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budha-dosha-nivaran-puja Budha Graha or Planet Mercury is the planet of daily expression, communication of all kinds, be it speech, writing, through electronic media, television, radio etc. Planet Budha is intelligence(Buddhi) or intellect, power of mind, humour, wit, knowledge, education, fine arts, trade, commerce, business, relationships. Planet Mercury is known to be opportunistic, curious and unemotional. This planet is very much about the logical, practical, rational mind. It is a neutral planet and changes its characteristics according to its placement in a Zodiac sign or house in the birth-chart of an individual.

Mercury or Budha is considered a deity. He is said to be very good looking, energy colour is Green so His idols in temples are in Green colour mostly. Budha is depicted with four hands and holds a Sword, a Shield, a Mace and the fourth hand is in the Varada Mudra, which is to shower boons and blessings. Mercury or Budha teaches us to forgive oneself and others.

The day Wednesday is named after Lord Budha and called Budhwar or Budhvar in Hindi.

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Healing Heart

Pendant featuring natural 15 Mukhi Rudraksha of Java origin with a silver heart locket. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha is governed by planet Mercury. It is thus helpful in pacifying malefic of planet Mercury. This pendant is designed as per RRST helps awaken unconditional love and improve relationships. It bestows abundance, fulfils desires and promotes compassion, generosity and healthy relationships. It has a healing effect on the heart, releases negative emotions and brings a sense of fulfilment and spiritual growth.


Budha - The Mercury - Large

The divine idol of Buddh Dev crafted in shining brass for His divine blessings. Buddh Dev is greatest among the wise and the ruler of planet Mercury. His worship brings success in career and business. He is the bestower of intellect, creativity, logic, wit, knowledge, learning, communication and decision-making skills. Those having Mercury in a debilitated or weak position would highly benefit from the worship of Buddha Dev. It also helps enhance the positive effects of planet Mercury.

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Emerald Stone Wisdom Pendant

Natural Vedic astrology approved Emerald gemstones with fine cut and lustre for enhancing the power of planet Mercury. When worn as per RRST with planetary Bhasma and metal set in rings, the gemstone only gives the positive effect of planet Mercury. Emeralds are a highly recommended remedy for Budh Dosha. They enhance intellect, wit, memory, communication skills and focus of the wearer. They improve all aspects of life and also help heal the Heart Chakra.

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Siddh Buddh Yantra Locket Study Success – 1

Pure silver locket featuring Siddh Buddh Yantra and image of Buddha Dev. Designed as a regular wear locket, the Yantra is endowed with divine blessings of Buddh Dev. The Yantra is helpful in pacifying malefic of planet Mercury and attracts its positive effects. The Yantra helps improve speculation, learning, argumentative power, decision and communication skills. It makes the worshipper knowledgeable and creative and enhances his relationship with others. It bestows success in the profession, business and academics.

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Astrological Importance

As per Vedic Astrology, Budha or Mercury is one of the planets of the Navagraha (9 planets). Budha Graha is the son of Moon with his wife Rohini and so planet Budha is also known by the name Soumya. Astronomically, in the Solar System, Mercury is the smallest planet. Astrologically Planet Budha is said to possess an adaptable nature therefore its effect depends on which planets it is placed with. Budha or Mercury is a powerful and significant planet and predominantly a benevolent Planet.

Budha gives malefic impact in conjugation with certain planets and similarly gives benefice effects when with friendly planets. Budha is said to be hostile to Moon, is friendly to Planet Sun and Venus and neutral towards Planets Mars, Saturn and Juipiter. When Budha is in a position in a person's birth-chart, which gives malefic effects then Mercury remedies are suggested by Astrologers to the native. Lord Vishnu rules Budha Graha or Mercury.

Ancient Hindu texts, like, the Budha Ashtottara Shatanamavali says that God Budha can bless with healing of all kinds of diseases, happiness, wealth. Cattles, food grains and progeny are also blessings of God Budha.

Some malefic effects of planet Mercury can be the cause of nervousness, fear, low self confidence, confusion, indecisiveness, prone to criticise the smallest of things, cut and dry unemotional behaviour. Diseases or illness of digestive system, nerve related problems, skin diseases, asthma, Kidney problems, mental disorders can be caused by ill-effects of Budha. To get relief from all these effects, remedies for malefic Mercury should be done by person.

Budha or Mercury favours people in profession connected with accounts, like C.A., writers, journalists, brokers/middleman, public speakers, businessmen, teachers, scholars, researchers, scientists, agents, salesmen, Mathematicians, Astrologers, Lawyers, stand-up-comedians/comedy actors, professions related to communication through audio-video media on any platform and also students of any field. However, the placement of planet Budha or Mercury has to be strong in the birth charts of individuals in these professions to get the successful outcome.

  • The Zodiac signs of Mithun(Gemini) and Kanya(Virgo) are ruled by Budha or Mercury.
  • Chakra - Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra
  • Energy Colour of Budha - Green
  • Gemstone of Budha/Mercury - Emerald or Panna
  • The Nervous system, Lungs, Ears, Arms, Skin is ruled by Budha or Mercuy.
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What is Budha Mahadasha?

The period or phase when planet Budha majorly rules the birth-chart/Kundli of a person, that phase is known as Budha Mahadasha or Budha Dasha. When Budha is placed in close proximity to a person's Nakshatra in the Kundli or birth-chart, then Budha Mahadasha manifests for the native. If Budha is placed in a strong position of conjunction then Budha Mahadasha effects beneficially. The native is blessed with success in the aspects which Budha rules. Native will have a happy family life, business/trade will flourish and the person may venture into two businesses ventures at one time, success in education, mental agility will be at its highest, travelling to different places for business or pleasure, inclination towards arts and music is possible, person may gain in name and fame and other auspicious outcomes.

A weak Budha in Kundli gives malefic effects to the native during Budha Mahadasha or Budha Dasha. The person going through this phase may be afflicted with physical illness, fear, unhappy family life, loss in profession, discord with friends and relatives, mental trauma, financial loss, possibility of theft and danger from fire are also indicated and many such negative influences occur, which depends on which Planet or Nakshtra it is with. Mercury Mahadasha remedies are recommended to the native to get relief from troubles caused due to weak Budha dasha effects.

What is Budha Dosha?

Budha Dosha or Budh Dosha in Kundli or Horoscope takes place when Budha is in conjunction with planets which Budha is not friendly with which results in malefic effects on the native. The person is deprived of using his/her intelligence properly, faces struggles, unhappiness in family, financial losses, illness and diseases and remedies for Mercury in Vedic Astrology is the solution to Budha Dosha. Out of all the Budha Graha remedies or Budh Graha remedies, performing the Budha Dosha Nivaran puja is excellent and brings favourable results among weak Mercury remedies.

Weak placement of Budha or Mercury in 12th house, in the Kundli results in inner conflicts, the person is not able to express or communicate clearly, constant conflict between logic and emotion may result in mental fluctuations etc. Mercury in 12th house remedies are suggested for natives suffering from this effect.

If Budha is placed weakly in 8th. and 9th. in birth-chart, it may result in different types of troubles, hardships and unhappiness for the native. Vedic Astrology suggests Mercury in 8th house remedies and Mercury in 9th house remedies for such natives

Budha Dosha Nivaran Puja:-

The Budha Dosha Nivaran puja is performed to remove the malefic effects of Budha/Mercury and is a popular Budh remedies. We, at Rudra Centre, conduct the Budha Dosha Nivaran Puja so that people can derive maximum possible blessings out of the same. Consult with us on the proper conduct of puja to gain maximum benefits to nullify the Budh Dosha effects.


Remedies for Mercury in Vedic Astrology:-

Some remedies for malefic Mercury which can be done by a person going through the Dosha or weak Budha Mahadasha.

Worshipping Lord Vishnu/Lord Krishna regularly. Chanting the Vishnu Sahastranam is good among Mercury planet remedies.

Donation of Green Dal(lentils) and Green clothes on Wednesday is among Budha Mahadasha remedies.

Chanting mantra of Budha in way of Budha Graha puja is for Budha Dasha remedies.

If native observes fasting for 11 Ekadashis and also 11 Wednesdays, then it is beneficial among Budha Dosha remedies.

Budha Dosh Nivaran Mantra:

Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Budhay Namah


Another effective way of Vedic Budha Dosha Nivaran, is to do the Japa for 17000 times.

Budha Vedic Mantra

Priyangu Kalika Shyaamam Roopena Pratimam Budham |
Soumyam Soumya gunopetam tam Budham Pranamamyaham ||

Chanting the Budha Mantra on a daily basis, for a certain number of times, continuously for some days, till the 17000 Japas is said to please Planet Budha and therefore helps to get relief from Buha Dosha with the blessing of the Planet. This observation has been made and tested by the ancient Hindu Rishis and Acharyas, who saw the proof of effectiveness, because of which the 17000 Japas have been recommended. While doing the Japas, one has to be careful of the pronunciation and follow the rules. The Budha Mantra Japa should be started on Wednesday (Budhvaar). The Japa should be done with a complete focus for optimum benefit.

Vedic Mantras have a high vibration and has been used since ancient times for connecting with the Divine energies. The sound frequencies created while chanting the Budha Mantra connects the individual with Planet Budha energy and appeases the Planet. The significance of the 17000 Budha Mantra Japa as remedy to Budha Dosha bears fruit when the native does it with a calm mind and pure intension. Also, it is mentioned that the Manta Japa should continue after 17000 Japas is over, for at least 25% times more of the number of Japas, as we as human beings commit mistakes while doing the Japas. So, in order to make up for the mistakes committed unknowingly. The more the times of Japas is done, it opens and clears the path more, bringing more blessings and support of Budha Graha.

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