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Propitiation of Moon Monday

CHARITY: Donate a pearl or moonstone, conch shell, silver, water, cow's milk or white rice to a female leader on Monday evening.
FASTING: On Mondays, especially during Moon transits and major or minor Moon periods.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Monday evening, especially during major or minor Moon periods:

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(The 110 names of Chandra)

Sr. No. Names Sr. No. Names
1 Om srimate namah 30 Om kama-krite namah
2 Om shasha-dharaya namah 31 Om kama-dayakaya namah
3 Om chandraya namah 32 Om mrityu-saharakaya namah
4 Om tara-adhishaya namah 33 Om amartyaya namah
5 Om nisha-karaya namah 34 Om nityanushthana-dayakaya namah
6 Om sugha-nighaye namah 35 Om ksapa-karaya namah
7 Om sadaradhya namah 36 Om ksina-papaya namah
8 Om sat-pataye namah 37 Om ksaya-vriddhi-samanvitaya namah
9 Om sadhu-pujitaya namah 38 Om jaivatrikaya namah
10 Om jitendriyaya namah 39 Om shucaye namah
11 Om jayodhyogaya namah 40 Om shubhraya namah
12 Om jyotish-cakra-pravartakaya namah 41 Om jayine namah
13 Om vikartananujaya namah 42 Om jaya-phala-pradaya namah
14 Om viraya namah 43 Om sudha-mayaya namah
15 Om vishveshaya namah 44 Om sura-svamine namah
16 Om vidusham pataye namah 45 Om bhaktanam-ishtha-dayakaya namah
17 Om doshakaraya namah 46 Om bukti-daya namah
18 Om dushta-duraya namah 47 Om mukti-daya namah
19 Om pushtimate namah 48 Om bhadraya namah
20 Om shishta-palakaya namah 49 Om bhakta-daridhya bhanjanaya namah
21 Om ashta-murti-priyaya namah 50 Om sama-gana-priyaya namah
22 Om anantaya namah 51 Om sarva-raksakaya namah
23 Om kashta-daru-kutharakaya namah 52 Om sagarodbhavaya namah
24 Om sva-prakashaya namah 53 Om bhayanta-krite namah
25 Om prakash-atmane namah 54 Om bhakti-gamyaya namah
26 Om dyu-caraya namah 53 Om bhayanta-krite namah
27 Om deva-bhojanaya namah 54 Om bhakti-gamyaya namah
28 Om kala-dharaya namah 55 Om bhava-bandha-vimocakaya namah
29 Om kala-hetave namah 56 Om jagat-prakasa-kiranaya namah

The planetary deity Chandra is pleased increasing mental health and peace of mind.

Sr. No. Names Sr. No. Names
57 Om jagad-ananda-kiranaya namah 84 Om karuna-rasa-sampurnaya namah
58 Om nissapatnaya namah 85 Om karkata-prabhave namah
59 Om niraharaya namah 86 Om avyayaya namah
60 Om nirvikaraya namah 87 Om catur-ashrasanarudhaya namah
61 Om niramayaya namah 88 Om caturaya namah
62 Om bhu-cchaya-cchaditaya namah 89 Om divya-vahanaya namah
63 Om bhavyaya namah 90 Om vivasvan mandalajneya-vasaya namah
64 Om bhuvana-prati-palakaya namah 91 Om vasu-samrddhi-daya namah
65 Om sakalarti-haraya namah 92 Om mahesvara-priyaya namah
66 Om saumya-janakaya namah 93 Om dantaya namah
67 Om sadhu-vanditaya namah 94 Om meru-gotra-pradaksinaya namah
68 Om sarvagama-jnaya namah 95 Om graha-mandala-madhyasthaya namah
69 Om sarva-jnaya namah 96 Om grasitarkaya namah
70 Om sanakadi-muni-stutaya namah 97 Om grahadhipaya namah
71 Om sita-chatra-dhvajopetaya namah 98 Om dvija-rajaya namah
72 Om sitangaya namah 99 Om dyuti-lakaya namah
73 Om sita-bhusanaya namah 100 Om dvibhujaya namah
74 Om sveta-malyambara-dharaya namah 101 Om dvija-pujitaya namah
75 Om sveta-gandhanulepanaya namah 102 Om audumbara-nagavasaya namah
76 Om dasasva-ratha-samrudhaya namah 103 Om udaraya namah
77 Om danda-pananye namah 104 Om rohini-pataye namah
78 Om dhanur-dharaya namah 105 Om nityodayaya namah
79 Om kunda-pusyojjvalakaraya namah 106 Om muni-stutyaya namah
80 Om nayanabja-samudbhavaya namah 107 Om nityananda-phala-pradaya namah
81 Om atreya-gotra-jaya namah 108 Om sakalahladana-karaya namah
82 Om atyanta-vinayaya namah 109 Om palashedhma-priyaya namah
83 Om priya-dayakaya namah 110 Chandra seed mantra: Om sram srim sraum sah chandraya namah.
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