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Ganga Saptami/Jayanti 2023

India is chiefly an agricultural country which requires a rich supply of water for irrigation. River Ganga has been the life-line of our country since ancient times, providing an abundant supply of water. For Hindus, She is a Devi, Goddess Ganga and is revered as Ganga Maa (mother Ganga), Gangaji and some other names. Her water is considered sacred and holy, and is used to purify, be it the mere sprinkling of Gangajal(water of Ganga river) in any puja rituals or taking a dip in the river Ganga to absolve all sins. It is considered that if anyone gets even a drop of Gangajal in his/her mouth before the last breath on this earth, that person is surely lucky and blessed. Ganga Saptami is celebrated to commemorate the re-birth of Goddess Ganga which is celebrated on the 7th day (Saptami) of the waxing Moon (Shukla Paksha) of Vaishakha month. Ganga Saptami is also celebrated by the name of Ganga Pujan and Ganga Jayanti.

Ganga Saptami 2023 Date and Tithi Time:
Ganga Saptami 2023 is on Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Particular Date & Day (2023) Time starts Time ends
Saptami Tithi Apr 26, 2023 11:27 AM  
Saptami Tithi Apr 27, 2023   01:38 PM

Ganga Saptami Katha & Significance

Story and Significance of Ganga Saptami

The ancient Hindu texts, like the Brahma Purana and others, specify the story of Ganga Saptami. Legend has it that when Ganga descended onto Earth through the matter hair of Lord Shiva, some of the places faced havoc and got displaced. The hermitage of Sage Jahnu was destroyed. This enraged him and as a result he drank all the water of Ganga, storing in his abdomen. On much pleading and praying by King Bhagiratha and the gods, Rishi Jahnu relented and released her on the Shaptami of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month, thereby; Goddess Ganga was reborn on this day. This significant day is celebrated as Ganga Saptami. Jahnavi is another name by which Goddess Ganga is called as she is also considered the daughter of Sage Jahnu.

Ganga Saptam

The pure and holy River Ganga is revered as sacred and Ganga Saptami is celebrated in honour of Goddess Ganga. The significance of this auspicious day is escalated in cities, towns and villages dotting the places where Ganga, its tributaries and distributaries flow through, where devotees worship Gangaji with fervor. This day, devotees take a dip/bathe in the holy water of River Ganga as it is believed to wash away sins and pray to Ganga Maa to be betowed with Her blessings. According to Vedic literatures, anyone breatheing their last in Varanasi and cremated on the banks of Ganges, is said to attain moksha or salvation. The waters of Ganga are purifying and enlivening. One who takes a dip in her water has the reactions of sinful acts permanently gone. She takes care of those reactions. It is also believed that if a person dies somewhere else, and their ashes can be brought and immersed in the Ganges, the departed soul will attain salvation.

Astrologically Ganga Saptami is significant for those who have 'Mangal Dosha' in their birth chart, as worshipping Goddess Ganga and taking a dip in the purifying water can give relief from malefic effects of the planet.

Ganga Puja: How To Celebrate Ganga Saptami? | Ganga Pooja Rituals During Ganga Saptami

Rituals during Ganga Saptami

The auspicious day of Ganga Saptami is celebrated by worshipping Devi or Goddess Ganga to garner her blessings of happiness, peace, fame and moksha.

Devotees take a dip or bathe in River Ganga intending and praying for removal of all sins of past or present life. Offerings of flower garlands are made by devotees by floating them on Her peaceful water, as worship.Elaborate Ganga Artis are organized in the various Ghats of River Ganga, which is a visual treat. Besides the local devotees, tourists from the different states of India and foreign tourists flock the Ghats on this day to see and experience the proceedings of the famous Ganga Arti.

It is said that donating an oil-lamp/Diya as 'Deepdan' on Ganga Saptami is to usher good luck and fortune in life.Devotees recite the 'Ganga Sahasranam Strotram’ as well as the ‘Gayatri Mantra' on this auspicious to bring favourable blessings.

On this happy day of Ganga Saptami, 'Melas' or fairs are organized on large scale where devotees enjoy themselves with family and friends.

Difference between Ganga Sapthami and Ganga Dussehra

Significance of Ekadashi

It is important to note that Ganga Saptami and Ganga Dussehra are two entirely different celebrations which are dedicated to Goddess Ganga.

It is believed that Ganga Dussehra is the day when Goddess Ganga came to Earth, for the first time, with Her enormous flow. Lord Shiva came to the rescue and contained Her flow in His matted hair thereby saving the Earth from being swept away by her flow. However, Lord Shiva released Her later as Gangaji had to complete Her mission to redeem the cursed souls of the ancestors of King Bhagiratha.

On her journey to King Bhairatha's kingdom, Goddess Ganga's tremendous flow was the cause of sweeping away of Sage Jahnu's Ashram (monastery), that angered Sage Jahnu so much that he drank all the water of Ganga Maa. Knowing that this would not let Goddess Ganga to complete Her mission, the Gods and Bhagiratha prayed to Rishi Jahnu sincerely. On being pleased, Sage Jahnu released Ganga Maa through his ears. The day of this occurrence was the Saptami Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month and is celebrated as River Ganga being born once more as Ganga Saptami.

Ganges or River Ganga flows from the Himalayas to The Bay of Bengal with unconditional love, in spite of the way it has been polluted by us. Ganga Saptami is an opportunity for all of us to be grateful to Goddess Ganga by paying homage though prayers.

Ganga Saptami Special Puja and Products

Gangajal Carton

It contains 72 pouches of Gangajal of 220 ml each securely encased in a carton. For cleansing, purifying, use in rituals and more.

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Shiv Ganga

Made in brass, this deity idol features Lord Shiv with His trident and Ganga River flowing from His matted hair. Serves as best spiritual gift.

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Brass locket with Gangajal

This brass locket contains the holy water of Gangajal. Now carry the power and divine energy of Ganga on the go. Small but significant sacred item.

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Gangajal bottle

A small bottle that contains pure, natural and unadulterated Gangajal or holy water of Ganga. The bottle is sealed hermetically, untouched by human hand.

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Lord Gangadhara

A brass idol of Lord Gangadhara (Shiva) with the snake curled around his neck. Serves as an ideal spiritual gift.

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Shree Gangaa Chaaleesaa

This pocket sized book contains the forty divine hymns dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Recite everyday to get rid of sins.

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7 Rivers Holy Water

This bottle contains the holy waters of Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri, Brahmaputra and Shipra. These are the holy rivers in India.

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Complete Holy Water Kit

This Kit contains Ganga Jal, Narmada Jal, Gulab Jal, Waters from 7 Holy Rivers and Gomutra with a spout pot for Abhishekam of your deity.

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