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Pranpratistha Ceremony On Yantra

Spirituality: How To Attain Health, Peace and Stability

A Yantras is a Mandala that features the sacred geometric symbols. It magnifies prayers and thoughts and help increase concentration during prayers or meditation. Yantras are diagrammatic representations of different Mantras and thus helps resonate positive energies disperse negative energies and spiritually elevate individuals.


It is important for a Yantra to be energized as it has to be brought 'to life' through the specifically prescribed ritual so that it can radiate its beneficence optimally. An un-energized Yantra can be compared to a very complex music system that has been plugged in but not tuned or turned on and the aspirant has no idea which button will activate it. Trial and error over a period of time will cause the music system to function with erratic and irregular efficiency until one finally manages to figure it out, if at all.


Energized Yantras are immediately 'tuned and turned on' so to speak. A Yantra will function even if not energized but it will take years, even decades, before it absorbs enough energy (from normal prayers and worship) to function as it should. The ritual of energizing Yantras prevents all this delay and uncertainty while ensuring efficient peak functions from the moment of purchase. It pays to remember that Yantras find their own homes; the intended worshipper does not find it just because he or she buys it.


The following procedure is followed by Rudra Centre:

We at Rudra Centre get Yantras energized with the help of qualified Brahmins or priests who are well-versed in the Yantric sections of the Holy Vedas. The Vedas especially Yajur Veda have instructions for various rituals. The priests follow the exact purification and energizing procedures called the Prana Pratishta given in the Shastras.


For the Pran Pratishta, the Priest:

  • Sits on an asana or mat facing east and keeps the Yantra to be energized on a plate in front at the altar.
  • Places spoonful of water on his head and chants:
    Apavitrah Pavitro Va Sarva Vastan Gatopi Va Yah
    Smaret Pundari Kaksham Sa Bahya Bhyantarah Shuchih

Sips water after each mantra:

  • Om Sri Keshavaya Swaha
    Om Sri Narayana Swaha
    Om Sri Madhavaya Swaha

Pours one spoon of water on ground:

  • Om Sri Govindaya Namaha

Repeats and touch each after each next mantra, right eye, left eye, forehead: Om Apo JyothiRaso Amtritam

  • Brahma Bhu Bhuvaha Swarom

Chants the pranpratishtha mantra while offering yellow rice to the Yantra:

  • Om Um Kum Chum Dhum Tum pum yum sum soham
    Pranaha Eha Gacha Eha Tishtha Sum Yum Pum Tum Tum Chum Kum Um Om
    Om Um Kum Chum Dhum Tum pum yum sum soham
    Prana Eha Susthisha Bhavatu Sum Yum Pum Tum Tum Chum Kum Um Om
    Om Um Kum Chum Dhum Tum pum yum sum soham
    Prana Manasyachakshu Jibhyam Ghrani Pani Pachusthan
    Daso Indriyani Susthisha Bhavantu
    Sum Yum Pum Tum Tum Chum Kum Um Om

A Yantra must be given life (pranapratishta). Nityotsava, a Vedic treatise based on based on the Parashurama Kalpasutras a collection of brief maxims featuring many of the features of Shri Vidya. The ritual of energizing a Yantra installs thirty five tattvas or elements into the yantra, making the yantra alive. Metal plates on which the sacred geometries are carved hold special significance. There are different mantras for yantras created on different metals. If a yantra is carved on:



Aim Sauh Aim Sauh Chakreshvari Yantram Sauvarnam Shodhaya Shodhaya Svaha. 
Devi of the Chakra, Purify! Purify the gold yantra! Svaha



Om Rum Om Rajatam Yantram Shodhaya Shodhaya. 
Om Rum Om Purify! Purify the silver yantra



Om Krom Om Strim Om Krom Tamreshvari Yantram Me Shodhaya. 
Devi of Copper, purify the copper yantra for me



Om Shrim Hrim Om Kulambike Shodhaya Shodhaya.
Devi of Crystal, purify the copper yantra for me

Vishnu Stone (Shalagrama): 

Om Hsau Aim Sauh Klim Shrim Shrim Nitye Vishnu Shila Yantram Shodhaya. 
Eternal One, purify the Vishnu Stone Yantra 

  • Offers flowers while reciting Devaye Namah Avahanam Samarpayami
  • Offers flowers for asana while reciting Devaye Namah Aasanam Samarpayami
  • Offers water to wash to the feet of lord while speaking Devaye Paydam Samarpayami
  • Bathes the Deity while reciting Devaye Snanam Samarpyami
  • Offers Panchamrit with mantra Devaye Panchaamrit Snanam Samarpyami
  • Recites the mantras Devaye Vastram Samarpyami, Devaye Upvastram Samarpyami, Devaye Yaghopavitam Samarpyami For clothes upvastar and Yajyo Paveet,
  • Applies Ghand/Scent while reciting Devaye Gandham Samarpyami
  • Offers unbroken rice while reciting Devaye Akshtan Samarpyami
  • Offers flowers and garland while reciting Devaye Pushyani Samarpyami
  • Lights up Dhoop and offers while reciting Devaye Dhoopam Samarpyami
  • Lights up a Deep and offers while reciting Devaye Deepam Samarpyami
  • Offers fruits and coconut and lemon while reciting Devaye Navdam falamcha Samarpyami
  • Offers Pan, Supari, Clove while reciting Devaye Tambulam Samarpyami
  • Offers Pradikshina while reciting Devaye Pradkshinaya Samarpyami and walks around the Yantra three times while chanting Yani Kan cha apain janmantarkirtani cha Tani sarvani Nashyantu Pradakshin Pade Pade
  • Offers flowers and Namaskar with folded hands and chant a rosary of the beeja mantra of the Yantra. Beeja mantras of each yantra are specific to the Yantra and the Deity which they represent.

In this way, all the yantras are energized in accordance with the Yantric rites before they are shipped to the buyers.

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