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Mahesh Navami 2023: Story Significance, Puja & More

Mahesh Navami

Mahesh Navami is celebrated by the Maheshwari Community in honor to Mahesh or Lord Shiva, and is the most important holiday for the Maheshwari people. According to the Hindu calendar, "Mahesh Navami" is observed each year on the ninth day (Navami) of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the Moon cycle) of the month of Jyeshtha (May or June in the Gregorian calendar). This celebration is primarily devoted to the adoration of Lord Mahesh (God of Gods or Mahadev, another name for Lord Shiva) and His holy union with goddess Parvati.According to legend, the Maheshwari dynasty was founded on this Navami during the Yudhishtir Samvat. Since then, the Maheshwari community has celebrated Jyeshtha Shukla Navami annually under the name "Mahesh Navami" as their community's founding day. This day features religious and cultural activities. This festival demonstrates absolute devotion and faith in Lord Mahesh and goddess Parvati. This is the most significant day for the Maheshwari community because it fosters unity and appreciation. The objectives are service, sacrifice, and righteousness.

When is Mahesh Navami celebrated? Date, Time & Muhurat

In 2023 Mahesh Navami falls on Monday, 29th May.

Mahesh Navami Timings:
Navami Tithi Begins at 09:56 AM on May 28th 2023
Navami Tithi Ends at 11:49 PM on May 29th 2023

Meaning of Mahesh Navami

It is believed that the first appearance of Lord Shiva to his devotees took place on the day of Mahesh Navami; consequently, this day is devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva. On this day, devotees pay homage to Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife. In particular, the Maheshwari business community participates in this celebration. It is said that the Maheshwari community was established on the ninth day of Shukla paksha of the Jyeshta month, so this day holds a lot of significance for the people who belong to that community.

Lord Mahesh commanded the Kshatriya Rajputs to abandon hunting in favor of commerce or Vaishya activities. That is, he described the course of action without violence. Beyond altruism and egoism, the Mahesh Navami celebration sends the message that humans should reject all forms of violence as much as possible and strive for the wellbeing of the planet. Currently, Maheshwaris are found in almost every Indian state and city and are renowned for their impeccable manners.

In addition, Hindus believe that in order to receive Lord Shiva's blessings, a woman who wishes to have a child must recite a specific prayer on this day. This prayer is said to bring a child into the world. Worshiping Lord Shiva (also known as Mahesh) on this day will help you conquest over the challenges and problems you are facing in life, bringing you happiness and joy.

Mahesh Navami Story

Mahesh Navami Story

According to religious scriptures, Maheshwari society's ancestors were members of the Kshatriya dynasty. Throughout the hunt, he was plagued by the sages' curse. Then, on this day, Lord Shiva liberated his forefathers from the curse and instructed them to follow the path of nonviolence by abandoning violence.

Khadgal Sen, a devoted and religion-loving Suryavanshi ruler, ruled the city of Khandela. All of his people lived happily and quietly in his dominion. The monarch was childless, therefore he conducted the Putresti Yagya. The sages blessed and cautioned that your kid would be exceedingly powerful and Chakravarti, but that he must not go to the north until he is sixteen years old, or otherwise you will die early. After a period of time, the son of Queen Champavati was born, and the king rejoiced with much merriment. Astrologers called him Sujansen. He proved to be very brilliant and intelligent. Sujansen was married to Chandravati at the time.

One day, Rajkuvar Sujansen went hunting with 72 Umravas in the forest in the northern direction. Six Rishis were doing a Yagya near Surya Kund, and the Vedas were reciting. Upon witnessing this, he got enraged. He commanded the Umrao to eliminate the yagya. Owing of this, the sage became enraged and cursed them all to become stone. As soon as the curse was cast, 72 Umrao, including Rajkuvar, were transformed into stone. At hearing this news, Raja Khadgal Sen gave up his life. The queen of Rajkuvar, Chandravati, accompanied the ladies of 72 Umrao's to these sages and pleaded with them to remove the curse. The sages then instructed him to worship Lord Gorishankar in a nearby cave while repeating the Ashtakshar mantra of Lord Mahesh, "Om Namo Maheshwarai" the princess surrounded by all the ladies She went to fufa and immersed herself in penance.

Lord Mahesh and Mother Parvati arrived, pleased with her penance, and Rajkuvarani bowed at their feet. Mother Parvati blessed her with 'good luck,' to which the princess replied, "Our husbands have been turned to stone by the sages' curse; therefore, you redeem their curse." Goddess Maheshwari begged to Lord Mahesh, who brought her back to consciousness.

Mahesh Navami Rituals

Mahesh Navami RitualsIt is a prominent Hindu holiday that is enthusiastically observed across India, particularly in Rajasthan. Lord Shiva's devotees honor Lord Mahesh and goddess Parvati on Mahesh Navami, an auspicious day. They rise early in the morning, prepare themselves, and begin adorning temples with flowers. On this day, it is also believed that newlyweds worship Lord Mahesh and Goddess Parvati to bring bliss into their life.

Devotees recite special Lord Shiva Mantras throughout the night. Also, devotees' houses are visited by special Jhanki bearing images of Lord Shiva. During this period, prayers are recited. Yajnas are frequently done at the homes of devotees. Rudra Abhishekam, an important Mahesh Navami ceremony, is also done on this day. At temples, Bhajan Sandhya is planned, aarti is done, and then prasad is handed to worshippers after the Puja ritual.

Lord Shiva's devotees observe the Mahesh Navami festival with the greatest devotion and confidence in Lord Mahesh and goddess Parvati. It is the day that bestows health, money, success, and happiness to devotees.

Observances on Mahesh Navami Day

In Maheshwari culture, the Mahesh Navami festival is celebrated in a magnificent manner and with tremendous fanfare. It is the responsibility of every Maheshwari to celebrate this sacred event with delight, and it is essential for the development and cohesion of society.

Mahesh Navami is a day of tremendous religious significance for the Maheshwari 'Mesri' civilization, and it is celebrated with zeal and fervor. A few days before advance, processions and religious and cultural performances are carried out as part of the preparations for this celebration. There is a Maha Aarti of Lord Mahesh, and with the echo of "Jai Mahesh" chanting, stirring rites are performed. On the day of Mahesh Navami, special offerings are made to Lord Shankar and Parvati.

It is traditionally observed to place nine lights of ghee and camphor in front of each home, and assist anybody in need, around 6:45 PM. At every home in the community, the Mahesh Vandana was sung together. Worship Lord Mahesh through service, collaboration, and resolve to make every moment special.

Mahesh Navami Puja

Observances on Mahesh Navami Day
  • Get up during the Brahma Muhurta and put on clean clothing after having a bath with Gangajal-infused holy water.
  • On the day of Mahesh Navami, Lord Shiva should be worshipped with the law. The worship of both Shiva and Parvati brings good fortune.
  • Abhishek of the Shivling is done with Gangajal, bel leaves and lotus flowers.
  • Apply Tripund with ashes on the Shivling as a symbol of renunciation and detachment.
  • In addition, particular worship to Trishul must be performed.
  • On the day of Mahesh Navami, Damru is played in Lord Shiva's honor.
  • The Shiv Chalisa, the Shiv Mantra, and the Shiv Aarti must be chanted.

The Maheshwari Community

The Maheshwari Community

The Maheshwari community dates back approximately 4,000 years prior to the start of the Vikram Samvat. They were a community of business people till the end of the nineteenth century. They had adopted some antisocial practices, including dowry, child marriage, and the purdah regime.

In 1892, the first Maheshwari reformer, Raj Bahadur Shyam Sunderlal Loiwal, established the Maheshwari Mahasabha in Ajmer. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj, greatly impacted him.

In 1908, it supplied the impetus for the establishment of the All India Maheshwari Mahasabha. Since that time, the Mahasabha has fought for societal changes. Numerous distinguished Maheshwaris were imprisoned and assisted in the khadi and charkha movements, and one man, Krishna Sarda, was executed for his participation in the fight for independence.

The Maheshwaris are a particularly entrepreneurial people group. The Birlas and Shivkissen Bhatter were the initial Maheshwaris to establish a jute mill in 1918. With sheer tenacity, they overcame the obstacles posed by the Brits. Before to 1939, their mills were not permitted to be represented on the Committee of the Indian Jute Mills Association. Similarly, since independence, the Maheshwaris have established companies in several economic areas.

The Maheshwaris have a generous demeanor. The S.K. Jaju Memorial Trust was created by the Maheshwari Mahasabha for the granting of scholarships and other philanthropic initiatives. Many additional charitable trusts have been established by different Maheshwaris. The institutions in Pilani are emblematic of the contributions of individual Maheshwaris to the cause of education. Sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons on both the father's and mother's sides get their heads shaved upon the death of a family member. In some Marwari villages, only sons are obligated to do this duty.

The Hindus' marriage rituals are distinguished by two distinctive practices. One of them is the Mamapheras. According to tradition, the bride's maternal uncle circles the groom four times with the bride. Around the holy fire, the last three rounds are completed. The Maheshwari bride is required to wear ivory bangles for a number of years or at least forty days after her wedding.

In other areas of India, the Maheshwaris have adopted regional languages and speak Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, and Telugu, depending on the state in which they reside. They are originally from Rajasthan, but they have settled in other regions of India in pursuit of job and business opportunities. As a result of their great intellect and flexibility, they have established substantial industrial enterprises.

Almost three million Maheshwaris have significantly contributed to the nation's economic and industrial growth. Today, they are predominantly an economic and commercial community.

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