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Saraswati Yantra & Its Benefits


Since Vedic times, Saraswati Devi, the Goddess of knowledge, Vidya (education), speech, music, art, is one of the prime deities in Hinduism. The name Saraswati is derived from Sanskrit words 'saras' meaning 'flow' and 'wati' meaning 'a woman'. Thus, Goddess Saraswati imparts endless knowledge to Her devotees. It also refers to the flow of wisdom and consciousness. She is also known as Vak Devi (Goddess of speech) and Sakala Kaladhishtatri (Goddess bestowing all the arts).

Maa Saraswati is also regarded as the mother of the Vedas, hence, before beginning and ending the Vedic lessons the ‘Saraswati Vandana’ is recited. She is the consort of Lord Brahma and the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. According to the iconographic attributes, She is described as very beautiful, fair as the Moon, seen with a sacred scripture in one hand and a Lotus in the other, which are the symbols of true knowledge. She is seen playing the musical instrument called Veena with the other two hands. Maa Saraswati is always in a White saree signifying transparency. She is seen seated on a Lotus or on Her vehicle, a White Swan, which signifies Sattwa Guna (purity) and tolerance. She is said to have a calm demeanour and is benevolent.











This Yantra is meant to usher in the energies of knowledge, education/learning, wisdom, creativity, music, dance, arts, powerful speech and artistic skills. Yantras are Cosmic instruments or tools which draw positive frequencies from the Planets and other Cosmic bodies and transmit it in the place it is installed. Its symbol is a unique sacred geometry, in symmetric design, which resonates with the powers of Her Divine energies. In the Saraswati Yantra, the energy of Maa Saraswati resides. When you keep this Yantra in your house, your children's room, office or wear as Pendant/ Locket, Rings or amulet, it bestows blessings of the Goddess's attributes.

When worshipped, by chanting the Saraswati Yantra Mantra this Yantra grants the worshipper with a sharp mind, creative ideas, enhances memory power, concentration, desired success in exams, support positive thinking and approach to life. It will not be wrong to call this Yantra, Saraswati Yantra for students as it is the perfect Yantra for students of any subject and of all age groups. Any education that you may want to pursue, be it academic, in music, dance, spirituality, in the creative art form, sports etc., it helps to do it successfully and easily. It is suitable for those in the music profession, artists, writers and those connected to the creative field and brings success.

Another variation of it is the Neel (Nila) Saraswati Yantra. It is symbolized as a Blue colour image of the Goddess, with a crescent Moon on Her crown, wearing a Red Saree and is said to be a form of Goddess Tara, One of the Hindu Goddesses of the Dus Mahavidya Devis. The Maha Neela Saraswati Yantra, when installed at home or workspace, empowers in similar ways as the Shri Saraswati Yantra, and can be called Neel Saraswati Yantra for studies. It also increases the intelligence level of a person, success is guaranteed in education, it also helps students who are disinterested in studies to gain a positive attitude and interest in it. It is also said to heal psychological problems.

The Shri Saraswati Yantra is mostly etched or embossed on thick Copper plates, with or without Gold or Silver plating. They are available in different sizes. Its Pendant or Lockets, Rings are available and can be worn to get the benevolent blessings of Saraswati Devi.



It can also be used for meditating over the Goddess. This Yantra is the window through which you can align with Divine energy. Through resonance it connects you to the energy present in the macrocosm, in this Yantra, it is Goddess Saraswati. For meditating on this Yantra, focus on the centre point or Bindu, keep your eyes open and with focused intention, meditate by chanting its Mantra. Persistently meditating on this Yantra regularly, will help in making you more focused, mentally stable, and enhance memory power. It will also aid in attaining union with the Goddess through geometric visualization.



The powers of a Yantra thrive on the reverberation of cosmic energies. When you focus at the centre of a Yantra, your mind is pitched into the creative force of the Yantra through which the energy flows. The Saraswati Yantra Mandala is a complex mystical geometry of ancient times, consisting of Shatkona (hexagon shape), which is the typical unification of Triangles that symbolize the Divine union of Lord Shiva(Male energy) and Devi Shakti (Feminine energy) which is the cause of all creation. The engraved Lotus or Padma symbols denote the Supreme Truth of detachment, just like the Lotus blooms to its beauty and does not get smeared by the mud it grows in. This signifies detachment to the external circumstances and maintaining its own original pure and Divine nature. The Yantra has the power to keep the energy of the space replete with positive vibration. The chanting of the Mantra helps to activate the Maa Saraswati energy present in it and convey the desire, prayer, reverence and have your wishes fulfilled.



Goddess Saraswati

It is very important to place the Shri Saraswati Yantra in the appropriate direction. Yantra energizes the location where it is installed. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room, reception, study room/room of children or office cabin. You may keep it on a table or use it as a wall hanging. Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing West. It gets energised by the rays of the rising sun and with the Divine vibrations of the East corner and transmits that positive energy to the dwelling through its mystical geometry. The vibrations of this Yantra creates an aura of positive energy around you. Ensure that the Yantra is placed at a height where you can easily see the Saraswati Yantra while meditating upon it. Thus the vibration generated gets us in contact with highly elevated energies & entities which put us on a spiritual path resonant with the principles of the deity of the Yantra.

It is of utmost importance to ensure that the Yantra is etched neatly and perfectly for the Yantra to act the way it should. Untidy, etching of the Saraswati Yantra Mandala will have no benefice effect on the worshipper.



The Shri Saraswati Yantra, when installed, worshipped and meditated upon, has meritorious blessings of compassionate Maa Saraswati. Often educational institutes, schools of music and arts, in India, install this Yantra to bring in the blessings for students and teachers. Worshipping it, with patience and perseverance has a benevolent outcome. It can be a meaningful gift for loved ones.

  • This Yantra bestows knowledge, education, music, creativity, spirituality, artistic expression and education
  • It improves focus, awareness, grasping power, memory and provides peace of mind.
  • It blesses with the power of speech, the spoken words, which impress and leave a positive mark on the listener.
  • It benefits with positive thoughts and attitude.
  • If you want to pursue a career in music, dance or any art form, the Saraswati Yantra is perfect.
  • Saraswati Vidya Yantra is perfect for students. It helps them to study with concentration, interest and gives results of good scores in exams.
  • Knowledge seekers can be assured to be supported by their energies.
  • Those who want to enhance their creative and artistic skills should install this Yantra.
  • For success in pursuing higher education benefits by making it easy. Those desirous of studying abroad can meditate on the Saraswati Yantra too.
  • It makes education, gathering knowledge an easy process with its powerful support.



The steps for installing the Shri Saraswati Yantra are given below. Before installing the Yantra take a bath and hold pure and positive intentions.

  • Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and sit on the floor facing East.
  • Light an oil lamp and incense sticks(it does not matter how many you light).
  • Keep some fresh flowers and fresh fruit on the altar.
  • Open the Yantra and place it along with the image of Devi Saraswati and your ‘Ishta’ Devta.
  • Take some water in a metal container and with a leaf from any tree, sprinkle the water on yourself, followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra.
  • Immerse yourself in the devotion of Goddess Saraswati and chant Her mantra 21 times.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the deity and convey your wishes. Now with all sincerity, ask Maa Saraswati to grant you the desire of your life.


  • Represents: Goddess Saraswati
  • Purpose: For Knowledge, Education, Intelligence & Creativity.
  • Mantra: Om Eim Saraswatiyey Namaha


Saraswati Mantras

Mantra 1

॥ वद वद वाग्वादिनी स्वाहा ॥
“Vad Vad Vagvadini Svaha”

' May Vag Devi bestow on us the power of speech '


Mantra 2

॥ॐ ऐं क्लीं सौः॥
“Om Aim Kleem Sauh”

' Chanted by the devotees as an offering or salutations to Goddess Saraswati '


Mantra 3

॥ ॐ ऐं महासरस्वत्यै नमः ॥
“Om Aim Mahasarasvatyai Namah”

' We bow down to Goddess Maha Saraswati '


Mantra 4

॥ ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं वाग्देव्यै सरस्वत्यै नमः ॥
“Om Aim Hreem Shreem Vagdevyai sarasvatyai Namah”

' May the goddess of Vedas (Saraswati) bless us with intelligence '


Mantra 5

॥ ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं वाग्देव्यै सरस्वत्यै नमः॥
“Om Aim Hreem Shreem Vagdevyai sarasvatyai Namah”

' We bow down to and ask the goddess of learning Saraswati for intelligence '


Mantra 6

॥ ॐ अर्हं मुख कमल वासिनी पापात्म क्षयम्कारी वद वद वाग्वादिनी सरस्वती ऐं ह्रीं नमः स्वाहा ॥
“Om Arham Mukha Kamala Vasini Papatma Kshayamkari Vad Vad Vagvadini Saraswati Aim Hreem Namah Svaha”

' We bow down to and ask the goddess of learning Saraswati for wisdom of wealth and knowledge '


Mantra 7

॥ या देवी सर्वभूतेषु विद्यारूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥
“Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Vidyarupena Samsthita। Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah”

' We bow down to and ask the goddess of learning Saraswati for fearlessness of life arising out of knowledge and intelligence '


Mantra 8

॥ महो, अर्णः सरस्वती प्रचेयति केतुना, धियो विश्व विराजति ॥
“Maho, Arnah Saraswati Pracheyati Ketuna, Dhiyo Vishwa Virajati”

' We bow down to and ask the goddess of learning Saraswati for dispelling all fears and enlightening us with more knowledge and intelligence '

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