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About May Birthstone: Emerald


Birthstones are specific gemstones that are associated with a particular month. These gemstones are believed to possess inherent energies and characteristics that bring many benefits to people born in that month.

The May birthstone is the stunning and rare green Emerald. This gemstone, considered to be as valuable as diamonds, forms a part of the three major precious gemstones along with Sapphires and Rubies.

The name is derived from the Greek word 'smaragdus', which translates literally to 'green'. The Emerald birthstone is associated with renewal and rebirth and is widely regarded for its ability to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer.

The deep and vivid green hue of this stone also works well in various forms of jewellery due to its aesthetic allure.








Emeralds have a rich and stunning history, Queen Cleopatra's love and desire for this stunning gemstone were so high that she took ownership of all the emerald mines within her empire. This is also why the May gemstone is often associated with wealth and royalty.

This stone was also hugely associated with protection and healing ailments. From diseases like cholera and malaria to those of the lungs and heart, emerald was popularly used as a medicinal stone.

In ancient times, this stone was also believed to reveal the truth. If placed under the tongue, it helped reveal the truth, improve foresight and one's ability to predict the future, and protect against evil.


The emerald birthstone month, May is all about renewal and rejuvenation, and that is exactly what the vivid green of this gemstone represents. May is when spring is at its height, and the trees are in full bloom with visions of lush green all around. It is a time of growth, renewal, freshness, and rebirth.

The May birthstone is also said to have these qualities symbolising love, growth, and peace. It is also known to bring the wearer good luck & fortune. Just like the scenes of green in nature are relaxing for the eye, wearing the stone is believed to help improve eyesight. The green hues of this stone are also associated with creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication as it is ruled by planet Mercury

The green colour of the emerald is also connected with the heart chakra. As the heart chakra is the seat of all our emotions, this gemstone can help balance emotions and have a positive effect on our emotional health. Not only does this help deepen relationships but also promotes self-love allowing one to have healthier relationships with oneself and others.


Traditionally, Egypt was the dominant source for all emerald mining. Currently, Colombia has become the prime supplier of emeralds, with over 60 percent of the supply coming from here alone. Other locations for sourcing the emerald birthstone include Ethiopia, Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Minor production can also be sourced in other countries such as Madagascar, Nigeria, and Canada.


The deep green colour of the emerald symbolises hope, rebirth, and growth. The stunning allure of this stone is associated with royalty and is believed to bring wealth and good fortune to the wearer.

This gemstone is believed to enhance mental and emotional clarity. It helps promote better understanding and opens the heart to unconditional love. Its ability to reveal the truth has made it a popular choice for fortune tellers and intuitive people.

Emeralds symbolise growth and are a popular choice for people looking to deepen their emotional relationships, protect themselves against evil, and enhance mental clarity during a period of growth. When choosing a birthstone, several aspects need to be considered. While a birthstone often works well for people born in a particular month, it may work better in combination with other stones or in a particular way based on one's life and current issues.


Emeralds are gemstones of the beryl mineral family and may occur in varying shades of green often accompanied by blue hues. This characteristic colour is caused due to the presence of chromium, vanadium, and iron, in the minerals.

This stone is a hexagonal crystal and is classified as a cyclosilicate. It ranks from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.


The energies and characteristics of birthstones can work well in enhancing one's life in positive ways. For people born in May, this stunning gemstone can bring prosperity, abundance, good fortune, and love. It can also help balance and heal their emotions and improve mental clarity.

There are numerous ways to bring the protective and renewal energies of this stone into your daily life. Wear it as jewellery, keep it in your jewellery box, or use it as a meditation stone. If using it to balance your heart chakra, wear it as a necklace so that the stone is closer to the chakra location.


Incorporating the emerald birthstone into one's daily life can bring many benefits. From good fortune to protection, this lovely gemstone offers several benefits as mentioned below.

  • The emotional healing properties of this stone help balance one's emotions and encourages deeper relationships with oneself and others.
  • It helps bring a sense of peace and hope to the wearer, thus reducing feelings of insecurity and anxiety.
  • Emeralds are associated with mature and faithful relationships which not only make them a great choice for couples but also for supporting deeper friendships and other healthy relationships.
  • The association of this gemstone with Mercury is known to improve logical, analytical, communicative, creative skills and provide mental clarity.
  • The May gemstone is associated with curing ailments of the lungs and heart as it works on the Heart Chakra.
  • It can also help boost one's professional success by offering better mental clarity at work and supporting teamwork and better relationships with team members.
  • This stone is also associated with clear speech and eloquence and is said to enhance one's public speaking abilities.


As per Vedic astrology, emeralds are governed by the planet Mercury (Budh), which directly regulates mental wellness. Wearing this stone can work wonders in stimulating the mind and is ideal for students preparing for competitive exams or those working in jobs requiring a sharper memory. Emerald is also considered to be the 'stone of prosperity' and hence brings fortune and wealth to the wearer. Zodiac signs Cancer, Taurus, and Gemini can benefit from wearing emeralds.


In their inherent state, emeralds are often hard. However, most gemstones have inclusions and surface-reaching fractures that weaken them. Further, as deep green emeralds are rare, most gemstones are heat treated to deepen their green colour or glass filled to remove the inclusions we do not recommend to wear these treated stones.Most emeralds are dipped in oil which seeps into the fractures however this practice doesn't affect the energy of the stone, protects them, and makes them more appealing.

Emeralds can develop internal cracks if they suffer from an impact. So it is advised to choose pendant/bracelet/ring settings that protect the stone well. Wearing it as a pendant is most recommended - as it also aligns the energies with the heart chakra.

Store the gemstones carefully when not in use to prevent any scratches and abrasions on the surface. Also, avoid storing them in contact with other stones such as diamonds which are extremely hard and can damage the emerald.

Cleaning emeralds should be done carefully and only when needed. Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water and clean it gently. Avoid chemicals and steam, and ultrasonic cleaning as they can remove oils. You can dip them in natural oils which enhances their appeal


At Rudra Centre, we energise every item before shipping it to our customers so they can start wearing and experiencing the benefits immediately. After prolonged usage ,one may wish to recharge or reenergise their stone to remove all the negativity so it can work to its full potential.

To reenergise or recharge the May gemstone, you can keep it under cold running water for a few minutes and then keep it under sunlight for 3 - 4 hours. After this, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Have a bath and wear clean clothes
  • Be in a meditative mode and avoid all distractions
  • Light an incense stick or sage and offer its smoke to yourself, the surrounding, and unto your birthstone jewellery/geode/crystal
    Hold the gemstone in your hand between both your palms
  • Channel your body energy into your palms. Try to create a focal point on both sides of your palms and imagine positive energy flowing into your gemstone
  • Imagine the intention for which you have adorned the emerald to be manifesting

While doing the above process, you can chant the Mantra 'OM' or 'AUM'. One can also chant Anahata (Heart) chakra Beej Mantra 'YAM' as emerald is also associated with this chakra.

You can get your emerald jewellery from Rudra Centre, which only deals in Vedic Astrology-approved non-treated and non-heated emerald gemstones that guarantee the best results to the wearer.

Most people think that using a birthstone is decided simply based on their month of birth. However, it is not necessary to wear only your birthstone. In fact, you can wear any gemstone regardless of your date of birth, horoscope, and zodiac sign.

What is important is that you wear the right stone for you as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) which has been devised after 20 years of research and has its base in the chakras of the human body. Chakra Therapy via RRST is the fastest healing therapy and is more comprehensive and superior to other healing modalities. To book a consultation with our expert, Please Click Here

For more details about the free consultation or to discuss concerns relating to health, career, and relationships, please reach out to us via the following:

WhatsApp: +917021180033

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