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The Navratna gemstones are the nine precious gemstones that align with nine different planets in our solar system. Ruby, Coral, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Diamond are the nine precious gemstones. Each of these stones is governed by a certain planet. Here is the list of the gemstones and their ruling planets and deity.

PLANET Ruling Deity Gemstone
Jupiter Sadasiva Yellow sapphire
Sun Shiva Ruby
Mercury Krishna Emerald
Moon Gauri, Krishna White pearl
Saturn Hanuman or Kali Blue sapphire
Rahu Durga Gomed
Ketu Ganesha Cat's Eye
Mars Skanda, Hanuman, Kartikeya Red Coral

Each Ratna or gemstone has its own power and healing property. They can be worn to reduce the malefic effects of the planets on our lives. These gemstones possess healing properties that can benefit us when worn in the right way after consulting an expert.

Though each gemstone has its own quality, wearing a Navratna pendant or ring benefits the wearer in many ways. Let us get to know the benefits of these Ratnas in detail.

Navratna Gemstone Names in Hindi and English:

Gemstone English Name Hindi Name Gemstone English Name Hindi Name
Ruby Manak Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj
Coral Moonga Emerald Panna
Pearl Moti Blue Sapphire Neelam
Cat’s Eye Lehsuniya Diamond Hera
Hessonite Gomedh      

Navratna Stone Benefits

Ruby: Ruby is the gemstone that aligns itself to the Sun – the Supreme source of energy. The red cosmic rays that are emitted from the Sun bless the wearer with active energy, high self-esteem and heal problems related to sight.

Coral: This bright red gemstone connects to the planet Mars. When the combination of an opaque coral and gold is worn as a ring or pendant it protects the wearer from fevers, jaundice, chicken pox and other malicious diseases. The coral also heals other health issues like anemia, bronchitis, pneumonia and more.

Pearl: Pearl is a beautiful white gemstone that aligns with the Moon. Wearing a pearl has a calming effect on your mood and temperament. It also reduces tensions, stomach related issues and marital problems. It surrounds the wearer with a positive aura.

Yellow Sapphire: Aligned to Jupiter, this shiny yellow gemstone instills truthfulness, piety and integrity in the wearer. It is great to increase the inflow of wealth and abundance in your life. Wearing the yellow sapphire also contributes towards spiritual motivation and yoga meditation.

Emerald: This gemstone is worn to absorb the cold, green radiations of Mercury. The wearer is protected from intestinal issues, problems related to liver, lungs, tongue, tissues and the nervous system.

Blue Sapphire: Wearing a blue sapphire brings good fortune and favourable situations your way. It is highly beneficial for people who are into trade and business. Governed by the planet Saturn (Shani), this gemstone is great for lawyers, judges and other authoritative figures.

Diamond: This is one of the most precious gemstones and it is believed to encourage financial well-being. The diamond aligns with the planet of love and beauty – Venus. It enhances beauty, and attracts success in life.

Cat’s Eye: This gemstone is recommended for people who do not have a well-placed Ketu in their natal charts. The Cat’s Eye eliminates the malefic effects of Ketu, which causes jealousy, loss of position in the career ladder or increase in rivalries.

Hessonite: This powerful gemstone is used to drive away the ill effects or Rahu in your life. It also reduces troubles caused by acidity. The wearer can also benefit by wearing the Hessonite or Gomed for winning court cases, or to crack business deals.

These are the benefits of wearing the Navratnas. You can also wear an original Navratna stone mala or ring to attain the blessings and good vibrations of all the planets. They also make for a great gift for loved ones.

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