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Propitiation of Rahu Saturday

CHARITY: Donate a hessonite or another fine orange gem, a coconut, old coins or coal to a leper on Saturday.
FASTING: On the first Saturday of the waxing moon, especially during major or minor Rahu periods
MANTRA: To be chanted on Saturday, two hours after sunset, especially during major or minor Rahu periods:

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(The 108 names of Rahu)

Sr. No. Names Sr. No. Names
1 Om rahave namah 28 Om shatravapradaya namah
2 Om saumhikeyaya namah 29 Om ravindubhikaraya namah
3 Om vidhuntudaya namah 30 Om chaya-svarupine namah
4 Om surashatrave namah 31 Om kathinangakaya namah
5 Om tamase namah 32 Om dvishacchatracchedakaya namah
6 Om phanine namah 33 Om karallasyaya namah
7 Om gargyaynapa namah 34 Om bhayamkaraya namah
8 Om surapye namah 35 Om krura-karmane namah
9 Om nibajimutasamkashaya namah 36 Om tamo-rupaya namah
10 Om caturbhujava namah 37 Om shyam-atmane namah
11 Om khangakhetaka-dharine namah 38 Om nila-lohitaya namah
12 Om varadayakahastakaya namah 39 Om kiritine namah
13 Om shulayudhaya namah 40 Om nilavasanaya namah
14 Om megha-varnaya namah 41 Om sanisamntavartmagaya namah
15 Om krishna-dhvajapatakavate namah 42 Om candala-varnaya namah
16 Om dakshinashamukharathaya namah 43 Om ashvyriksa-bhavaya namah
17 Om tikshnadamshtakarallakaya namah 44 Om mesha-bhavaya namah
18 Om shupokarasansthaya namah 45 Om shanivat-phaladaya namah
19 Om gomedha-bharana-priyaya namah 46 Om shuraya namah
20 Om mashapriyaya namah 47 Om apasavyagataye namah
21 Om kashyaparshinandanaya namah 48 Om uparagakagaya namah
22 Om bhujageshvaraya namah 49 Om soma-surya-cchavivimardakaya namah
23 Om ulkapatayitre namah 50 Om nila-pushpa-viharaya namah
24 Om shuline namah 51 Om graha-shreshthaya namah
25 Om nidhipaya namah 52 Om ashtama-grahaya namah
26 Om krishna-sarpa-raje namah 53 Om kabamdhamatradehaya namah
27 Om vishajvalavrita ' asyaya addhashariraya namah 54 Om yatudhanakulodbhavaya namah
Sr. No. Names Sr. No. Names
55 Om govinda-vara-patraya namah 82 Om ante vairapradayakaya namah
56 Om deva-jati-pravishtakaya namah 83 Om kalatmane' namah
57 Om kruraya namah 84 Om gocaracaraya namah
58 Om gharaya namah 85 Om ghane' kakutpradaya namah
59 Om shanir-mitraya namah 86 Om pancame' ghishanashringadaya namah
60 Om shukra-mitraya namah 87 Om svarbhanave' namah
61 Om agocaraya namah 88 Om baline' namah
62 Om mani ganga-snanadatre' namah 89 Om maha-saukhya-pradayine' namah
63 Om svagrihe' pravaladhyadaya namah 90 Om chandra-vairine namah
64 Om sad-grihe'anyabaladhrite' namah 91 Om shashvataya namah
65 Om caturthe matri-nashakaya namah 92 Om surashatrave' namah
66 Om candrayukte candalajati sihmajanmane rajyadatre namah 93 Om papagrahaya namah
67 Om mahakayaya namah 94 Om shambhavaya namah
68 Om janma-kartre' namah 95 Om pujyakaya namah
69 Om vidhuripave' namah 96 Om patirapuranaya namah
70 Om madakajnanadaya namah 97 Om paithinasakulodbhavaya bhakta-rakshaya namah
71 Om janmakanyarajyadatre' namah 98 Om rahu-murtaye' namah
72 Om janmahanidaya namah 99 Om sarva-bhishta-phala-pradaya namah
73 Om navame pitrihantre' namah 100 Om dirghaya namah
74 Om pancame' shokadayakaya namah 101 Om krishnaya namah
75 Om dhyune' kalatrahantre' namah 102 Om atanave' namah
76 Om saptame kalahapradaya namah 103 Om vishnu-netraraye' namah
77 Om shashthe' vittadatre' namah 104 Om devaya namah
78 Om caturthe' vairadayaka namah 105 Om danavaya namah
79 Om navame' papadatre' namah 106 Om shanir-mitraya namah
80 Om dashame shokadayakaya namah 107 Om krishnaya namah
81 Om adau yashah pradatre' namah 108 Rahu seed mantra: Om bhram bhrim bhraum sah rahave namah.

The planetary deity Rahu is pleased
granting victory over enemies, favour from the King
or government, and reduction in diseases caused by Rahu

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