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Rudraksha and Blood Pressure

The five-mukhi Rudraksha is a power bead that can help you control blood pressure and stress. A great way to keep your blood pressure in check is to dip two five-faceted Rudraksha in water overnight and drink the water in the morning after waking up. Some call the Rudraksha as the Blood Pressure Bead.

Rudraksha beads possess the property of Dynamic Polarity. It has the virtue of Diamagnetism, which is the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in the presence of an external magnetic field. The blood circulation and heartbeat of the wearer automatically induces a magnetic field around the body, especially near the heart. The Rudraksha bead obtains polarity opposite to that of the inducing magnetic field. This results in the opening of the passages of your arteries and veins. The power bead rejuvenates you and improves your health noticeably.

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Doctor’s Views On Rudraksha Benefits for Curing the Diseases:

Pune-based Rudraksha therapist and clairvoyant, Dr. Madhuri has suggested this bead to many of her clients who were suffering from malignant diseases like Cancer and AIDS. She says, “I recommend the usage of Rudraksha beads, externally by wearing it and internally by drinking the milk that has been soaking the bead overnight.”

Doctor Madhuri also points out, “The ancient discipline of Rudraksha recommendation is as simple as it is complicated.” She also describes how many Rudraksha therapy facilities in India recommend the bead by combining Vedic knowledge along with modern scientific formulas to prove the effectiveness of Rudraksha. The scientific facts state that the electromagnetic nature of the beads affects our neurophysiology in a way that allows control over blood pressure, heartbeat and stress levels. It has also been effective in reducing anxiety, hypertension and depression.

In the year 1993, Doctor Suhas Roy of Benaras Hindu University proved that Rudraksha beads possess electromagnetic and inductive properties. When one wears it over the heart, its facets send distinct signals that regulate brain activity and improve overall health.

Rudraksha and Health

People who have used Rudraksha and experienced its benefits say:

“Rudraksha do help. The basics requirement is that you have faith and believe that the body gets in tune with certain vibrations for healing purposes. Logically, the medical world will not agree to this fact. However, there are cases proving otherwise.”

“Yes it is best to use a 5 mukhi Rudraksha to help control high blood pressure but in addition to that you can also dip a few beads in water and leave it overnight. Drink this water first thing in the morning.”

“I have had blood pressure starting from a young age of 28. I have been wearing two beads of 5-mukhi and one 1-mukhi bead for the past few months and my BP is staying at a great level. I am also taking a very small daily maintenance dosage. I guess wearing five-mukhi itself is sufficient. I don’t think the number of beads matter.”

Various different health related problems can be solved by wearing the powerful Rudraksha bead. You can consult an expert before you self-diagnose your problems. It is always best to have an expert’s opinion before wearing Rudraksha beads. You should make sure that you buy Rudraksha from a renowned and credible source like Rudra Centre. The quality and authenticity of the bead matter in such cases where your health is in question. To experience maximum benefit and to see a positive change in your health, you should purchase original and pure Rudraksha only.

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    This mala will cause you to become detached I also experienced that. Now, its very important to understand the meaning of detached while being a "grihasth".so I will share that. Detachment is a blessing: it makes you look at things / relationships/ situations, etc. objectively. It does not mean that you end up giving up everything and going into sanyaas (Was what I thought!!!). So here, another word that was redefined for me upon wearing this mala! For me, objectivity created a tremendous balance in family life. It took away the emotional bursts and pain that is associated with grihasth bond close

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