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Vastu Tips before buying new flat

buying new flat

We live in a world that is characterized by people of varied mindsets and their kaleidoscopic perceptions about things surrounding them, so is in the case of those planning to buy or invest in properties. 

When it comes to buying an estate property especially a residential flat, it seems they are three kinds of buyers or investors. One is budget-conscious making decisions considering cost factors. Second is the luxury-stricken making decision on the basis of how many luxurious amenities the project offers. And the third is beyond the others; the very first thing he checks out whether an estate property he is investing in is built in accordance with the flawless principles of Vastu Shastra. For him, money may not be the issue but what matters to him the most is a peaceful life spent with his near and dear ones. 

Vastu Shastra offers a colossal amount of tips for leading a truly blissful life in your residence. The Shastra found in the ancient sub-continent of India lays down certain principles to be followed while constructing a premise.

Since the real estate industry in India has skyrocketed in the recent times, people consider estate properties as an investment avenue which is promises guaranteed returns. If you are one of them planning to buy a new home, make sure the house has all its corners designed in line with the injunctions of Vastu Shastra. 

Let's think up a situation. Suppose you are at a construction site filled with rumbling industrial machines and bulldozers. You walk ahead and look up at the first floor that catches your eyes. Stirred by a curiosity to see, you go in and reach the entrance of the house. Don't be scared to enter. No one will come yelling at you. Visitors are always warm-welcome at construction sites as they may turn out to be potential buyers. Better you have a compass or simply knowledge of directions is enough. 

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You are now ready with a compass. The very first thing you have to see whether the main entrance faces north or south direction as Vastu Shastra states that the main entry to a premise from north or south is always auspicious, filling the insides with relaxing vibrations. If this fits in, you may now enter the house. 

Inside, look around and ensure the living room faces northeast direction. There are further considerations; if the entire house faces northeast direction, the living room must be in north or east. If the house faces west, it must be towards northwest direction. And the south-facing house should have living home in southeast direction. 

Now, head straight to the kitchen area. This part is considered as one of the most essential as it offers a place for cooking. See to it that the kitchen face southeast direction with the entrance to it facing east, north or northeastern direction. If this is not found, then better if it is in northwest direction. 

Move on and see the direction of bathrooms and lavatories. For bathroom, east direction is the best. Early morning sunrays falling into your bathroom are believed to be exceptionally favorable. A bathroom in the north-east is considered unfavorable as the wind blowing northeast may sully the atmosphere. Lavatories should be built in the northwest direction. Never have a toilet in the midpoint or northeast of the premise. 

Now bedrooms. Check out whether the master bedroom is in southwest direction and the kids bedroom in northwest or west. Some tips on sleeping position in bedroom: While sleeping, your head should be in south or east side. If you sleep in the south direction, positive energy flows from north towards south charging all iron molecules of your body which lets you have sound sleep. Never sleep with your head facing north as the above process reverses creating negative vibrations. 

And the last but not the least. Temple room if any. Temple room should be in north, east or northeast corner with all the ritual paraphernalia facing southeast direction. 

Now you may return to the main entrance and step out of the house. If the house does not comply with the aforementioned parameters mentioned there in Vastu Shastra, consider searching for another construction sites having residential flats built exactly in accordance with the Vastu principles.

You may turn to a Vastu expert who would guide through the process of buying a flat filled with positive and auspicious energies. You may get in touch with us. We are Rudra Centre providing in-detail Vastu Tips. Click here to find out more helpful tips for buying a house that goes in tune with the energies of your mind, body, heart and soul.

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