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About Maa Durga Locket

Significance and Uses of Maa Durga Locket

Ruda Centre's collection of Maa Durga Lockets are made of natural Gomed(Hessonite) Gemstone, carved flawlessly, depicting Her sitting on Her Vahan, the Lion. The collection also includes an array of Goddess Kaali in Gomed Lockets, portraying Her standing on Lord Shiva, Her tongue is out, Her face aggressive and the other option is of Maa Kaali's face, with Her tongue out. These beautiful Maa Durga in Gomed Lockets are like mini idols which can be set in Silver or Gold to make a Locket. The healing properties of Gomed or Hessonite Gemstone and the power of Maa Durga and Kaali act together to create a magical outcome.

Maa Durga is a form of the Divine Mother, Shakti, who was specially created by the energies of all Gods, to slay the Demon Mahisasura. Durgaji is a warrior Goddess, with ten hands equipped with the weapons given to Her by the Divine Trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and other Gods. She successfully killed Mahisasura and relieved Heaven and Earth of His terror. Maa Durga lends power, victory, protection, prosperity to Her devotees and much more.

Goddess Kali is another form of Goddess Parvati, the first of Dus Mahavidya Goddesses, and appears in a fierce Avatar, with Her dark complexion, tongue hanging out, dilated Red Eyes, standing with one foot on Lord Shiva lying below Her feet etc. Whatever Her appearance She is most compassionate, protects her devotees from Black Magic, Evil Eye and other lower energies. Her Tantric powers are well known among Sadhaks of Tantra Vidya. Maa Kaali guides Her devotees from darkness of ignorance to light and benevolently blesses Her devotees.

The Maa Durga in Gomed can be used as a mini Idol to worship by installing in Puja altar, study/work table, to gain Her blessings.

For opening and activating and balancing the Sahasrara(Crown) Chakra, wear the Gomed Maa Durga Lockets.

For those with Rahu Dosha in their birth chart, the Maa Durga in Gomed is a must, to get relief from the negative influences of malefic Planet Rahu.

Wear the Maa Durga/Maa Kaali Lockets for all round protection.

If there is hesitation in verbal communication or for enhancing the quality of your speech, the Maa Durga in Gomed Locket works wonders and is a must-have.

The Maa Durga Lockets are auspicious gifts for loved ones.

Benefits of Maa Durga Lockets

The Maa Durga Gemstone Locket online with us at Rudra Centre can be worn by men and women. They are made of original, genuine, natural Gomed stone which gives maximum benefits. The Gemstone Maa Durga Locket works best when the Gemstone touches the body. Therefore the mini Maa Dura and Maa Kaali lockets should be designed to touch the body. The merits of Gomed Gemstone and the blessings of the Goddess make a powerful combination, bringing several benefits when they are worn or worshipped as an idol. They are a must-have for the benefits they provide. Maa Durga provides invincible protection, instils power to face all situations in life, showers with prosperity, material fulfilment, bestows victory over enemies, courage, good health, wisdom, love, happy family life, removes miseries and brings abundance. Compassionate Devi Durga fulfils the wishes of Her devotees.

Maa Kaali keeps all negative energies like, Black Magic, Evil Eye at bay, removes fear, makes the devotee bold and courageous, brings positive energies, prosperity, spiritual attainments, awareness of one's true power, happiness and fulfils the desires of devotees.

Some Gomed Maa Durga Locket Benefits:-

  • Wearing these Lockets removes financial strife and miseries and brings prosperity.
  • Gomed Gemstone is very good for activating, balancing the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, which is augmented by Maa Durga in the Durga in Gomed Lockets/idol.
  • Maa Durga in Gomed Lockets are very effective in giving relief from Rahu Doshas or malefic Rahu, as Maa Durga rules Planet Rahu and Gomed is ruled by Rahu.
  • Maa Kaali in Gomed helps to overcome obsessive, depressive thoughts, anger, nervousness, fears and replaces them with positivity.
  • Maa Durga in Gomed Lockets is good for healing disharmony in marriage. It brings back love and peace in married life, by the grace of Divine Mother.
  • Gemstone Durga Lockets clears confusion, helps make decisions easily.
  • Gomed Gemstone is said to aid in impactful speech, which impresses the audience or the person.
  • The attractive Maa Durga in Gomed helps to heal mental disorders, skin problems, allergies, diseases of the intestine etc.
  • Gomed Gemstone aids in creating new ideas and successfully pursuing them.
  • The Maa Durga Lockets improves financial and social status.

  • Why Buy Maa Durga Lockets from Rudra Centre

    We at Rudra Centre offer Maa Durga Lockets in 100% natural Gomed Gemstone which is unheated and available in different sizes. Carved skillfully the Lockets look mesmerising and provide maximum benefits when worn or worshipped as mini idols of the Goddess. Our Durga Gemstone Locket online collection includes the beautiful Maa Kaali in Gomed Lockets too. We are aware of the expectations of our customers spread across the globe and only offer genuine, superior quality Gemstone Lockets.

    For making the Maa Durga Lockets, we offer to our esteemed customers, the service of our in house jewellers, who expertly make the Lockets in Gold or Silver, in the design which it should be made in. So, our customers can get their Maa Durga Lockets, sitting at home, without having to step out or visit the jeweller.

    When you browse for Durga Gemstone Locket online shopping, you will find the widest range of Maa Durga Lockets with us. We offer the most reasonable price of Maa Durga in Gomed Lockets.

    You can buy Durga Gemstone Lockets online with us in easy, simple steps. Our efficient team ensures that your order reaches you in a few days, packed safely.

    Buy Online Maa Durga Lockets at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre offers a collection of Maa Durga Lockets made in untreated, natural Gomed Gemstone, which is carved neatly and in detail. Both Maa Durga and Maa Kaali Lockets are miniature idols that can be placed for worship at the Puja altar. The Lockets are best made in Gold or Silver and can be worn on a daily basis for gaining the benefits of the Lockets. Choose and place your order of Durga Gemstone Locket online with us at the most economical price. Buy online Maa Durga Lockets at the best prices in the market, with us.