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Mother's Day 2023: Meaning, Importance, Significance & Why To Celebrate

Unconditional Love of MotherThe second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother's Day worldwide. it is falling on Sunday, 14 May 2023. The core reason of celebrating it every year is to honour our mothers as well as respect her selfless motherhood. All the places such as homes, school, nurseries and the like fill with the celebration. Classrooms are decorated to welcome mothers. It is celebrated in different countries at different dates and days however, in India it is celebrated on second Sunday of the May month.

Significance of Mother's Day:

The Vedic saying Matri Devo Bhava (mother is divine) is relevant as a mother is the reason of our existence. The Lord creates and maintains the universe, but the power with which she performs these actions is called Shakti. Hence, this Shakti is honored as the Divine Mother. This applies to all mothers who are worthy of reverence and worship just as the Divine Mother or Shakti. Throughout her life a mother dutifully performs her responsibilities and does all continuously without expecting any reward. Mother's Day is celebrated in the honor of mothers. On this occasion, People honor their mothers who have contributed greatly in their lives and for whom they exist in this world.

In the Vedic scriptures, mothers are glorified as much as the Lord. In the great epic Mahabharata, there are many women (mothers) known for their nature, character and devotion to their duties. For instance, Kunti, the mother of the famous Pandavas. She accompanied her sons (Pandavas) during their first period of exile. She was known for her familial devotion and her impartiality. The youngest two Pandavas, Nakula and Sahadeva, were born of Madri, who was another wife of Pandu (Kunti's husband). After Madri died along with Pandu, the young Nakula and Sahadeva grew up udner her selfless care. She considered them as her own sons. Another woman of the highest character was Draupadi, daughter of King Drupada and the wife of Pandavas. When Asvatthaman killed all her son, Arjuna was hell-bent upon killing him. Asvatthama was the son of Arujuna's teacher, Dronacharya. She controlling her anger and frustration asked Arjuna not to kill him as it was his teacher's son. If Dronacharya hadn't imparted military skills to Arjuna, he wouldn't be a great warrior.

A mother's heart is deeper than the deepest ocean. Her love is selfless. She never ever expects anything in return but the welfare of her family.

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How to celebrate mother's day? What to gift her?

The celebration of motherhood and honoring a mother's efforts in raising all her children with utmost love and care symbolizes Mother's Day. The day is dedicated to honoring maternal bonds, motherhood and their influence in the society. On this day, children show their love and gratefulness to their mothers in many ways. It's a great opportunity to celebrate the presence of the best woman in your life in the form of mother by gifting her something of highest value, something priceless.

  • Gifting a card: There are many greeting cards available at gift stores. You can pick the best and give it to your mom in a surprised way. You can even give digital cards as well. There are many apps available that send the greeting or wishing cards in the digital form. Alternatively, you can also make your own card, write your affection-filled thoughts and present it to her.
  • Photos: This is one of the best ways to celebrate. You can secretly collect all her childhood photos (if available) and make a collage out of it. Or, you can make an album featuring her photos with a timeline (childhood to teenage to youth to married life).
  • Playing a song: you can collect the songs dear to her and play them for her.
  • Food surprise: On this day you can surprise her by cooking her favorite dish. She will be happy if it tastes good but happier if it tastes not as much as when she prepares. She'd prefer affection over imperfection.
  • Beauty: You may take her to a spa and get her groomed. She will be happy to see how your father reacts or responds to her new avatar.
  • Total rest: You may take up all the works she does every day like cleaning, sweeping, shopping, preparing the food and doing the dishes.
  • Family time: You can have her sit on the sofa and ask her to narrate your childhood pastimes while all of you sit down on the floor. This would be the greatest and the most memorable time she would ever have in her lifetime.

Gifting Spiritual Products:

If your mother is spiritual, then nothing would be better than gifting Rudraksha beads. Following are the beads that are exclusively for mothers.

  • Gauri Shankar Kantha - 5 mukhi - 17 mukhi: Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is the Unified form of male and female energies represented by the Primodial Goddess Adishakti who is also called Goddess Gayatri - the Universal conciousness. Read more here.
  • Mahashakti Ratna Kavacham: A powerful gemstone bracelet made of Cat's eye, Italian Coral, Indian Ruby, Yellow Topaz, South Sea Pearl, White Topaz and Yellow sapphire.
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  • Gift of Motherhood: Garbh Gauri Rudraksha from Nepal in silver pendant is placed in a beautiful heart Shaped German Silver container. Garbh Gauri is a twin bead representing Parvati and Her Son Ganesha. Read more here.
  • Gau Mata Idol: Cow (Gau) is considered a mother in Hinduism and is worshipped all over the country. Even cow dung is considered holy and is used in ritual ceremonies. In this Idol, Cow is carved with feeding milk to calf in heavy shining Brass. Read more here.
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