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What is the meaning of Pitru Paksha?

Pitru Paksha 2023 Dates, Timing, Tithi, Nakshatra & Importance of Shradh

Pitru Paksha 2023

Pitru Paksha 2023 will begin on Friday, 29 September and ends on Saturday, 14 October . It is a period when Hindus offer prayers to their ancestors, especially through a ritual of offering prayers, food and water to the departed souls of the family which is known as Shradh.

Consisting of a fortnight of lunar day, Pitru Paksha is also known as Pitru Pakshya, Pitri Pokkho, Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha, Apara Paksha and Sola Shradh. It is celebrated in the lunar month of Bhadrapada beginning with the full moon day or day after full moon day as per South Indian Amavasya calendar and in the lunar month of Ashwin beginning with the full moon day in Bhadrapada or next day of full moon day as per North Indian Purnimant calendar.

The rituals as per both calendars are same which is offering Shradh to the ancestors. Pitru Paksha becomes inauspicious, if the death rite is performed during the ceremony, known as Shradh or tarpan. The Sun travels from the northern to the southern hemisphere during this period.

Pitru Paksha spans during 16 days this year. During this period a variety of food which was once liked by the deceased member during their life on Earth is offered when the Shradh is performed. These 16 days consist of a powerful time frame to make the souls of the deceased ancestors happy and contented. It is a ritual which is known to clear the hindrances and liberate the souls of the departed ancestors from being attached to the worldly things and people on Earth. This custom makes the journey towards heaven smooth.

According to Hindu tradition, the karmas of the previous life are carried on to this life, and we must therefore complete the unfinished karmas that we due to our ancestors in order to give them comfort and assist them in continuing on their path to heavenly planes without any obstructions.

The significance of Shradh is briefly mentioned in holy scriptures such as the Agni Puran, Vayu Puran, Garuda Puran, and few others sacred texts. Shradh is an ancient tradition that is performed in Hinduism and many other faiths. It is an longstanding tradition that is carried out in memory of the departed souls.

Shraadh Tithi & Nakshatra
September 29, 2023, Friday Purnima Shraddha Bhadrapada, Shukla Purnima
September 29, 2023, Friday Pratipada Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Pratipada
September 30, 2023, Saturday Dwitiya Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Dwitiya
October 1, 2023, Sunday Tritiya Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Tritiya
October 2, 2023, Monday Chaturthi Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Chaturthi
October 2, 2023, Monday Maha Bharani Ashwina, Bharani Nakshatra
October 3, 2023, Tuesday Panchami Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Panchami
October 4, 2023, Wednesday Shashthi Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Shashthi
October 5, 2023, Thursday Saptami Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Saptami
October 6, 2023, Friday Ashtami Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Ashtami
October 7, 2023, Saturday Navami Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Navami
October 8, 2023, Sunday Dashami Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Dashami
October 9, 2023, Monday Ekadashi Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Ekadashi
October 10, 2023, Tuesday Magha Shraddha Ashwina, Magha Nakshatra
October 11, 2023, Wednesday Dwadashi Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Dwadashi
October 12, 2023, Thursday Magha Shraddha Ashwina, Magha Nakshatra
October 13, 2023, Friday Chaturdashi Shraddha Ashwina, Krishna Chaturdashi
October 14, 2023, Saturday Sarva Pitru Amavasya Ashwina, Krishna Amavasya


Since it is a puja for the departed soul, no Prasad is sent

Group Pitru Paksha Shradh Puja

Pitru Paksha is a 16 days period when one offers reverence to their ancestors in the form of Tarpan or Shraddh Puja. As per Brahma Purana and other Vedic scriptures, worship and rituals offered during the time of Pitru Paksha helps souls of one’s ancestor attain peace and move on to the next realm.

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Group Pitru Paksha Shradh Puja at Trimbakeshwar

Thus doing Shradh Puja in Pitru Paksha is immensely important both for the wellbeing of oneself and of souls of one’s ancestors. It is believed that when one’s ancestors are pleased, even Gods are pleased and the native is showered with blessings.

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Group Tripindi Shraadh Puja at Trimbakeshwar Temple

Tripindi Shraadh Puja is a famous puja and people throng to this temple for conducting this puja for getting relief from all types of generational curses and suffering. Shraadh Puja is observed for the liberation of the souls of one's ancestors.

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Tripindi Shraadh Puja
Tripindi Shraadh Puja

Helps cleanse all the sins, reactions of misdeeds of the departed souls. Helps them rest in peace. Liberates your family from all the hardships and failures.

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Narayan Nagbali Pooja

Narayan Nagbali is a three-day Hindu ceremony held at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik District, Maharashtra, India. Families conduct the Narayan Nagbali ceremony to release the spirits of family members who died an untimely death or Durmaran. Death is referred to be untimely or Durmaran in Indian language when it occurs for an improper reason and at an inappropriate age.

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Group Narayan Nagbali Rites
Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja

Narayan Nagbali Pooja consists of two different rituals. Narayan Bali is done to get rid of ancestral curse (pitru dosh /Pitru Shaap) while Nagbali is done to get rid of sin of killing snake, especially Cobra which is worshipped in India. Narayan Nagbali is the most important vidhi done in the name of ancestors for their souls to get free from this world and attain the highest state of liberation from this cycle of human birth and death.

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Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitru Dosha Nivaran Puja is done to rectify the Pitru Dosha in one's horoscope. The Pitru Dosha is caused when one's forefathers and ancestors have not received proper last rites or Shradha or are unhappy or unfulfilled for some reason and also due to negative deeds of one's forefathers.

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Shradh Puja - Puja for peace of departed soul Shradh Puja - Puja for peace of departed soul

Shradh or Shraadh also spelled sraddha, in Hinduism is a ceremony performed in honour of a dead ancestor. The rite is both a social and a religious responsibility enjoined on all male Hindus. The importance given in India to the birth of a son reflects the need to ensure that there will be a male descendant to perform the shradh ceremony after one’s death.

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Mahalaya Shraadh Puja
Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja

This Puja is performed for an individual on the last day of the Shraadh period and is dedicated to all the ancestors including those who have been forgotten. This marks the end of the Pitru Paksha and the Mahalaya Shraadh puja performed on this day ensures a complete liberation of all the ancestors who bless protection, peace and prosperity.

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Significance & Importance of Pitru Paksha

Importance of Pitra Paksha or Shradh

As per the Vedic scriptures and customs, the souls of the 3 previous generations of one's ancestor dwell in the Pitru Loka, a place ruled by Lord Yama between heavenly planets and the Earth. Yama, the god of death, takes the soul from Earth to Pitru Loka. When a family member of the next generation passes away, the first generation moves to higher planes or heaven wherein he unites with the Lord. In this case, Shradh offerings are not made. These offerings are given to only the previous three generations in Pitru Loka.

Pitru Paksha starts when the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Libra (Tula) and it is thought that the souls depart Pitru Loka and reside in their descendants' homes for a month until the Sun moves into the next zodiac sign of Scorpio (Vrichchhika) when there is a full moon.

Ancestors in the first half during the dark fortnight are appeased with Shradh, according to Garuda Puran, where it is also stated that a householder should appease his ancestors who when pleased bless health, wealth, knowledge and longevity, and ultimately heaven and salvation (moksha).

Because the majority of individuals in Kaliyuga do not engage in spiritual practice, they are stuck in Maya. As a consequence, even after death, their subtle-bodies are unsatisfied. Dissatisfied subtle-bodies get imprisoned in the Pitru Loka.

Following that, based on their karma, they move to higher areas, namely the heavens. As a result, the troubles they cause to their offspring on Earth is reduced. Some individuals construct a last resting place for their dead family members in front of, or near their home, and they frequently worship them with flowers. Their pictures are displayed throughout the home as a token of love and memory.

In certain areas, it is customary to keep money in the temple at home to remember the Pitrus. All of these actions imprison the subtle-bodies of departed family members in such locations. As a result, their spiritual journey is hampered, and they must also endure pain.

We fail to return our ancestors' debt if we keep them ensnared in gross things as stated above and do not give them Shradh to provide them with impetus. In such situations, since they are disturbed, they hinder our spiritual practice. We should do Shradh for our ancestors to repay their debt and give them stimulus to move forward in their paths.

According to ancient Holy Hindu scriptures, it is only during the fortnight of the Pitru Paksha that our departed ancestors pay us a visit on this earthly plane. This is the most important moment to seek blessings from our ancestors. People affected by Pitru Dosha are often advised to do Shradh for the whole fortnight of Pitru Paksha. This is said to pacify the dead ancestors and get their valuable blessings. The blessings we get from our dead ancestors have a beneficial impact on our lives and make us joyful.

What is Pitra Dosh in kundali ? (Meaning)

Pitru Paksha 2022Pitru Dosha in a horoscope indicates that a person has not done enough for his or her ancestors or that they remained dissatisfied with them for some reason. Pitru Dosha can also result when a family member dies of unnatural death or if someone has not offered his respects to the souls of deceased loved ones. As per Vedic astrology, Sun-Rahu unfavorable combinations and placements between both planets is considered the main warning of Pitru Dosha.

When a person’s departed forefathers or ancestors have not attained peace due to lack of religious rituals at the time of their death, a "Dosha" develops into one’s Horoscope which is known as "Pitru Dosha". Pitru are those people who died of unnatural death and did not get salvation. Due to this, people perform remedies for the pacification of Pitru Dosha. Also, it is due to negative deeds of one's forefathers.

Pitru Dosha can lead to many hardships in life and thus Pitru Dosha Nivaran Puja is recommended for happy and peaceful worldly life and for attainment of peace for the departed souls of one's ancestors.

Signs & Symptoms of Pitru Dosha

  • If there are issues with pregnancy, such as recurrent miscarriages, or if the children at home are often ill. Furthermore, the children are more prone to suffer from physical or mental disorders.
  • There will be no male kid born in the family to carry on the next generation, or there will be no child at all.
  • There may be children in the family who do not want to marry, or after numerous attempts, no appropriate match for the marriage could be found.
  • Scarcity has often surrounded these families, and they have had little success or fortune in anything they have attempted.
  • There may be recurring (cyclical) issues at home or in the workplace that have no logical cause or source, causing significant difficulties.
  • Natives are often in debt and, despite their best efforts, they are unable to repay it. The native's family lags in financial progress. And they are often surrounded by poverty and lack of resources.
  • There is an absence of peace and harmony in the home or business, and bad feelings are experienced anytime they enter the dwelling.
  • Despite their best efforts, a person's overall development seems to have been stalled.
  • People who have this Dosha is likely to have a lot of problems with their marriage. Regardless of their best efforts, they are unable to marry at the appropriate moment or with the right person.
  • Diseases often surround the home, causing a slew of physical, mental, and financial issues for the family.

Pitra Paksha (Shradh) Rituals: How to Perform and What Food can Be Offered?

Pitra Paksha Rituals

The native should feed the Brahmins. Donate money and red clothing to them. To get relief and emancipation from their ancestors, the native should arrange for Pitru Dosha specific pujas to be done. Natives should remember and honor their ancestors by performing the Shradh rites with the utmost sincerity and trust. During the Shradh, natives should give water to their Pitrus during a fortnight. Aside from that, giving water to the Banyan tree and Lord Shiva on a regular basis reduces the harmful effects of Pitru Dosha in the Kundli. Some other natives use chants to invoke Sri Gurudeva Dattatreya for the same restorative purpose.

As per the Vedic injunction, the eldest son a male relative of the paternal branch of the family performs the rituals. A woman’s son can perform the ritual if she has no heir in her family. The Shradh food offered to the ancestors include Kheer, Lapsi (a sweet porridge made of wheat grains), Rice, Dal (lentils), the vegetable of Spring bean (guar) and a yellow Gourd (pumpkin).

These food items are generally prepared in silver or copper vessels and served on a banana leaf or cups made of dried leaves.

Benefits of Shradh during Pitru Paksha

  • Provides cordial and harmonious family relations
  • Relief from physical and mental ailments
  • Provides financial stability and peace of mind
  • Relief from inexplicable or unexpected obstacles in life
  • Provides career growth and paves the way for new opportunities
  • Relieves the problem of delays in marriage or wrong partners
  • Helps married couples to maintain harmony between them
  • Attracts positive energies and peace into the house

We at Rudra Centre offer Pitru Paksha Puja Services. The puja is performed as per the scriptural rules under the auspices of qualified Brahmins or priests.

Legend of Pitru Paksha and the ritual of performing Shradh

Legends of Pitra Paksha

Once upon a time, Karna, a renowned warrior, was killed in battle. During his time on Earth, he was very kind and gave valuable jewels, gold, and silver to the brahmins. His soul rose to heaven at the time he died. Karna's soul was constantly served rare jewels, gold, and flawless silver, which perplexed Karna's soul. Tired and annoyed by hunger and thirst, Karna's soul went to Yama and questioned him why he wasn't given food to eat and water to drink. This is when Lord Yama informed Karna's soul that while he was on Earth, he only gave jewels and valuable metals but never food or water.

Karna's spirit felt sorrowful at hearing this. Yama then instructed him on the Shradh process and offered him fifteen days to correct his error by offering food and drink to his dead ancestors and asking them for forgiveness with a pure resolve; only then would his soul be freed and achieve moksha. Karna's soul performed precisely what Yama ordered, and the ritual of completing Shradh has been practiced ever since.

What to do & not to do during shradh period ( pitru paksha rules)

This is the time of the year to connect with God, your departed ones and for seeking Divine grace. It is an excellent time for meditation, mantra, chanting and prayer.

Since this fortnight is reserved for performing Shradh rites and remembering the departed ones, do not schedule any auspicious events during this time. No marriages, major celebrations or long-distance travel is undertaken during Pitru Paksha with the exception of pilgrimage to holy places.

In general, people abstain from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during this fortnight, out of respect for the beloved ancestors.

Pitrukshetras In India

According to the Puranas there are five Pitrukshetras in India, each region representing a specific organ of the human body. These are Bodhigaya as Shirakshetra, Vaitarni as Nabhikshetra, Pithapur as Padarkshetra, Siddhpur as Matrukshetra and Badrinath as Brahma kapalikshetra.

Bodhygaya Kshetra is an ancient and holy pilgrimage spot where Pind dan is given for one’s ancestors and forefathers. The holy site is situated on the bank of Falgu River in Bihar.

Nabhigaya Kshetra is situated at Jaipur village on the banks of Vaitarni River in Orissa. It is also known as Nabhi Kshetra. Vaitarni River is famous in the Puran, wherein it is stated that one has to cross the Vaitarni after death and only a person who has performed good deeds in his life time can cross the river easily. By performing Pitrutarpan Puja here, one can help his forefathers get across this river. Padgaya Kshetra is situated at Pithapur at Andra Pradesh state on the Madra-valter railway line. It is situated near Rajah Mundry station.

Siddhpur is known as Matrugaya Kshetra and situated in Mahesana district of Gujarat state. According to the legend, Bhagavan Parshuram had performed Pind daan for his mother on this spot. Hence, pilgrims from all over India flock to Siddhpur for performing Pindadan and Shradh ceremony on the banks of Bindu Sarovar. Learned Brahmins trained in performing this Puja are available in Siddhpur.

Near Badrinath in Himalaya, a stone known as rahmakapali has been unearthed, wherein Pinda daan dedication and Shradh Puja are performed. If there is Pitru Dosha in your horoscope, and due to this your family isn’t growing or is facing constant problems, you can perform Narayan Bali Puja on the bank of Narmada river at Chanod tirtha. This is situated near Dabhoi in Baroda district of Gujarat.

This Kshetra is famous for Pitrutarpan Puja and dedication to ancestors. Learned priests provide the facilities to pilgrims coming here from over India. People also come here to perform Uttarkriya. And lastly, Trymbakeshwar temple in Nashik is another important site where Pitru Dosha Nivaran Pujas can be performed.

Ancestors influence in Science and Alternative healing

Even though religious rituals to appease ancestors have been performed since ancient times across many religions all across the world, it has been long held by scientists of several fields from medicine or anthropology to social sciences, the importance of our ancestors impact not only through physical means like genetics but also how our family roots affect our behavioral patterns and our circumstances we face in life. Therefore, the fundamental implications underlying Pitru Dosha and Karma are not entirely rejected by science but presented in a parallel approach under another perspective and explanation, notwithstanding without denying the cause-effect relationship between both, past and present.

Many alternative healing therapies are being carried out nowadays all around the world by renowned healers, including clinical psychologists, therapists and health practitioners on this area, helping many people that find an important relief from these in their lives. Scientific research is ever-expanding on this area, too.

Identifying and healing unresolved traumas handed down through generations has long been a focus of many therapists. Identify and connect with our ancestries offer a feeling of belonging that most of us have lost contact with since we are so distant from our roots. The energy that comes from our ancient ancestors via our lineage is what brought us here in the first place, thus reconnecting with it gives us a fresh feeling of life force, purpose, and vital life energy.

Overall, nothing has been shown to be more beneficial than holy rituals given by our ancient Vedas and specific pujas as the better remedy for this till now.

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