud the mind, you are not aware of the present moment and hence have difficultly recalling names or remembering happenings of the present moment. Wear 12 mukhi Rudraksha to remove such anxieties.

    Q. I want to do better result in examination and also want to improve my knowledge power. Which Rudraksh will best for me?

    Ans. 14 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Hanuman and infuses the wearer with wisdom, knowledge and will power. I would recommend you to wear this Rudraksha. A Java bead is also perfectly fine.

    Q. Hi, My name is vijesh nair,DOB 21061980, working in IT field. I want to improve my memory power and communication. please help me and if possible what is my furture in india?

    Ans. Dear Vijesh,
    For memory power and communication, you need to develop your self esteem. One speaks from his Soul and unless you respect yourself and believe in yourself, you will not be able to communicate clearly. Wear Wisdom pendant having 4,5,11 mukhi and 2 mukhi Rudraksha.

    Q. God given asset in land,having job but I am not able to enjoy the life and want to own a big house and want to become director of comapny and also enjoy personal life.Pl suggest?

    Ans. Dear Vijay,
    For this you need to develop your mind, body and soul. Start going in spirituality and you will find the path. Balancing your within will help you balance all other aspects of your life.

    Q. I have been looking for a new job since last 3 years and have been unsuccessful. What should i do to turn this failure into success? I also wish to go abroad and work - will i be successful?

    Ans. If you are not getting success it means that you are targeting incorrectly. Either you are not looking for the job meant for you or you have defined your profile incorrectly. I suggest you wear a 17 mukhi Rudraksha or blue Sapphire or do Ajna chakra meditation to open up your vision.

    Q. I need to know, what is the root reason for any type of addiction such as alcoholism? Also how can one cure such an addict if the person in question doesn't relent and goes back to old self even after repeated rehabilitation stays?

    Ans. The root cause is that the person is under an illusion that the object of addiction (alcohol, drugs etc) is taking away his pain or giving him some type of control over his life (when he does not have any) or is serving his need to escape the pain of the real world. The person thus needs to be made to understand that the real purpose of taking the object is different and in this counseling would help.

    Q. Neetaji why it is so that I have to struggle for every little thing in my life whereas other have it easy? My luck doesn't ever favor me, why it is so?

    Ans. Struggles happen because of lack of Wisdom and Understanding. Become more aware and the knowledge will help you tide over. Also remove this belief by willingly surrendering it as beliefs create reality.

    Q. I am trying to cope with heartbreak since the last 7 months but I still have hard time healing my heart, my ex-partner have seen to have moved on but I can't, I just worry that I will never find true love or my soul mate?

    Ans. You will heal when you learn the art of Letting Go. Thank your ex-partner for the good times and forgive him truly for your own sake. When you make space for new love with this, it would happen.

    Q. Dear Neetaji, I am 36 year old man, all my life I have struggled with problem one after and another. My parents divorced when I was very young I lived with my mother who suffered from various health related issues, finances were an issue too. All this have filled me with hate, suspicion and negativity towards everybody. How can I turn my negativity in to love for everybody especially my family.?

    Ans. You need to release this anger and hurt that you have not received the care and nurturing in childhood that was rightfully yourself. This is making you feel less and unwanted. In Letting go of the hurt and pain, you let in peace.. a peaceful you is a beautiful you and the best thing is that it is in your control. Know that you are an expression of divine love. Love is always present and does not have to be done.. It reflects from every cell of your being when anger is released.

    Q. How can I get rid of dark energies and negativity that surrounds me, which is the best mantra and rudraksha to wear?

    Ans. There are no dark energies or negativity that surrounds you from external forces.. It comes from within you, when you create depressing thoughts by comparing the past, present and future.. Wear a 16 mukhi Rudraksha and Pearl to be peaceful.

    Q. Can you answer why God is so cruel and why he lets small children and old people suffer? Also why during natural calamities or disasters 1000+ people destined to meet at common place and face death tragedy (have same karmas at the same time)?

    Ans. Everything happens because of lessons the people around them have to learn because of the situation. God kills himself in this to teach you to be more careful about environment and life.

    Q. I was thinking that if moksha is the ultimate goal of every human, then would stopping to create life altogether lead us to the path of moksha?By acting as a gateway to bring life on earth and to make it suffer the pleasures and pains of life, just for our pleasure, will be a negative karma on it's own stopping us from attaining moksha. Also, karma is an intricate network of activities. If A does wrong to B, B deserved to be wronged and A was just the medium, and so on and so forth. How would you explain this?

    Ans. Moksha is not the ultimate goal.. It is attained when you complete your human experience and develop your mind completely as per the life purpose of the soul. So living life completely and evolving the mind is the key. Pain and pleasure are opposite sides of a coin.. Leaving one, automatically removes the other. Yes A and B come together to learn lessons each has to learn.

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