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Nav Graha Havan Mantra

Every aspect of human life is affected by nine planets. The position of various planets in your birth-chart, their exaltation, combustion, position etc. adjudicates which planets are to be strengthened and which are to be controlled. Sometimes when these planets become extremely negative, along with the mantras, a shanti puja or havans/ yagyas become eminent to perform.  Certain Graha/ planet when keeps bothering and troubling the native more and more in spite of the native wearing Navagraha gemstones and solely chanting mantras for the positive planets and doing remedies for the negative planets, one along with specific mantra chanting of the dosha planet should also perform the havan. Below mentioned Mantras can be chanted while performing the havan of specific planet.

Many a times, unfavorable positioning of these planets cause problems and create unexpected hurdles & stagnation in our lives. Nav Graha Mantras are very simple, yet extremely powerful healing tools to pacify the malefic effects of the concerned planets. Regular chanting of Navagraha Mantras creates positive vibrations and influences the related planets to give favourable results & helps them hark back to their right position.

On certain auspicious occasion, or before starting any important journey of life or work, one must chant these Mantras. One can even recite Mantras for each planet according to its position in one's birth chart. Because when a planet is weak in the birth chart it needs to be propitiated by reciting the relevant Mantra, by either wearing the gemstones, or just worshipping the gem, which represents the afflicted planet.

People get into depression & start leading stressful life because of the hardships and struggles they face despite doing a lot of hard work. The reason behind this is the unfavorable position of these planets. For pacifying the ill effects of planets, learned experts suggests wearing genuine gemstones & chanting mantras related to the planet, astrologist and numerologists use this information to suggest remedial measures.

Nav Graha Havan Mantras are written by Shri Ved Vyas ji that pleases nine planets or Navagraha including the Lord Sun, Lord Moon, Lord Mars, Lord Mercury, Lord Jupiter, Lord Venus, Lord Saturn, Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu.

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Prayer dedicated to the Deities of the Nav Grahas -
Nav Graha Havan Mantra

One needs to purify own thoughts and mental impressions too along with the physical surroundings before starting the chanting of these Sacred Mantras. If one’s impure at heart & is having ill thoughts & negative intentions then perhaps that person can never fully realize what he is chanting and a negative impact of the same is created instead of getting positive vibrations.

Nav Graha mantras are to be chanted on the days related to their respective planet lords and while doing the specic havan for a graha. While chanting the Nav Graha mantras try to concentrate on the position of the Sun, with the planets revolving on its side. Self-discipline is to be maintained and one needs to remain calm, and neglect any sort of conflicting situation while chanting the mantras. Flesh consumption, drugs and intoxicants are strictly antagonistic to the positive life force of the Mantras. So, one should avoid them during and after chanting.

Equal emphasis must be put on on each of the planets while chanting the Navagraha Mantras. Homage must be paid to all the planet lords in same manner. The nine planets are inter-connected; one cannot exist without the potential power reflected from the other. The effect of Nav Graha Mantras may show late results, but they last for a prolonged time, and their power increases with continuous chanting. One must be aware of the rhythmic consistency of these Mantras. When trying to arouse all the nine planets simultaneously the impact is tremendous. One can also create a recorded version of the Navagraha Mantras, and keep on playing them, in order to learn their depth and rhythm.  Complete spiritual energy must be incorporated while chanting. Try not to move about from one place to another, and do not chant in an unclean place like bathroom, or near a sewage tank. This reduces the inflow and growth of positive energy.

Certain accessories help Chant the Mantras with more dedication & concentration. Holy Water, Beads (Rosary) & an Asana for sitting. Posture should not be changed frequently as it distracts one and breaks the concentration. Benefit procured depends upon the concentration one puts in while chanting. There is no fixed number of times that you are supposed to recite the Mantras. When after a few days of reciting Mantras, you begin to feel total calmness of mind and a state of bliss that you can be assured that you have the beneficiary rays from the afflicted planet.

Nav Graha Deities and Havan Mantras

Surya Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Sun - To be recited on Sunday

Om Hreem Hraum Suryaye Namah

When the Sun is badly positioned in one’s birth chart, it not only causes financial and career problems, but could leads to difficulties in health, relating to heart or blood pressure or blood circulation. In such situations, it is advisable to recite chant Surya Mantra to please Surya dev & mitigate the ill effects of badly positioned planet.

Chandra Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Moon - To be recited on Monday

Om Aim Kleem Somaye Namah

???????????????? ||

The Moon or Chandra rules chest, breast, body water, blood, veins, eyes, generative system etc. When the Moon is afflicted and positioned wrongly one suffers from urinary infection, dropsy, colitis, bronchitis, varicose, veins and general abdominal problems. Under such circumstances apart from the regular medical treatment it is believed that reciting & chanting Chandra Mantra will improve your health.

Mangal Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Mars - To be recited on Tuesday

Om Hoom Shreem Bhomaye Namah

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ||

The planet Mars or Mangal controls the muscular system of human body. It also rules over nose, forehead, and to some extent the circulatory system. When the planet Mars is afflicted in one’s birth chart it can cause problems like blood clot, brain fever, inflammation of the lungs, consumption, typhoid, and most of the diseases related to the blood. Under such circumstances apart from medication, one must recite and chant the above mentioned Mangal Mantra to pacify the malefic effects of the red planet.

Budh Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Mercury - To be recited on Wednesday

Om Aim Shreem Budhaye Namah

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 
The planet Budh or Mercury rules nerves, air, cells, tongue, breath and the nervous system. If this planet is weak and afflicted or positioned wrongly in one's birth chart, it can cause problems like nasal disorders, impediments in speech, stammering, bronchitis, asthma, brain fever, delirium, breathing difficulties, paralysis, and nervous disorders. Apart from regular medication one must recite and chant the Budh Dev Mantra to minimize the evil effects of afflicted Mercury.

Guru Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Jupiter - To be recited on Thursday

Om Hreem Kleem Brahaspatayei Namah


The planet Jupiter or guru rules thighs, flesh, fat, kidney, liver and the arterial system. It also controls the auricle and the ventricle. If Jupiter is wrongly positioned or afflicted in birth chart, it can cause problems like apoplexy, diabetes, piles, tumors, blood cancer, liver malfunction, loose motions, palpitations and even gout. In such situation apart from medical attention the patient can recite & chant the Guru Mantra, to reduce the ill effects of the afflicted Jupiter.

Shukra Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Venus - To be recited on Friday

Om Hreem Shreem Shukraye Namah

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ||

The planet Venus or Shukra rules skin, checks, complexion, eyes, generative system, semen and digestive system. If Venus is afflicted in one's birth chart one is likely to suffer from eye diseases, venereal complaints, indigestion, rashes on the skin, pimples, impotency, and loss of appetite. Apart from medical attention the person should recite and chant the Shukra Mantra to remove the adverse or malefic influence of an afflicted Venus in one's birth chart.

Shani Dev Mantra

Dedicated to Lord Saturn - To be recited on Saturday

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shanescharaya Namah

????????????????????????? ||

The planet Saturn or Shani rules knees, feet, mind, acid in the body, bone-morrow, secretive system, spleen, ribs, hair, nails, of Saturn is afflicted in your nativity, it could lead to problems like arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, gout, chronic, cold, fungus in the nails, loss of hair, impotency. In such situation one is suggested to recite & chant Shani Mantra to minimize the evil influence of afflicted Saturn in one's birth chart along with the medications that are suggested by the doctor.

Rahu and Ketu

Dedicated to Lord Rahu - To be recited on Tuesday

Om Aim Hreem Rahave Namah

???????????????? ||

Dedicated to Lord Ketu- To be recited on Wednesday

Om Hreem Aim Ketve Namah


Rahu and Ketu are known to cause harm and hence there’s no question of their being afflicted. Rahu Mantra is generally recited & chanted for success in career, fame & occultism whereas Ketu Mantra is chanted & recited to calm Dev Ketu & get prosperity in marital life.

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