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Rudraksha Leaves Fruits Flowers

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  • I am recommending this wonder bead to all near and dear ones

    I had been reading about Rudrakshas for a long time and always had the desire of procuring them . Finally I purchased the Siddh mala from Rudra Centre . I noticed profound changes in me . The inner anxiety , fear in me that had been there since several years , vanished . My face glowed . People started to take notice of me . I felt detached with this world , still enjoying its fruits . Now I am recommending this wonder bead to all near and dear ones around me . Thank you Rudra Centre for this divine service to Humanity . close

    - Vivek Sharma
  • It has given me such a huge impact on my life

    It is me again, long time no see! Do you miss me and my weird sense of humor? Since the last time i received the siddha mala from you, it has given me such a huge impact on my life. First, my throat disease which has troubled me for the past 7 years was completely cured, without i being aware of it. Now, haha.. my voice is so melodious and magnetic that i can even charm the birds down from trees. Second, now my body is always so active and fill with energy. I used to lose lots of energy rather quickly and needs long rest to regain them, and it gave me lots of trouble. My friends even commented close

    - John Chew
  • Rudra Centre is very trustworthy

    Dear Ms Neeta, Actually i haven't quite finish with the experiences and benefits derived from knowing you and your top quality rudraksha. In order to pay back my appreciation and gratitude, hope you wouldn't mind to let me tell people more.   The first rudraksh i obtained was a giant size 1 mukhi bead, Nepalese origin. Actually i owned two of them. Both were in perfect round shape, approximately 5cm in height and 5.5cm in diameters. They both still had real stems attached on the top of the beads. Those two were such a great wonder to me and fascinated me so much that it took me a few days close

    - John Chew
  • Like I have joined the company of the saints

    "I am the owner of some strands of rudraksha that are shown on this site. I own a strand of twenty seven eleven faced beads, and another strand of twenty seven one faced beads. These I wear during meditation. I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for twenty years and have never experienced the inner silence that I obtained even from the first moment that I meditated wearing these two unique strands of beads. I had thought I had transcended before but I was wrong. This new experience has even more silence then meditation in a huge group. I literally feel like the whole universe is now prop close

    - Kirk Bernhardt
  • There is cure but you have to try it first

    As an Air Force pilot, we carry out daily morning exercises to keep our physical and mental health up. During one of this regular exercises in November 1999, I felt a sharp pain and then was diagnosed with RSD (REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY) which is now referred as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) at the region of my ankle. This is actually rather a rare symptom and basically there is no cure that is known of yet . I was informed that my sympathetic nerve (the nerve system that is involved in regulating body temperature, heart beat and so on) was injured. The symptoms that I go through ar close

    - Dev
  • I dedicate myself for the propagation of Shree Rudraksha

    Respected Neetaji, Namaste! This morning I have put on SiddhMala. In the first day itself, i have encountered various blessings and miracles! Though such things are possible only through Divine Arrangements, it is really sure that You are Divine Instrument, too! May God bless You in every way! I dedicate myself for the propagation of Shree Rudraksha. I would be pleased to offer any service for this purpose. Thanks and Regards. Mukesh Doshi close

    - Mukesh Doshi
  • Others with more knowledge will give you a better answer to this But I can tell you something just experientially

    I initially wore the beads to counteract some karmic influences in my natal chart. I have since been using them for broader purposes. I have found that wearing them benefits one spiritually, materially, and in matters of health, because they seem to balance one's energies. An enegergetically balanced person tends to function better in all spheres, including the material. That is, if one's head is clearer, and one has more energy, one can often see and pursue one's material options more clearly.  One also seems to pick up more "God energies," which benefi close

    - karisprowl
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