Swadhishthana (Sacral) Chakra: Meditation, Powers, Mantras, Benefits

The second Chakra, called Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra, is located at the lower belly about 2 inches below the Navel. “Swadhisthana” means one’s own abode. It holds the ‘chi’, or the energy of creation that is individual / unique to each. This Chakra also controls the sexual organs, and manifests joy, compassion, sensuality and creativity in life. This Cchakra can also affect the lower back, lower digestive organs and urinary system. In addition, this Chakra is a strong link to our mother’s womb. An individual with a healthy Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra holds the energy of money, power of relationships and demonstrates compassion and creativity. The blockage of this Chakra produces resentment, lower back issues, worthlessness, fear of the unknown and problems of financial debts.

Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra communicates how to eliminate our need to resist and motivates us to act, regulates everything in life and submit ourselves to the Divine authority.

Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra Powers:

When this Chakra is fully balanced, you are fearless by nature You are creative and have a trusting nature. You have a strong sense of your sexuality and recognize it as one of your most powerful creative energies.

Why Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra Gets Blocked?

This Chakra is blocked by feeling less worthy, feeling of not being appreciated and holding resentment and anger for a long time. This Chakra is also blocked by the fears, insecurities related to being not going enough. When this Chakra gets blocked, you suffer from dullness and fatigue, emotional immaturity, mood swings, depression, loss of sense of security and manifestation of unknown fears and hallucinations. It affects kidneys, bladder, large intestine; along with constipation problem, fertility issue, miscarriage, impotency, lower back pain and muscle Pain.

Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra Association:

When energy is not flowing freely in Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra, some of the following physical symptoms arise:

Specific Rudraksha and Gemstones worn as per RRST give the required frequency and colour to the Sacral (Swadishthana) Chakra and balance it. Once the Chakra is balanced, physical and emotional symptoms disappear. Wearer is empowered to face life with self-confidence, courage, and has positive control in all relationships and partnerships.

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How To Balance/Energize Swadhisthana Chakra:

  1. Clear Self-Doubt that has come from past failures and bitter experiences
  2. Stop looking outside for solutions. Instead, clear your self-doubt and low self-esteem, eliminate your fears, get back to the real life to act upon with complete faith.
  3. Experience of disharmony makes a person lose the feeling of being safe. Release this fear to realize that every disharmony experienced in the environment is not because of you.
  4. Stand up for yourself; stop the blame game, do not take any criticism from the outside world so seriously that it makes you feel dishonoured. If it is anything , then, take the valid criticism to improve yourself. Learn to defend yourself and stand up for yourself.
  5. Get a grip over your life / Gain Command over Life; Difficult situations give you a feeling of ‘Loss of Control’ and affect self-confidence but that should not ruin you. Know that life is all about joyful unions born though self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra Mantra:

One of the ways to gradually unblock Swadhisthana Chakra is the specific Mantra sound that can be uttered doing meditation. The mantra for this Chakra is VAM (pronounced as vum, vʌm). Put your hands in your lap, palms up, on top of each other, left hand underneath, its palm touching the back of the fingers of the right hand. The tips of the thumbs touch gently. Concentrate on the Sacral Chakra two inches below the Navel.

Chant the mantra: VAM. Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the energy of Swadhisthana Chakra.

Watch the video for the mantra and its pronunciation.

Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra in a nutshell:

Life Lessons:

  • Get established in your being and feel cherished, precious and special
  • Spiritual lesson taught is “Surrender to the Higher consciousness” who sent you here to play your role effectively.
  • Release beliefs and judgments and need to control(manipulate) anybody or any situation.

Reasons of Blockage:

  • Feeling of not being cherished
  • Feeling of not being good enough
  • Repressing emotions we feel we should not or unable to deal with
  • Feelings of guilt and blame for no reason
  • Gripped by fears and insecurity of low self-worth / low self-esteem.
  • Being subjected to a continuous pattern of controlling / unsafe / disturbed relationships

Emotional Effects:

  • Dullness and fatigue
  • Loss of sense of security and manifestation of unknown fears and hallucinations.

Effects of Blockage:

  • Issues around financial debts, sex as well as power and control
  • Overactive Chakra may lead to sexual addictions or manipulative behaviour
  • Attract losses, enemies and court cases

How specific RRST combination works on this Chakra?

  • Gives a new lease of energy / feeling of recharged
  • Able to see your worth / your qualities that make you special / different
  • You feel ready to take charge
  • Helps in holistic changes (works at deeper levels within)

Other reasons for RRST:

  • One time investment on a solution that brings your Chakra in balance the moment you
    wear it
  • Costs fractional as compared to other remedies
  • Quickest and does not require any difficult efforts every day to be taken. Simply requires just wearing of the product in form of ring/ bracelets or pendant. Thoroughly a practical methodology in the modern times for the ones does not have enough time for meditation, yoga and or to make frequent trips to therapists

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More about Swadhisthana Chakra

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