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Low Immunity

Book Puja for Restoration of Good Health and Protection from Diseases


Our bodies are equipped with the capability to protect itself all the time, by our Immune System. The White Blood Cells (also called Leukocytes), antibodies, Spleen, Lymphatic system, complement system and other components of our body fight against infections, and diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms. They detect the foreign body and accordingly grow and multiply to eliminate them. So much so that if a certain microorganism attacks the body once, the White Blood Cells store the detail of that pathogen, to fight it in case it attacks another time. White Blood Cells are called the soldier cells of our body.

When our body's immune system is weak or does not work to its full potential, then it gives rise to Low Immunity. Low Immunity makes the body prone to infections and diseases easily and sometimes can cause diseases which debilitate the body. This fighting capability of our body is extremely important. On a regular basis, we are surrounded by pathogens, which are invisible to the naked eye. Low Immunity makes us susceptible to being attacked by germs and other microorganisms, resulting in being affected by infections or diseases.

The subject of low immunity has been widely discussed in the last couple of years with the Corona Virus pandemic which has affected especially those with a weak Immunity. Advice from experts all over the world has advised strengthening our immune system in an organic manner, to fight this unknown Virus.

Book puja for restoration of good health and protection from diseases.


In people who suffer from low immunity, the natural, superbly efficient guarding power of the body fails to protect effectively. Some evident symptoms of low immunity are:-

  • Infection and Cold - Frequent bouts of catching a cold, sneezing, running nose, or infection (like chronic sinusitis) indicate low immunity. With the immunity system functioning perfectly the individual bounces back from a bout of cold within a short span of time. However, with repeated attacks of cold and infection, one should be aware of Low Immunity and should work towards building the immune system.
  • Development and Growth in Children - When children have Low Immunity, their growth and development get affected negatively. Generally, children grow physically fast, but malnutrition and Low Immunity can hinder a child's growth.
  • Chronic Tiredness - Low Immunity can cause fatigue or chronic tiredness, which does not allow the person to function normally. This feeling may be accompanied by body/muscular pain; the feeling is similar to post Flu attack.
  • Autoimmune Diseases - This condition arises when the immune system is acting overtime and damaging the tissues/cells of the body as it fails to recognize the difference between a foreign cell and its own cells. This ultimately weakens the immune system and makes the body vulnerable to infections, diseases and disorders, like Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.
  • Feet or Hands Tingling- Numbness or tingling sensation in palms or feet may be caused due to Low Immunity.
  • Stomach Problems - When you have low immunity, your stomach may behave abnormally with diarrhoea or constipation. Sometimes it is not connected to the food you eat for these conditions to happen, as with a low immune system the gut is affected giving rise to these symptoms.
  • Hair loss - You may experience hair loss, often in patches, without apparent reasons, when you have Low Immunity.
    Increased Stress - If your stress level is high, without any cause, low immunity might be the culprit.
  • Anaemia - Another tell-tale symptom of Low Immunity is Blood disorders like anaemia or over bleeding from wounds(haemophilia), blood clotting etc. Blood Cancer of certain types may also take place.
  • Lengthy Wound Healing - Wounds may take a longer time to heal with a weak immune system. Though there may be other causes too.
  • Putting on or off Weight - The body may put on weight or shed weight without any valid reason.

There are other symptoms too of low immunity, prone to rashes, headaches, sensitivity to Sun, dry Eyes etc.


Low Immunity can be a cause of concern as the body's defence mechanism is not functioning at its best. The main causes of Low Immunity are:-

  • Primary Immune Deficiency - An individual may be born with a weak immune system. Individuals with a family history of primary immunodeficiency disorders are prone to it.
  • Acquired Immune Deficiency - Low Immunity caused by some major disease.
  • Overactive Immune System - Allergic reactions may give rise to this.
  • Autoimmune Disease - The body's immune system, which is meant to protect, may work against you, which can cause low immunity.
  • Smoking - It has been observed that smoking can lead to low immunity.
  • Side effects of medicines - Consuming certain medicines for a long duration, medical treatments like Chemotherapy may weaken your Immune System.
  • Aging - With the passage of time, our immune system becomes weak. However, if care is taken from a younger age, then the immune system can be managed to function properly, if not to the maximum.
  • Lack of Exercise - Sedentary lifestyle and long hours of sitting in front of a computer may cause Low Immunity. Lack of sleep, an unbalanced/unhealthy diet, stress, and worry are some lifestyle defects that may cause Low Immunity.

Low Immunity Cure and Treatments

In general low immunity is medically treated mainly with Antibiotics and Immunoglobulin. Anti Viral, Amantadine and Acyclovir are also prescribed to counter Low Immunity. It must be noted that primary Immune Deficiency is not curable completely as the individual is born with it. Vitamin supplements are recommended too. However, we all deserve a healthy and happy life and therefore maintaining a high immunity level or working towards boosting the immune system is a must.

Natural Remedies Low Immunity

The best way to increase the body's Immunity System is by adopting natural ways, which can not only strengthen it but maintain stability. Mother Nature always provides us with what we need to heal or cure ourselves of any ailment, disease, or disorder. These natural cures are available at home or can easily be done at home and have no side effects.

  • Diet - The food you consume is important in building your Immune System. Vegetables, Fruit and Protein in moderation provide the body with the required ingredients to cure Low Immunity.
  • Daily Exercise - Make physical exercise a part of your daily routine to boost Immunity. Yoga, Pranayam, walks, and simple free-hand exercises daily go a long way in naturally keeping your Immune system strong.
  • Indian Spices in Warm Water - Drinking ginger, turmeric, lemon, and honey mixed in warm water are part of home remedies for low immunity. Eating a raw pod of Garlic is considered a natural Immune booster.
  • Adequate Sleep - Our body heals when we sleep well and adds to the body's Immune System.
  • Curd/Yogurt - Probiotics like yoghurt, especially in breakfast, work well as a cure for low immunity.
  • Sunlight - The early morning Sunlight has healing effects on our body, not to mention it effectively builds Vitamin D, an essential part to charge the Immune System.
  • Quit Smoking - Smoking causes a lot of harm to our body and also is a cause of Low Immunity. When you quit smoking, the body's Immune System naturally heals.
  • Herbs - Tulsi juice, aloe vera juice and wheat grass juice are some natural herbs; when consumed daily in the morning, can build your Immune System and keep infections and diseases at bay.
  • Mental Health - Keeping your mind free of stress, tension, and negative thinking greatly strengthens the immune system. The cells of our body understand our mental talk, so be aware of your thoughts. Practising meditation calms the mind and therefore positively helps to cure Low Immunity. Laughing, singing, and dancing add to our immune system. A happy attitude makes a happy and healthy body.
  • Wearing Rudraksha Beads - The powerful Rudraksha beads have immense healing properties and have been used to heal diseases, ailments, and disorders since ancient times. It is a holistic, natural therapy to cure Low Immunity too. Wearing the 4 Mukhi Rudraksha beads aids in curing low immunity by boosting it.

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