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Size Of House Matters For Happy Living?


We always chance upon a stirring piece of news in the middle of our conversations with friends, acquaintances, relatives and the family. The news is that someone moved into a grand society at 34th floor, someone invested money in a potentially would-be-in-demand project or someone bought a small flat at a prime location in South Mumbai and will rent it out to make money. Of course, every one of us fantasizes about living in a luxury-clad house that accommodates comfy sofa sets, warm master beds, innovatively designed modular kitchen, awe-inspiring living room and more. There are people who live by the philosophy of small but beautiful. They prefer med-sized homes that abound with extraordinarily sophisticated household items. But the question arises, does the size of a house matters when it comes to living with your near and dear ones happily? 

Vastu experts strongly opine that the size of a residence may not really matter provided it is built on the principles of Vastu Shastra, India€™s ancient treatise on building perfect architectural structures. The philosophy of this ancient science is that a tiny house built on the principles of Vastu Shastra is worth living therein than a grand palace erected without following the shastric principles. As per Vastu experts, each and every corner of your house is under the supervisory powers of deities. Your house has corners in all the main (North, East, West and South) directions while some in diagonal directions (North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West). For instance, the East direction of your house is ruled by the solar deity Indra whereas the West corner is under the rule of the Water God Varuna. Lord Kubera, the God of Wealth, resides in the North direction. Lord Hanumana is in charge of South.

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Look at the following table elucidating various authorities:

North Kuber, The God of Wealth
East Indra, The God to Fulfil Desires
South Hanuman, The God of Support
West Varuna, The God of Water
North - East Shiva, The Supreme God
South - East Agni, The God of Fire
South - West Ganesha, The God of Stability
North - West Vayu, The God of Wind

These ruling deities hold exclusive powers in their respective directions. A house built with the corners falling rightly in the directions as stated by Vastu Shastra reverberates with positive energies ensuring the occupants live in total harmony with each other.If the Kitchen is in the South-East corner where The God of Fire administers His energy. It is believed that the occupants will never be deprived of food, one of the basic necessities. The Fire God Agni supplies fire for the food implying the constant inflow of food to be cooked in the Kitchen.  

Building a house without considering Vastu principles is like drilling a nail into a square hole and vice versa. A house suffering from Vastu Dosha has its occupants trapped in mental and physical problems too.

Click here for Vastu tips that would ensure your house brims with a complete harmony and love among all the members.

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