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Propitiation of Venus Friday
Propitiation of Venus Friday

CHARITY: Donate a diamond or another colorless gem, silk clothes, dairy cream, yogurt, scented oils, sugar, cow dung, or camphor to a poor young woman on Friday evening.

FASTING: On Friday, especially during Venus transits and major or minor Venus periods.

MANTRA: To be chanted on Friday at sunrise, especially during major or minor Venus periods:
(The 108 names of Shukra)
• Om shukraya namah
• Om shucaye' namah
• Om shubha-gunaya namah
• Om shubha-daya namah
• Om shubha-laksanaya namah
• Om shobhanaksaya namah
• Om shubravahaya namah
• Om shuddhasphadikabhasvaraya namah
• Om dinartiharakaya namah
• Om daitya-gurave' namah
• Om deva-abhivanditaya namah
• Om kavya-asaktaya namah
• Om kama-palaya namah
• Om kavaye' namah
• Om kalyana-dayakaya namah
• Om bhadra-murtaye' namah
• Om bhadra-gunaya namah
• Om bhargavaya namah
• Om bhakta-palanaya namah
• Om bhoga-daya namah
• Om bhuvana-adhyaksaya namah
• Om bhukti-mukti-phala-pradaya namah
• Om caru-shilaya namah
• Om caru-rupaya namah
• Om caru-candra-nibhananaya namah
• Om nidhaye' namah
• Om nikhila-shastra-jnaya namah
• Om niti-vidya-dhuram-dharaya namah
• Om sarva-laksana-sampannaya namah
• Om sarva-vaguna-varjitaya namah
• Om samana-adikanir-muktaya namah
• Om sakala-gamaparagaya namah
• Om bhrigave' namah
• Om bhoga-karaya namah
• Om bhumi-sura-palana-tat-paraya namah
• Om manasvine namah
• Om manadaya namah
• Om manyaya namah
• Om mayatitaya namah
• Om maha-yashase' namah
• Om bali-prasannaya namah
• Om abhaya-daya namah
• Om baline namah
• Om satya-parakramaya namah
• Om bhavapasha-parityagaya namah
• Om bali-bandha-vimocakaya namah
• Om ghana-shayaya namah
• Om ghana-adhyaksaya namah
• Om kambhugrivaya namah
• Om kala-dharaya namah
• Om karunya-rasa-sampurnaya namah
• Om kalyana-guna-varddhanaya namah
• Om shvetambaraya namah
• Om svetavapushe' namah
• Om catur-bhuja-samanvitaya namah
• Om akshamala-dharaya namah
• Om acintyaya namah
• Om akshinagunabha-asuraya namah
• Om nashatra-gana-samcaraya namah
• Om nayadaya namah
• Om niti-marga-daya namah
• Om barsha-pradaya namah
• Om hrishikeshaya namah
• Om klesha-nasha-karaya namah
• Om kavaye namah
• Om cintitarya-pradaya namah
• Om shanta-mataye' namah
• Om citta-samadhi-krite' namah
• Om adhi-vyadhi-haraya namah
• Om bhurivikramaya namah
• Om punya-dayakaya namah
• Om purana-purushaya namah
• Om pujyaya namah
• Om puruhuta-adi-sannutaya namah
• Om ajeyaya namah
• Om vijitarataye' namah
• Om vividha-bharanojjvalaya namah
• Om kunda-pushpa-pratikashaya namah
• Om mandahasaya namah
• Om maha-mataye' namah
• Om mukta-phala-samanabhaya namah
• Om mukti-daya namah
• Om munisannutaya namah
• Om ratna-simhasana-rudaya namah
• Om rathasthaya namah
• Om rajataprabhaya namah
• Om surya-pragdesha-samcaraya namah
• Om sura-shatru-suhride' namah
• Om kavaye' namah
• Om tula-avrishabharashishaya namah
• Om durddharaya namah
• Om dharma-palakaya namah
• Om bhagyadaya namah
• Om bhavya-caritraya namah
• Om bhavapasha-vimotrakaya namah
• Om gauda-desh-eshvaraya namah
• Om goptre namah
• Om gunite namah
• Om guna-vibhushanaya namah
• Om jyeshtha-nakshatra-sambhutaya namah
• Om jyeshthaya namah
• Om shreshthaya namah
• Om shuci-smitaya namah
• Om apavarga-pradaya namah
• Om anantaya namah
• Om santana-phala-dayakaya namah
• Om sarva-ishvarya-pradaya namah
• Om sarva-girvanaganasannutaya namah
• Shukra seed mantra: Om dram drim draum sah shukraya namah.

RESULT: The planetary deity Shukra is pleased increasing riches and conjugal bliss.

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