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Siddh Parad ShivalingTo have a shivalinga made from mercury, one must be blessed through good karmic deeds of past lives. Therefore such good care ought to be given in taking care of the parad linga. A bowl of clean water, another bowl of pure milk and a bowl of rose water should be prepared for the worship. On an auspicious day or on normal days esp. on Monday or Thursday, one should take bath and then light up the oil lamp. Light up incense in the prayer room and then initially wash the linga with clean water, washing away all dust or other dirt that may be accumulated.

Next while chanting "Om nama shivaya" or singing the "maha mrityunjaya mantra", wash first the linga in the bowl containing the clean water. After a through bath, wipe dry with a soft tissue... follow this with milk and then with rose water. After the final bath, install it in a place of worship with full love and devotion. Apply "Vibuthi", sandal paste and then "saffron". After that offer the incense. Tulsi leaf will compliment the linga along with flowers.

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  • I love it dearly

    I am writing to you to thank you for shipping my parad mala with Asthadhatu locket. I love it dearly and I am enjoying my Japa using my new wonderful Mala. Much thanks, and peace to you always. Don Barrett close

    - Don Barrett
  • I dont have LINGA at my house advise

    Q. One school of thought says that Shiva Linga should not be placed in house. Should be in temples only. Do they refer to Parad Linga ... or is it general to all. A. I do not know which school of thought says that. There are so many negative people in this world who spread so many bad things about such divine items like a conch, shiva linga, saligrama, or Maha Meru. Jiva's get jealous and scare other jiva's assuming they might get the grace of the Lord or other karmic reasons. My jiva was advised by these people saying do not do it etc, but I went out of the line and started my sadhana. I am n close

    - Om_Namah_Shivaya_Group
  • It is really exquisite

    Dear Neeta Thanks for arranging the Parad Shiv ling. It is really exquisite. Let me thank you profusely for the gift hamper, with tons of freebies - shows Neeta's care for the customer. with wishes Laksman close

    - Ramakrishna Laksman
  • I feel very blessed

    Dear Ms. Neeta ji, Namskar. My order arrived today and I can't tell you how overwhelmed I felt with the exquisite Parad shivalinga. I feel very blessed. Also the yantras are great, thank you. Rebeca close

    - Rebeca Siegel
  • I immediately experienced financial upswing

    After wearing rudraksha parad bracelet I immediately experienced financial upswing in my earnings. Sudhakar Bhat close

    - Sudhakar Bhat
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