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Rahu Yantra & Its Benefits


Every planet has a visual and physical existence but Planet Rahu does not have any physical shape. Irrespective of this fact, Rahu is known to be one of the most powerful celestial bodies that have been considered as a planet by our Rishis and seers. Rahu is popularly known for its malefic effect and is associated with laziness, delay in work and obstacles. He stays for 18 months in a zodiac sign. Rahu is believed to be the North Node which is also known as the ascending node of Moon as per Vedic Astrology.


Shree Siddh Rahu Yantra with photo



Siddh Rahu Yantra Locket



Shree Siddh Rahu Yantra



Rahu Yantra in Pure Silver



According to ancient scriptures, before the churning of Ksheer sagar (ocean of milk), the Gods and demons agreed on equally sharing the divine nectar that would come out of the ocean. This nectar had the power to grant immortality to the one who consumed it. Hence, when the time of distribution came, to pacify the dispute between Gods and Demons, Lord Vishnu disguised as a beautiful lady named ‘Mohini’ and started distributing the nectar among them. But, demon Rahu recognised that the beautiful lady was none other than Lord Vishnu Himself and noticed that He was not being fair while distributing the nectar. Rahu saw that Lord Vishnu served more quantity of this divine nectar to the Gods in comparison to the demons. Hence, Rahu disguised himself as a God and sat between Sun God and Moon God in order to have more portion of the nectar. The Sun God and the Moon God recognized demon Rahu and complained of the demon to Lord Vishnu. The head of Rahu was cut off by Lord Vishnu by His Sudarshana Chakra but the demon survived as he had already consumed enough nectar that made him immortal. Since then, the head of the demon came to be known as Rahu while, the remaining corpse of the demon was known as Ketu.

He is the presiding deity of this shadow (Chhaya). According to the Rig-Veda when Rahu – the son of Asuya or Sinhika covers the sun and the moon with his darkness, then it becomes so dark that the people are unable to even identify their places.

Barring few situations, Rahu is generally considered to be an inauspicious planet. According to the Vedic astrology if Rahu is situated unfavourably in the horoscope, it causes numerous physical ailments. It also causes accidents and creates a number of obstacles in the accomplishment of your goals. Hence in order to safeguard yourself from the negative energies and malefic effects of planet Rahu and to get relief from addictions and to attain sudden wealth you can worship the Rahu Yantra.



In order to safeguard yourself from the malefic effects of Rahu and to gain good health, happiness and prosperity, you can install the Rahu Yantra in your house, office or even wear it as an ornament. The Rahu Yantra is a sacred instrument that consists of numbers that are arranged in a symmetric design that resonates with the powers and positive frequencies of planet Rahu. This mystical diagram has the power to attract the principles of Rahu through the Rahu Mantra. This powerful Yantra resonates with the positive energies of Rahu and blesses the worshipper with fortune, good health and courage to overcome difficulties.



Ketu yantra

The powers of a Yantra thrive on the reverberation of cosmic energies. When you focus at the centre of a Yantra, your mind is pitched into the creative force of the Yantra through which the energy flows.

It is very important to place the Yantra in the appropriate direction as it helps get optimum results. Yantra energizes the location where it is installed. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin. You may keep it on a table or use as a wall hanging. Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing West. It gets energised by the rising rays of the Sun and with the divine vibrations of the East corner and provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry. The vibrations of the Yantra will create an aura of positive energy around you.

Yantra are the ultimate answer for establishing a vibration of large amplitude or resonance with the benefic energies of the cosmos. Thus the vibrations generated get us in contact with highly elevated energies and entities which help us attain spiritual course of conduct in our daily lives and enhance the spirituality within.

When you look at the Rahu Yantra, you will notice certain numbers printed, engraved or embossed on it. These numbers make a mathematical design and you look closely, whichever way you add the given numbers, be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the sum of it remains constant. The upper centre of this diagram contains the number for each respective planet.



This Yantra can also be used for meditating over Planet Rahu. This will help in making you more focused and mentally stable. It will also aid in attaining union with the ruling Planet of the Yantra through geometric visualization. This Yantra is the window through which you can align with divine energy. Through resonance it connects you to the energy present in the cosmos.




According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu is said to have smoky appearance. Rahu is also considered as the one Who creates illusion and also as the one who is the shape shifter. Known as an illusion of Maya, according to Vedic texts, Rahu is depicted as the fearsome, dark complexioned, one with red eyes and one who does not have body.

According to Vedic Astrology if Rahu is situated in an unfavourable position in the natal chart of a person, it may cause various physical illnesses. Rahu can also create obstacles in completion of work and makes one prone to accidents.



  • Protection from negative energies and malefic effects of planet Rahu
  • Provides relief from addictions
  • For courage to overcome all difficulties

Yantra Guidelines

  • You may place it in East direction facing West or in your Puja altar in the East or wrap in a red cloth and carry it along with you
  • You may keep it with or without frame
  • Ritual worship is not compulsory and is up to you as per the spiritual discipline you follow
  • Many have seen its power by meditating on the tip of the Yantra
  • Worship it by gazing at it and saying your prayers
  • It works by manifesting your prayers through the power of the mantra embedded in it

Yantra Worship Guidelines

  • Purify your body and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Light an incense or diya and offer fruits and flowers.
  • Place Yantra along with the image of the deity of Yantra and your ‘Ishta’ God.
  • Take some water mixed with Ganga water with a leaf from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself and followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra.
  • Surrender yourself completely in devotion to God and chant 21 times the mantra given below.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the tip of the Yantra. With all sincerity, ask God to fulfil all your desires.


  • Represents: Planet Rahu
  • Purpose: To prevent hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness
  • Mantra: || Om Raam Rahve Namaha ||

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