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Shree Sarva Karya Siddhi Maha Yantra - Gold - 6 inches


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Design: Etched on thick and premium quality brass plate.

This powerful Yantra has Siddh Shukra, Manokamna Prapti, Karyasiddhi, Vishnu and Mahalaxmi Yantras all etched on copper plate with gold polish finish. Encompassing energies of all five Yantras, it collectively helps fulfill desires placed in front of the Yantra and opens new opportunities in career and business. The Yantra is beneficial for aspirants, professionals and householders alike, as it helps gain success in all realms.


  • Helps manifest deepest desires and brings desirable outcomes
  • Removes obstacles and gives courage to strive against all odds
  • Attracts new opportunities, riches and luxury
  • Brings fortune, fame, success and victory
  • Bestows bliss, harmony and overall wellbeing

  • Mantra: Om Hreem shreem Kleem Mam Sarva Karya Sadhaya Sadhaya Swaha!!!!

    Ruling deity: Laxmi Ganesh
    Day: Friday

    Placement: Yantra energises the location where it is installed. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin. You may keep it on a table or use as a wall hanging. Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing West. It gets energised by the rising rays of the Sun and with the divine vibrations of the East corner and provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry.

    Blessed and Energised