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About Shiva Yantra for Peace, Health, Spirituality

About Shiva Yantra

The Shiva Yantra is an ancient mystical geometry which is attuned to the energies of Lord Shiva. When worshipped at home or workspace, this Yantra blesses you with peace, good health, spirituality, prosperity, fortune, success, creativity, happiness and fulfils your wishes. This Yantra is to connect and worship Divine Lord Shiva.

It symbolizes the dual force, the unity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. The combination of the Lord Shiva Yantra and Durga Bisa Yantra together forms, this high energy Shiva Shakti Yantra. This Yantra protects, creates harmonious relationships, unity, spiritual growth, good fortune, courage and many more blessings.

How does a Yantra work

An ancient Divine device, the Yantra is a complex geometric diagram designed to obtain a particular outcome. The mystical sacred geometry of Yantra features the inverted and upright Triangles, Squares, Circles, numbers, Mantras that represent Cosmic energies. It works to transmit a particular frequency and energy pattern. Every Yantra is attuned to the energy frequency of a Hindu deity or deities, Planet or Cosmic body. The Yantras draw Cosmic energies and transmit it in the space it is kept.

When you worship or meditate on a Yantra, your mind gets attuned by the resonance to the particular form of energy from that Yantra. the Shiva Yantras are tuned to Lord Shiva's frequency, when you meditate on it, by chanting the Mantras specified, your mind starts attracting the energy from the sacred numbers and geometry inscribed on it, that activate the manifestation of your intended desire. Proven and powerful these instruments have been used since ancient times, to manifest personal, professional or spiritual blessings.

The Yantras are commonly engraved, embossed, printed on thick Copper plates, with or without Gold/Silver plating. Pure Gold or Silver Yantras are also available. The Yantra diagram is of utmost importance and should be meticulously and neatly engraved/etched for the Yantra to give its desired outcome. Energizing the Yantra is necessary before you use it.

Each type of Shiva Yantra has a specific blessing which the Yantra manifests, some of the exceptional and popular Yantras are:

Swarnakarshan Bhairav Yantra - The Yantra is tuned to the energies of Shri Swarna Akarshana Bhairava form of Lord Shiva. Worshipping the Yantra helps to manifest prosperity, wealth, the worshipper is relieved of debts and miseries.

Batuk Bhairav Yantra - This Yantra is powered by Lord Shiva's Btuk Bhairav form. When installed and worshipped this Yantra protects from hidden enemies, malefic effects, unexpected or sudden challenges, Blck Magic and other such lower energies. This Yantra removes obstacles from the path and fulfils desires of the worshipper.

Shree Mahamrityunjaya Yantra - The hologram of Lord Shiva Mahamrityunjaya, this Yantra is famously used by many. The Yantra's high frequency bestows good health by removing the fear of fatal diseases, death, accidents, dangers and eliminates fears of all kind. Spiritual awareness and growth are the benefits of worshipping the Yantra. It also enhances one's true potential.

Why Buy from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers, flawless Shiv Yantras of various sizes ranging from 3.25 inches to 6 inches. These Yantras are energized with Beeja Mantras, by following the Vedic rituals and are ready to use. If you are looking for such mystical Yantras online, Rudra Centre has a select range of various Yantras for you.

The placement of the Yantra is important. The Shiv Yantras are placed facing West direction. The Mahamrityunjaya Yantras are exceptions as they are to be placed in the West, facing either North or East. You may also consult our experts to know about the right direction in which Yantra should be kept. One may choose to buy the Shiv Yantras with or without the frame. Mahamrityunjaya Yantra Lockets are available for wearing.

Benefits of Shiv Yantra

Installing these Yantras have countless benefits from the grace of Lord Shiva. Whether material, physical or spiritual benefits, the Shiva Yantra grants what you intend to receive.

  • Bestows the worshipper with good health, eliminates diseases, accidental deaths.
  • Shiv Yantra protects the worshipper from the evil eye, black magic or other harmful energies. The energies of the Shiv Yantra shields from secret enemies too.
  • Good Fortune, prosperity, wealth and fame manifest in life by worshipping the Shiva Yantra.
  • It effectively dispels anxieties, phobias of all kinds.
  • It alleviates the ill effect of malefic planets, giving respite.
  • It heals relationships to make them harmonious.
  • Creative skills are enhanced, self-awareness increases with the worship of the Shiv Yantra.
  • Shiv Yantra meditation, worship bestows the gift of spirituality, helping to progress on the spiritual path.