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The original Kuber Yantra is an effective Divine instrument that posses the energies of Lord Kuber and is like a magnet of prosperity, wealth, riches and material fulfilment. A Yantra is a sacred geometry, known since ancient times, which draws the Cosmic energies and transforms them to favourable and positive energies, depending on the purpose of the Yantra and drawing the benefits in the place it is installed. The Yantra drawing or formation has to be flawless to give the desired outcome, so it is important to ensure this aspect of the Kuber Yantra when you buy Kubera Yantra online.

The Kuber Yantra brilliantly emanates the energies of wealth, prosperity, new opportunities to increase money flow and draws it to the inmates of the place, creating lasting material abundance. The 2-dimensional Kuber Yantras are made of thick metal plates with the Yantra etched on it. The suitable metals used for Kuber Yantras are usually Copper, Silver and Copper with Gold plating. The original Kuber Yantra has 72 rows and columns, in total.

Everything in this Universe is energy and so is the Divine geometry of the original Kuber Yantra. It is a must to energise the Kuber Yantra before installing it for its energies to be activated. After it is installed at home/workspace, to align with the vibration/frequency of the original Kuber Yantra, focus on the centre point or Bindu of the Yantra and meditate on it, mentally connect with it so that for the frequency to merge. This is the best way that the Kuber Yantra works and brings rich rewards.

Kuber Yantra Placement

The energised Kuber Yantra placement should be in the East facing the West or alternately Kuber Yantra placement direction can also be in the North. When the original Kuber Yantra placement direction is done in the East, the Yantra gets activated and energised by the Sun rays and with the Divine vibrations of the East corner, provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry. Kuber Yantra placement should ideally be in such a way that it is at your eye level. It can be placed near the entrance of home/workplace/shop or in the reception of the office and living room of homes too. Wherever it is kept it should be given the due respect and worshipped. Laxmi Kuber Yantra placement is the same as the Kuber Yantra. It Yantra should be regularly worshipped. On auspicious festivals like Diwali, the Kuber Yantra should be worshipped as per rituals.

Where to buy Original Kuber Yantra

We offer perfectly etched original Kuber Yantra online for our customers. Available in thick plain Copper plates, Copper with 24K Gold plating/polish, Copper with an attractive antique finish, the original Kuber Yantras are popular, fast selling products. All Yantras that we sell are blessed and energized and ready to install. The Laxmi Kuber Yantra, with the Yantras and images of Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and abundance and Kuber makes it a power-packed Yantra and is one of the most searched for knowing Laxmi Kuber Yantra price online with us. Kuber Yantra price and Laxmi Kuber Yantra price varies if the Yantra mental is Gold polished. However, this Yantra price when you buy Kuber Yantra online is the best price in the market, that we offer. Buying Kubera Yantra online with us is easy and simple, just place your order and relax at home, while we safely deliver it at your doorstep in 2-3 days, making your Kuber Yantra online shopping an easy experience.

About Lord Kubera

Lord Kubera is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts as a Yaksha King who did rigorous penance for Lord Shiva's blessings of boons. Kubera was indeed blessed by the Supreme Lord, who consecrated Kubera as the God of the wealth of Heaven, to keep account and look after all forms of wealth, be it money, land, Gold etc on Earth too. Kubera was made the Lord of the North direction and the King of Alkapuri by benevolent Lord Shiva. Therefore, Lord Kubera is the God of prosperity, wealth, riches, material comforts, luxury, property, new opportunities for earning, good fortune and He also protects family wealth. His name Kubera means deformed or unpleasant and His iconography describes Him as a dwarf, deformed, pot-bellied, small-eyed deity. He is also called Kuber, Kuvera and Dhanpati and is an important deity for Hindus, worshipped for being blessed with material abundance. There is no lack when Lord Kubera blesses.

Mythology says Lord Kubera was the original King of Lanka, who was deceived of His thrown and the Pushpakvimana by His cousin brother Ravan. The fact that Lanka was called the 'Golden Lanka' was due to Lord Kuber's glory. There are many versions to the story of Lord Kubera, but the fact remains that He took His portfolio as the God of wealth after Goddess Laxmi blessed Him. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kubera are worshipped together in special auspicious festivals to garner their blessings.

Original Kuber Yantra Benefits

Installing the energised original Kuber Yantra at home/office/business place welcomes the blessings of Lord Kubera, which is showered on the place and inmates.

  • Kuber Yantra benefits by attracting new opportunities of income, drawing in energies of prosperity, riches, wealth and good luck/fortune.
  • Material comforts, luxuries, land, property are some of its benefits.
  • If looking for growth in business, this Yantra placement in business premises will yield good results.
  • Generating an increase in income, building wealth and material fulfilment are blessings of Kuber Yantra.
  • It benefits by radiating its positive energies which ensures there is no lack of money, prosperity, wealth.
  • Lord Kuber is said to be the protector of family wealth, so, it protects wealth too.
  • For flourishing and successful ventures this yantra benefits surely. Lord Kuber is the God of money, wealth and is known as the protector of family wealth.