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Guaranteed Relief from Migraines through RRST©

Contact us today for an effective remedy for migraines. We would suggest Rudraksha for chakra balancing and cure of migraine within a short period of 7-10 days. RRST© is a very effective therapy and has over 22,000 testimonials from satisfied clients.

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A migraine is a severe headache where the pain is generally on the side of the head and often radiates from the eye. It is associated with disorders of digestion, the liver, and vision. The main symptoms of migraine are pounding pain, nausea, and vomiting. The painful one-sided pulsating throbs experienced often deepen with physical activity. Many patients are sensitive to light and sound. Some may see flashes of light or black spots. There is also numbness or weakness in one part of the face, or arm, or leg. Sometimes the numbness affects both parts of the face, the entire mouth, tongue as well as teeth. This makes the speech slurred and difficult. As the headache develops, disturbed digestion becomes a marked feature. The headache may last for 4 to 72 hours. Digestive problems, loss of appetite, and fatigue may linger on even after the pain has disappeared. Migraine attacks are usually preceded by a change of mood like a short period of depression or irritability or feeling high or loss of appetite.

Natural Migraine Treatment

One could also experience a change in sensations like funny smell or taste or visual auras before the onset of the pain. Some people get an attack daily, some every couple of months, and some once or twice a year. Migraine headaches are sometimes referred to as vascular headaches. Vascular means having to do with the blood vessels. There are specific triggers that might lead to constriction of blood vessels followed by dilation. It is the dilated blood vessels that cause the sensation of pain. Dopamine and serotonin are normally found in the brain but they can cause blood vessels to act in uncharacteristic ways if they are present in abnormal amounts or if the blood vessels are unusually sensitive to them. Common triggers of migraine headache include heat, stress and fatigue, lack of sleep or food, and hormonal influences. Environmental factors like indoor air quality and lighting also trigger migraines in some people.


Migraine with Aura

Intense headache with giddiness, distorted vision, and sensitiveness to light is called Migraine with Aura. The aura here refers to the sensory changes that you experience before the Migraine attack occurs. This includes weakened muscles and effects on hearing, speech, and vision. In this type of migraine, the person can see patterns of zigzag lines, feel a tingling sensation on one side of the body, have tunnel vision and difficulty in speaking. All of these sensual changes can normally last for an hour before the migraine attack.

Migraine without Aura

Unlike Migraine with Aura, this type of migraine occurs in stages and lasts for 4 hours to 3 days. The first one is The pre-headache phase or the Premonitory phase can be considered as a major warning bell before the actual migraine attack. There is constipation, food craving, irritability & mood swings, sensitivity to sound & light, frequent urination, etc. in this phase. Then comes the Headache phase where the pain in the head starts and gets intense. It further worsens with any physical activity and the sensitivity to light also increases. After this, the Postdrome phase which is similar to hangover makes the person feel low. Fatigue, less concentration, and depression are some of the effects observed during the last stage of Migraine without Aura.

Retinal Migraine

Retinal Migraine involves vision problems followed by headache. The person can experience temporary blindness, the flickering of lights, and sight changes in one eye. Hence, this migraine is also known as visual migraine, ocular migraine, and ophthalmic migraine.

Chronic Migraine

Recurring migraine attacks are termed as Chronic Migraine usually happens in more than half of the month. This occurs frequently and the signs are also prominently visible almost every other day. Also known as Transformed Migraine, it typically starts in the early twenties and the occurrence increases with age.


Various types of migraines have different symptoms ranging from severe headache, vomiting, fatigue, nausea, vision problems, hearing issues, sensitiveness towards light and sound, constant throbbing pain, paining on one side of the head, weakness, etc. These symptoms occur in three different stages namely Prodrome, Attack, and Postdrome. Usually, taking proper medication at the first stage might help in preventing the attack. Although the cases and signs differ from person to person.

Natural Migraine Treatment


Migraine can be triggered due to many reasons including imbalance of chemicals in the brain, change in the functioning of brainstem and more. In some cases, it is because of genetics and environmental factors may also be responsible for a Migraine attack. Other main causes of Migraine is as follows:

Intoxicated beverages: Caffeine, alcoholic beverages in too much quantity on a daily basis can also cause headaches.

Physical activity: Performing activities that exert you can also lead to headaches resulting in migraines.

Excessive Medicines: Using contraceptive pills, vasodilators like nitroglycerin is one of the reasons for migraine.

Food items: Processed food, aged cheese, and skipping meals can cause migraine attacks.

Anxiety: Being anxious and constantly worrying can result in stress which can trigger a migraine.

Imbalance in hormones: Hormonal changes in females are a reason for migraine attacks. Irregular production of estrogen during the time of periods or menopause is also a main cause.

Treatment of Migraines is based on preventing an attack or stopping an attack once it is started. This includes medicines like analgesics, triptans, drugs for nausea, and so on. There is no cure for Migraine in mainstream treatment but all medications and therapies help relieve symptoms. Other treatments like acupuncture, stress reduction techniques are also used.

Therefore, understanding the root cause of Migraine and adding a natural healing solution will help in the treatment without interfering with the current treatment. Migraine actually comes from an imbalanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra due to an emotional state, psychological reactions, and certain life experiences. An energy imbalance in Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is the cause of not just Migraine but several other diseases. Thus, it is very essential to add a natural therapy – an alternative healing therapy. There are several therapies under Alternative Healing, among the many therapies, Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is a unique therapy that cleans the aura, gives a good amount of relief from the suffering, and helps in balancing the energy of an Imbalanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra.


An imbalanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra indicates feelings of hopelessness which entraps a person into regrets, angst, and anger towards God and feels a disconnection from the Divine Power. The person may not be able to see the larger picture and there is a big gap between what a person wants and what is manifested which blocks the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra resulting in poor health like Skin problems, Migraine, Depression, Epilepsy and many other interconnected health problems and losses.

Rudraksha and Gemstone combination advised to get relief from the suffering of Migraine Disease:

1 Mukhi Rudraksha

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To balance the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra and get relief from Migraine disease and any other disease, Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) pioneered by Neeta Singhal is an alternative healing therapy - a natural and unique therapy to balance the 7 Chakras (subtle energy centers) in the body. RRST is an outcome of the deep study of Puranas, Upanishads on the miraculous properties different Rudraksha beads have, and real-time testing of Rudraksha with Ratna (Gemstones) on the body has proven to clean the aura, heal and balance the Chakras. RRST prescribes specific Rudraksha and Gemstone combinations upon deriving the state of your Aura Energy and Chakra analysis.

Essentially, the specific combination of Rudraksha and Gemstone therapy taps 100% properties of Rudraksha and Gemstone that removes the blocked energy, and tunes you in to the right frequency. This cleansing process and self-healing process starts giving relief the moment Rudraksha and Ratna (Gemstone) combination is worn. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy does not require any difficult efforts. If any efforts have to be really taken; just chant the beej mantras as prescribed. However, there is no compulsion to even chant (if you don’t want to chant or cannot chant for some reason) as the therapy works automatically. Chanting however will speed up the cleansing and healing process.

Talk to our Certified Therapist to identify the exact triggers, work with us to remove limiting beliefs, and allow us to prescribe you the right combination of Rudraksha and Gemstone suiting you. Within a week of wearing the prescribed combination, you will experience several positive changes within.


Rest and relax: Staying in a calm environment with dim light and no noise helps to pacify migraines. More than a cure, it is great therapy in itself as resting for a while rejuvenates both body and mind.

Work out: Exercising regularly as your body releases endorphins that help combat migraine. Also, these chemicals are good for fighting stress and other negative feelings that may trigger migraines.

Leafy vegetables: Leafy vegetables are a rich source of magnesium which prevents the risk of getting a migraine attack. Other food items like nuts, eggs, milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, and whole grains help in supplying the required amount of magnesium to the body. It is a natural cure for migraines.

Good Sleep: Getting good 8-hour sleep can also bring down the level of stress that can aggravate migraines. Keeping a regular sleep pattern is also beneficial for mental and physical health. It is one of the best treatments for migraines.

Ice Pack: Applying an ice pack relieves the headache that may further lead to migraine. Those who experience frequent migraine attacks can stock up ice packs as they are very convenient to use and come in handy to soothe the pain.

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