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About Sai Baba Yantra

Shree Sai Baba is worshipped by Hindus as well as Muslims and known as one of the spiritual gurus in India. A lot of people have faith in Him and hence, the Sai Baba Yantra has its amazing effects. We offer the Shree Sainath Siddh Yantra in gold polish as well as with photo in antique finish. It is also called Sri Sai Karya Siddhi Yantra and made in pure copper to provide you with the best benefits.

Sai Yantra Benefits

  • It helps you prosper and attracts wealth.
  • It enhances endurance and spiritual progress as well.
  • It clears the obstacles from your path.
  • It helps you succeed and grow in your business.
  • It gives a sense of fulfilment and peace to the user.


The Sai Baba Yantra or Sai Bisa Yantra can be placed at the entrance of your home/office/shop to influence the positive energies in the space. The best direction to place it is East and facing towards the West. The rising rays of the Sun energize the Yantra to give you optimum benefits and reciting the provided mantra is advisable.

Where to buy?

It is recommended to buy Yantra only from a trusted source to ensure that it is made from the purest metal. Yantras engraved on pure metals are the most effective. Always check the genuineness of the brand that you buy from.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Many authentic buyers trust Rudra Centre for over 2 decades, and we only offer flawless spiritual products. Be it gemstones, Rudraksha or Yantras, we make sure that you get premium quality products for the best results. You can get all the information that you need by contacting us. Every product sold is carefully packed and delivered with utmost safety. The geometrical pattern on the Yantra is perfectly etched to ensure you get the benefits.

Sai Baba Yantra Price

The Sai Yantra comes in two variants- one in gold polish on a copper plate and the other one on thick copper plate with antique finish and the image of Sai Baba. The costs differ according to the design and wooden frame that you choose. The prices reflect the top-quality and you can buy it online as well as offline from our Rudraksha Ratna stores.