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Rudraksha divine beads can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, culture and location. However, it is advisable that certain precautions should be taken while using Rudraksha since it is a divine gift and therefore very pious. We have a selection process through which we offer you energetic, healthy beads to give you best results.  You may wait for a Monday as it is an auspicious day to start wearing your bead or you may wear your Rudraksha early morning on any auspicious day of the week after an early morning bath.

• Taken an early morning bath.
• Chant ‘OM Namah Shivay’ nine or one hundred and eight times.
• Chant the seed mantra of your Rudraksha bead nine or one hundred and eight times. (Seed mantra is given in the booklet given along with the bead)
• After this mantra chanting, wear it remembering the face of all-auspicious Lord Shiva.
• Wash beads with water or water mixed with Ganges water every week.
• Allow to dry under fan.  If you reside in a humid climate, then you may soak the beads in water overnight and scrub with a hard plastic brush to clear the pores. Note that beads are strong and do not break with scrubbing.  Once they are dry, apply a light oil like Olive and Sandalwood oil with a toothbrush.
• If you are on a long tour and would not be able to wear them for a long period, keep them in refrigerator.  Note that beads tend to go in slumber mode if not worn for a period of about one week at a stretch.  Then they need regular wearing for another one week to awaken again.
• Remove the bead before undertaking any work such as workout in a gym or swimming.
• If you wish to start wearing your beads after a long gap, wash them with water, offer incense, flowers, chant “Om Namaha Shivaye” x 27 times and wear them again.
• Prayers and Mantra chanting: While doing rituals with Rudraksha is not necessary to derive results, we recommend spiritual practice like meditation to align you well to the positive energy and direction they give to you in life.
You may remove it at night if you feel uncomfortable after wearing it the whole day. But try to have the Rudraksha bead on your body as much as possible.
The beads do not work at all if not strung correctly. So one should purchase from vendor who is aware of Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.

While wearing a Rudraksha beads for the first time, it is advisable to get them energized with a proper Puja (Pran Pratishta). Those living in western countries should buy from authentic vendors who do the Puja before sending to get the maximum beneficial effects.

Rudraksha beads are worn as pendants and bracelets on wrist or Upper arm. They may also be kept in the Puja room for benefit of entire family . However wearing gives maximum results in terms of health and emotional balancing.

A Rudraksha mala, Bracelet or a pendant can be made using gold, silver or copper or simple thread.
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    Cleaning your Rudraksha

    Rudraksha maintenance kitAs you wear regularly and especially in sweaty climates, your Rudraksha need cleaning every month.
    Follow the steps below

    • Soak overnight in tap water
    • Use a plastic brush to remove dust or impurities
    • Dry beads under fan for 4-5 hours
    • Apply any light perfumed oil on the beads with a toothbrush

    You should avoid

    • Using strong detergents or very hot/ boiling water with Rudraksha
    • Wearing beads during bath as the soap enters the pores of beads and is difficult to clean
    • Avoid application of Talcum powder on body while wearing beads as it enters the pores
    • Leaving the beads dry for long as they may develop cracks
    Rudraksha beads are very strong and if a proper care and cleaning is done and if protected from getting physically damaged, these beads can be passed on from one generation to another.

    A person can wear more then one Rudraksha bead of the same mukhi. Alternately he can also wear a mala/ bracelet having a combination of various mukhi Rudraksha. It is important to wear beads as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy to get maximum benefits from them.

    Rudraksha beads are a product of nature. Hence they vary in their size and colors even if they are identical in Mukhas (facets) . However this variation of size and color does not increase/ decrease the effectiveness of this divine bead.

    Children may also wear Rudraksha depending on the nature of their emotional and health concerns. They respond to Rudraksha faster than adults and it makes their growing years smoother.

    Dos and Don't Authentic ancient texts do not mention any taboos on wearing these beads . They may be worn while eating non veg, drinks, toilet hours, menstrual cycle for ladies provided the beads are kept in hygienic state and one does not touch the beads with soiled fingers.

    The words of the authentic ancient texts were misinterpreted over the years and thus many taboos were created in books creating confusion in the minds of people. But the real meaning was that these beads do not work in times of bodily and sensory activities. They work on the mind and thoughts. So those who practice meditation, find instant results on wearing them.

    Duration of wearing

    Guru Bracelet with designer chakriThe beads work best when worn 24x7. If you sees Rishis and Sadhus, they make it part of their body and wear all the time. However if you are uncomfortable wearing them during night, you may take them off and keep in a clean place and wear again in the morning after bath. Once you start wearing Rudraksha, they take 7-8 days of continual touch on skin to get activated. After that try not to keep them away from skin for longer than 10 hours or else they will go in slumber once again.

    Family members should not keep interchanging Neck Malas, Japa Malas or Rudraksha beads. The bond created between a wearer and Rudraksha is based on frequency tuning and hence the wearer must not share her/his Rudraksha with a third party as they lose energy immediately on contact with a different body and need to be energized again. But it can be willed and passed on to another person.
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      Thank you for sending my order on time. I received Bilva Leaves and Bilva fruits on Maha Shivaratri day for the pooja, thanks a lot. I also liked the Yellow Gold Citrine pendant, made it very strong and nice. Packing was very nice. Overall, I am happy with the items received, faster delivery, and would shop again. I am repetitive customer, have been buying from your site since 2008.    Keep up the customer trust, convey my wishes to Neeta ji.   Thanks,  Hanuma close

      - Hanuma
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