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Propitiation of the Sun Sunday
Propitiation of the Sun Sunday

CHARITY: Donate a ruby or another fine red jewel like red spinel, gold, copper, wheat, or sugar candy to a middle aged male government leader at 12:00 noon on a Sunday.

FASTING: On Sundays, especially during Sun transits and major or minor Sun periods.

MANTRA: To be chanted on Sunday morning at sunrise, especially during Sun transits and major or minor Sun periods:
• Om arunaya namah
• Om sharanyaya namah
• Om karuna-rasa-sindhave namah
• Om asmanabalaya namah
• Om arta-raksa-kaya namah
• Om adityaya namah
• Om adi-bhutaya namah
• Om akhila-gamavedine namah
• Om acyutaya namah
• Om akhilagnaya namah
• Om anantaya namah
• Om inaya namah
• Om visva-rupaya na mah
• Om ijyaya namah
• Om indraya namah
• Om bhanave Namah
• Om indriramandiraptaya namah
• Om vandaniyaya namah
• Om ishaya namah
• Om suprasannaya namah
• Om sushilaya namah
• Om suvarcase namah
• Om vasupradaya namah
• Om vasave namah
• Om vasudevaya namah
• Om ujjvalaya namah
• Om ugra-rupaya namah
• Om urdhvagaya namah
• Om vivasvate namah
• Om udhatkiranajalaya namah
• Om hrishikesaya namah
• Om urjasvalaya namah
• Om viraya namah
• Om nirjaraya namah
• Om jayaya namah
• Om urudvayavirnimuktanijasarakrashivandyaya namah
• Om rugdhantre namah
• Om kraksacakracaraya namah
• Om krajusvabhavavittaya namah
• Om nityastutyaya namah
• Om krukaramatrikavarnarupaya ujjvalatejase namah
• Om kruksadhinathamitraya namah
• Om pushakaraksaya namah
• Om luptadantaya namah
• Om shantaya namah
• Om kantidaya namah Om dhanaya namah
• Om kanatkanaka sushanaya namah
• Om khalotaya namah
• Om lunit-akhila-daityaya namah
• Om satya-ananda-svarupine namah
• Om apavarga-pradaya namah
• Om arta-sharanyaya namah
• Om ekakine namah
• Om bhagavate namah
• Om sushtisthityantakarine namah
• Om gunatmane namah
• Om dhrinibhrite namah
• Om brihate namah
• Om brahmane namah
• Om esvaryadaya namah
• Om sharvaya namah
• Om haridashvaya namah
• Om shauraye namah
• Om dashadiksam-prakashaya namah
• Om bhakta-vashyaya namah
• Om ojaskaraya namah
• Om jayine namah
• Om jagad-ananda-hetave namah
• Om taya janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi-varji aounnatyapadasamcararathasthaya-asuraraye namah
• Om kamaniyakagaya namah
• Om abjaballabhaya namah
• Om antar-bahih prakashaya namah
• Om acintyaya namah
• Om atma-rupine namah
• Om acyutaya namah
• Om amareshaya namah
• Om parasmai jyotishe namah
• Om ahaskaraya namah
• Om ravaye namah
• Om haraye namah
• Om param-atmane namah
• Om tarunaya namah
• Om tarenyaya namah
• Om grahanam pataye namah
• Om bhaskaraya namah
• Om adimadhyantara-hitaya namah
• Om saukhyapradaya namah
• Om sakalajagatam pataye namah
• Om suryaya namah
• Om kavaye namah
• Om narayanaya namah
• Om pareshaya namah
• Om tejorupaya namah
• Om shrim hiranyagarbhaya namah
• Om hrim sampatkaraya namah
• Om aim istarthadaya namah
• Om am suprasannaya namah
• Om shrimate namah
• Om shreyase namah
• Om saukhyadayine namah
• Om diptamurtaye namah
• Om nikhilagamavedhyaya namah
• Om nityanandaya namah
• Surya seed mantra: Om hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah.

RESULT: The planetary deity Surya is pleased increasing courage and notoriety.

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