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An Overview of Chakras

The ancient Vedic texts emphasized the connection between a person's physical, mental, and spiritual health. The connection between the body, mind, and spirit are made possible by the body's Chakras. The word 'Chakra' in Sanskrit means 'wheel' or 'disc’. Chakras can be visualized as spinning vortices or wheels of cosmic energy where matter meets prana.

The specific locations of our body's seven major Chakras and the Hrit Padma Chakra, which is the eighth chakra, correspond to extensive nerve centers and major Endocrine glands. From the base of the spine to the top of the head, these eight Chakras are located along the spine. These subtle energy centres absorb and distribute prana(life-giving force) throughout the body so that all body parts and vital organs receive an adequate energy supply. Consequently, they regulate the function of particular glands and organs in the body.

Your chakras become blocked as you traverse the trials and tribulations of life on the path to discovering your true self. When the Chakras become blocked, cosmic energy cannot freely flow to the organs, resulting in emotional and physical imbalances. Negative beliefs that do not serve your best interests can be released with the aid of Chakra Therapy. This broadens your perspective and empowers you to make changes that will improve your health, wealth and relationships.

Each chakra is a spinning gateway to higher knowledge that encompasses spiritual laws that govern this life. This brings harmony, abundance, success, happiness, and wellbeing to our lives and the world.

If your chakras are open, you take better care of yourself. It boosts self-confidence, helps you express feelings, thoughts, and expectations, and creates your dreams. How chakras work is not mysterious. You will unravel the chakras' universe if you have the desire, orientation, and sincerity. Thorough life, you can learn about the chakras, how to live on Earth, and how to achieve wholeness and liberation.

There are several approaches to healing the chakras, including Rudraksha beads, crystals, meditation, mantra and sound therapy, color and aroma therapy and energy healing.

The Seven Major Chakras and Their Blockage Symptoms

Stress, whether physical or mental blocks chakras. Poor physical alignment or posture, unhealthy eating, or self-destructive behavior can cause chakra imbalance. Eventually, this blockage causes physical and emotional imbalance.

Root (Muladhara) Chakra

Blocked by: Living in a fantasy world and not being grounded and practical. Constantly worrying about money and support. Laziness and avoiding life's challenges.
Unblocked by: You become practical, grounded, and challenge-ready.
Physical imbalances cause issues with the legs, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproductive organs, and prostate gland.
Emotional imbalances appear as sentiments that influence fundamental survival requirements such as money, housing, food, and the capacity to fulfil life's basic needs.
Location: At the base of the spinal cord
Color: Red
Frequency: 396 Hz
Mantra: Lam
System Governed: Skeletal System
Organs governed: Legs, Hips, Arterial blood
Diseases: Arthritis, Obesity, Sciatica.

Swadhisthana Chakra (The Sacral Chakra)

Blocked by: Fears, fears, guilt, and a sense of not being appreciated or worthy enough, as well as harboring resentment for a long time.
Unblocked by: You become anchored in your being and enjoy a worry-free existence. You feel appreciated, precious, and unique.
Physical imbalances result in sexual and reproductive issues, urinary issues, kidney infections, hip pelvic and low back pain.
Emotional imbalances appear as reluctance to commit to relationships, unwillingness to express emotions, fears of impotence, betrayal, and substance dependence.
Location: At the tailbone
Color: Orange
Frequency: 417 Hz
Mantra: Vam
System Governed: Muscular System
Organs governed: Sexual organs, Kidneys, Large intestines
Diseases: Lower back and muscle pains.

Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra

Blocked by: Refusing to let go of repressed anger, grudges, or painful memories of the past. Regularly worrying about the future while feeling helpless.
Unblocked by: You live in the present and let go of the past. You are self-respecting and confident. You drive your life by transforming people and situations to suit your goals.
Physical imbalance cause digestive issues, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers, and colon problems.
Emotional imbalances express as concerns concerning authority and self-esteem.
Location: At the navel
Color: Yellow
Frequency: 528 Hz
Mantra: Ram
System Governed: Digestive System
Organs governed: Stomach, Small intestines, Gallbladder, Liver and Spleen
Diseases: GERD, Liver issues, Chronic fatigue.

Heart (Anahata) Chakra

Blocked by: Mistrust, inability to forgive others, need for attention, loss of expectations, grief and unhappy relationships.
Unblocked by: You are open to trusting others and expressing unconditional, selfless love.
Physical imbalances cause asthma, heart and lungs diseases, issues with breasts, and problems with lymphatic systems, upper back, and shoulders.
Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as jealousy, neglect, anger, apathy and fear of loneliness.
Location: Middle of the Chest
Color: Green
Frequency: 639 Hz
Mantra: YAM
System Governed: Cardiovascular system
Organs governed: Heart, Lungs
Diseases: Heart diseases, Asthama, Allergies, Fever

Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra

Blocked by: Comparison, low self-esteem, feeling helpless, and failing to express one's uniqueness.
Unblocked by: You easily speak the truth; you communicate effectively and recognize your individuality.
Physical imbalances cause thyroid problems, sore throats, laryngitis, ear infections, neck and shoulder pain.
Emotional imbalances appear as a fear of communication, a low willpower, and a lack of control.
Location: At the neck in the throat pit
Color: Blue
Frequency: 741 Hz
Mantra: Ham
System Governed: Respiratory system
Organs governed: Ears, Mouth, Jaws, Tongue, Pharynx, Palate, Shoulders and Neck
Diseases: Thyroid problems, Sore throat, immune issues.

Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra

Blocked by: Ego, Rigidity and Seriousness.
Unblocked by: Simplicity and acceptance of the way things are.
Physical imbalances emerge as headaches, hazy vision, sinus problems, seizures, hearing loss, and hormonal imbalance.
Emotional imbalances manifest as irritability, impulsivity, and self-reflection.
Location: ln the brain right behind the eyebrow Center
Color: Indigo
Frequency: 852 Hz
Mantra: Om
System Governed: Nervous System
Organs governed: Eyes, Nose, Ears, Sinuses, Cerebellum, Pineal, Forebrain
Diseases: Vision and sinus issues, Headaches.

Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

Blocked by: Severe discontentment towards life.
Unblocked by: Starting to express contentment and gratitude.
Physical imbalances show as depression, inability to learn, sensitivity to light, sound, and the surrounding environment.
Emotional imbalances appear as confusion, self-doubt and stereotyping.
Location: At the crown of the head
Color: Violet
Frequency: 963 Hz
Mantra: Ng
System Governed: Brain function
Organs governed: Brain, Pituitary glands
Diseases: Skin problems, ADHD, Depression, Parkinson.

Science of Chakras

Chakras are centres of infinite energy. They are located along the Sushumna Nadi, the primary energy channel in our bodies, which runs in the Spinal cord. Each Chakra is represented by a color, vibrating at a specific frequency. As you ascend the Chakra system, the energy becomes increasingly refined and subtle. It evolves from physical attributes to mental and spiritual qualities.

Each Chakra is connected to specific glands, which produce hormones that influence and guide our behavior through emotions and physiological processes.

  • Root chakra (1st) — Adrenal glands; regulate your metabolism, immune system, response to stress.
  • Sacral chakra (2nd) — Gonadal glands (testes in men; ovaries in women); controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.
  • Solar Plexus chakra (3rd) — Pancreas; produce substances (enzymes) that help with digestion.
  • Heart chakra (4th) — Thymus gland; regulates the immune system
  • Throat chakra (5th) — Thyroid gland; regulates the body's metabolic rate controlling heart, muscle and digestive function, brain development and bone maintenance.
  • Third Eye chakra (6th) — Pineal gland; produces melatonin, which aids in the maintenance of circadian rhythms and the regulation of reproductive hormones.
  • Crown chakra (7th) — Pituitary gland; regulates metabolism, growth, reproduction, blood pressure, and a variety of other vital physical functions and processes.

Ways to Achieve Chakra Balance

Chakra balance can be achieved by breathing exercises, mantra chanting, meditation and visualization techniques, aromatherapy and sound therapy, energy healing methods like reiki, yoga practice, diet (foods and drinks) adjustment, learning and applying the lessons of each chakra, and the use of Rudraksha and gemstones.

By balancing your Chakras you will be able to:

  • Keep a calm attitude towards life.
  • Recognize obstacles for what they are and be less affected by them.
  • Conquer past events that may have left negative impressions on you.
  • Help others without allowing their problems to affect you.
  • Develop self-assurance, vitality, independence, and contentment to feel good about yourself and your life on a daily basis.
  • Enhance your self-awareness and awareness of the external world.
  • Achieve a higher level of intellectual understanding and wisdom.
  • Evolve spiritually.

The Benefits of Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy

How RRST helps in Chakra balancing

In a typical RRST(Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) session, the expert has a one-on-one conversation with the client during which the problems are discussed, the root cause of the problems is identified, and the client's chakras are examined. Counselling identifies subconscious patterns deeply ingrained in our behavior as fears and old habits, experiences, beliefs and other causes that are restricting our energy centres and limiting our lives by causing a malfunctioning of these vital energy centres. Then the expert suggests specific Rudraksha and Gemstone combinations which would balance the blocked Chakras. Rudraksha when worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) clears away any disturbance in the chakras by energetic resonance between certain types of beads or mukhis and their respective corresponding chakras. On the other hand, gemstones work by aligning these energy centres by absorbing and reflecting different frequencies of light, as the Sun rays passing through a gemstone make it emit a cosmic color that radiates into the chakras.

Over 20,000 testimonials from people from all walks of life have showed that this therapy promotes success in business, career, education, and interpersonal relationships.

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